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compiled and edited by H.L.A. Culmer
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Salt Lake City, Utah

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This county is the smallest in the Territory, having an area of only about 250 square miles. It is located between Weber and Salt Lake Counties on the north and south; is bounded on the west by the Great Salt Lake and one the east by the Wasatch mountains. It thus consists of a strip of land stretching along the western base of a lofty range of mountains. The afternoon sun sheds its genial ray over the broad acres of rich soil that lie near the everlasting hills, maturing grain, fruit and vegetables before their natural time. In the deep canyons and ravines is found a supply of irrigating water that is usually all-sufficient, and also timber for fuel and building purposes. The Utah Central passes along the entire county, through well tilled farms and bounteous orchards laden with peaches, plums, apples, pears, etc. Of the arable land contained in Davis county there is but little that is not constantly under cultivation and the product of the farms has made the inhabitants thrifty and prosperous. It is the district through which all tourists pass on their way to Salt Lake City, and the impression that they receive from its aspect does more to frame their opinion of Utah and its thrift than is generally conceded. Agriculture being almost solely the pursuit of the people of Davis county, it supports a number of large flouring mills and supplies much of the gain and flour that is exported from the Territory. There are about 11,000 acres now under cultivation of which 3,500 are wheat and 4,000 hay and lucerne. The property valuation is but little short of a million dollars. The county officers are at present as follows:

Probate Judge. - Wm. R. Smith
Selectmen. - Wm. Brown, Rosel Hyde, Jacob Miller.
County Clerk. - Joseph Barton.
Recorder. - Arthur Stayner.
Treasurer. - Ezra T. Clark.
Surveyor. - Joseph Barton.
Assessor and Collector. - Wm. Reeves
Superintendent District Schools. - Chester Call.
Sheriff. - Horton D. Haight.
Coroner. - Timothy B. Clark.
Prosecuting Attorney. - Wm. S. Lewis


South Precinct. - Thomas F. Fisher.
Bountiful Precinct. - David O. Willey.
Centreville Precinct. - Joel Parish.
Farmington Precinct. - James Loynd.
Kaysville Precinct. - John Gailey.
Hooper Precinct. - Levi Hammon.
South Weber Precinct. - Thomas H. Peck.


The county seat of Davis County, is eighteen miles north from Salt Lake City, on the Utah Central Railroad. It is a prosperous settlement and has a population of 1,000. There is a commodious and well built court house, three good schools and a large place of meeting; while some of the residencies are quite palatial.


(pg. 311)

Abbott Thomas, farmer

Barrett Thomas, laborer
Beark A.S., farmer
Beark Alma, farmer
Bigler Adam, farmer
Burns John, teamster
Butters James, farmer
Butters James, section man

Cartwell Joseph, farmer
Clark H.D., farmer
Clark Ezra, farmer
Clark E.T., farmer
Clark T.B., merchant
Clawson George, wagonmaker
Coombs Frederick, merchant
Cottrell Joseph, laborer
Cottrell Samuel, farmer

Cottrell William, carpenter
Cristerson Mads, carpenter

Dobbs Mr. shoemaker

Earl Jedediah, blacksmith
Earl John, blacksmith

Gleason John, farmer
Glover W.F. teamster
Glover William, farmer
Goodyear Hyrum, farmer
Grover Thomas, farmer
Guger Hyrum, mason

Hadfield Joseph, farmer
Haight William, farmer
Haight W.V., farmer
Haight H.C., farmer
Haight, H.D., farmer
Hallnsworth James, farmer

(pg. 312)

Hardy William, farmer
Hatfield George, farmer
Hayes Nephi, farmer
Hess J.W. bishop
Hinman Henry, farmer
Hinman Morgan, carpenter
Holmes J., farmer
Hugh Thomas, farmer
Hugh William, farmer
Hughes William, mason
Hunt Thomas, merchant

Isle Morris, farmer

Jenkins Evans, farmer
Jenkins Henry, farmer
Jenkins Henry, freighter
Jones John, carpenter
Jones J., farmer

Kennard L., school teacher

Ladle William, farmer
Leonard T. farmer
Lyon James, farmer

Marrow Thomas, farmer
Marshall B.A. shoemaker
Mayfield Oscar, farmer
Merrill Thomas, Laborer
Millard James, section man
Millard John, farmer
Miller W.H., farmer
Miller Jacob, farmer
Miller Edgar, farmer
Miller D.A., farmer
Miller Joseph, farmer
Mullinder Mrs. J., widow

Obit D., blacksmith
Owen Henry, laborer

Palmer George, tailor
Pease Edward, farmer
Peart Jacob, farmer

Rice L.G., farmer



Richards E.F., farmer
Richards M.J., farmer
Richards S.L., farmer
Richards G.F., farmer
Richards Calvin, farmer
Robinson J.L., farmer
Rogers Thomas, farmer
Rose A., farmer
Rose R.F., farmer

Shurtleff Albert, stock raiser
Smith Edwin, farmer
Smith A. farmer
Smith George, laborer
Smith Alma, farmer
Smith E.A. farmer
Smith T.S. farmer
Smith Thomas, farmer
Smith Wells, farmer
Smith J.W. farmer
Southworth Henry, miller
Stayner Arthur, notary public
Stevenson james, farmer
Steed John, section man
Steed Thomas, farmer
Steed Alma, farmer
Steed George, farmer
Steed Henry, famer
Steed J.H. lumberman
Steed Mrs. S.E. school teacher
Steed James, farmer
Steed John, farmer
Steed Thomas, farmer

