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Apes, Snakes, and Sleds: Announcements

We got word that the Impress These Apes finale on Monday, February 26th, will not be at The Playground Theater. It will be at The Lakeshore Theater. Producer Steve Gadlin says, “It will be off the hizzy, ka-splosive, and full of surprises. And there's a bar. The cast will be partying around said bar well into the night, and invite you to get your Monday on with them.” As faithful fans of this eight-week talent contest, we highly implore you to be in attendance at the finale, and not only that, but also the last show at the Playground, February 19, 8 p.m. Reservations strongly encouraged!

Toronto comedian David Dineen-Porter, who was in town visiting last month, has launched a comedy blog geared specifically for the comedic arts in and around the Toronto vicinity. Tune in to read and watch the wackiness that regularly comes from the Wilds of Canada... being that Chicago’s been in a deep freeze for a couple weeks, we think we now know why so much brilliant absurdity comes from our brothers and sisters up North.

The Snake Punch Union Comedy Tour was announced last week, which is being described as “Stand-up comedy by and for people who don't like stand-up comedy, people who didn't laugh once during "Clerks", the discerning humor consumer -- easily disappointed, hungry for something else… Connecting on a cerebral and gut level, like a lightning bolt, enemies of the obvious, on a no-bullshit mission to make you pee pants.” Scheduled to perform at three dates in Chicago and two in D.C. are CJ Sullivan, Brady Novak, David Angelo, Jason Fever, and Brian Potrafka, with future NYC dates announced. The first Chicago date is slated for Sunday, February 18 at the Playground Theater.

Photo of Apes contestants Erica Reid and Jim Fath courtesy of Fuzzy Gerdes.


That's "Erica Reid", not "Erica Reed".

Much love, and please free me.

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