Thomas Robert, gardener
Tibbets Henry, farmer
Tubb George, farmer
Turner Henry, farmer
Turner Charles, farmer

Van Fleet Joseph, laborer
Van Fleet C., farmer

Walker L. painter
Walker Joseph, tailor

(pg 313)

Walker Walter, post master
Walker J.T. shoemaker
Warton Alfred, mason
Watson W.H. section foreman
Watton James, farmer
Weed Gilbert, herder
Weiler Joseph, farmer
Whipple Willard, farmer
White John, farmer

White Thomas, blacksmith
Wickle Henry, laborer
Wilcox Henry, school teacher
Wilcox James, farmer
Williams John, farmer
Williams D.R. carpenter
Wise L., farmer
Wood John, merchant



Clark T.B. coal and salt
Clawson G. wagon maker
Earl J. & J. blacksmiths
Farmington Co-op Store, F. Coombs, supt. gen'l mdse
Hunt T. general merchandise
Marshall B.A. bootmaker
Obit D. blacksmith
Palmer George, tailor

Southworth H. flour mill
Stayner Arthur, notary public
Steed J.H. lumber dealer
Walker Joseph, tailor
Walker Walter, dry goods etc
Walker J.T. bootmaker
White Thomas, blacksmith
Wood John, general mdse


Is a charming settlement of 2,000. It is widely scattered, - the residents being nearly all farmers - and is from eight to ten miles from Salt Lake City. The town has been variously known under the names of Wood's Cross, Session and Bountiful, but it is now officially known by the latter appellation. The title is appropriate for the surrounding soil is bountiful in its yield of vegetables, fruits and cereals. The settlement is supplied with a number of schools in the different wards and the average attendance among children of school age evinces the degree to which the education of youth is encouraged. The citizens are generally well to-do, quite on a par with the generality of farmers in the territory; and it may be said of Bountiful, as of every part of Utah that has become permanently settled, that cases of absolute want are entirely unknown. The town has one of the finest meeting houses in the country.


(pg. 314)

Abel Alexander [Alexander, Abel], farmer
Adcock Charles, miller
Aldrich Mrs. P. widow
Anderson Andrew, farmer
Anderson A.G. farmer
Argyle Joseph, farmer
Argyle J. Jr. farmer
Aslett George, laborer
Ashby Benjamin, farmer
Ashdown Richard, laborer
Ashdown W. Sr. farmer
Ashdown William, farmer
Atkinson Isaac, farmer
Atkinson William, farmer
Atkinson Amos, farmer
Atkinson Thomas, farmer
Atkinson, W.N.L. farmer

Ball Henry, gardener
Barlow Israel, farmer
Barlow J.H. farmer
Barlow I. Jr. farmer
Barlow Ianthus, farmer
Beattie John, farmer
Bensen John, farmer
Birmingtham Thomas, merchant
Botrell J.T. gardener
Boulton William, farmer
Boynton Joseph, laborer
Brampton E. laborer
Briggs Thomas, gardener
Briggs David, farmer
Briggs Ephraim, farmer
Broadbent John, music dealer
Brown Mahonri, farmer
Brown William, farmer
Brown D.S. carpenter
Bryson Samuel, gardener
Buckland L. miner
Buckland C. farmer
Burdette William, tailor
Burningham T. Jr. gardener
Burningham Alfred, gardener

Burningham James, gardener
Burningham Arthur, gardener
Burnham W.J. farmer
Burnham L.S. Farmer
Burnham Arthur, farmer
Burton George, stone cutter
Burtenshaw John, farmer
Buys Hyrum, school teacher

Call Joseph, farmer
Call Chester, bishop
Call Anson, president Z.C.M.I.
Call A.V. school teacher
Carter Daniel, gardener
Chapman W.H. stone mason
Clark Mrs. S.P. widow
Clark Samuel, laborer
Clay Henry, laborer
Cleverly James, farmer
Coles John, painter
Coltrin E. stock dealer
Coltrin Mrs. S. Widow
Commander Thomas bricklayer
Cook Mark, farmer
Cook David, farmer
Cook Amos, farmer
Cook Edward, broom maker
Cooper William, farmer
Cooper John, miner
Corbridge William, farmer
Corbridge John, farmer
Corbridge Edward, farmer
Crosby J.K. farmer
Crosby J.K. Jr. farmer

Dale Joseph, well digger
Dalrymple Edgar, farmer
Davids James, laborer
Davis Daniel, farmer
Dawson John, gardener
Dawson Joseph, farmer
Day Joseph, farmer
Day James, farmer
Dilley D.B. laborer

(pg. 315)

Dilley Mrs. widow
Duerden Ricahrd, trader
Duncan Mrs. H. widow
Dunlape James, laborer
Dunlape William, laborer
Dusten Seth, farmer

East Henry, laborer
Easthope John, section man
Ellis Stephen, farmer
Ellis John, farmer
Ellis J.H. farmer
Ellis Mrs. H. widow
Evans John, clerk
Evans David, tailor

Fackrell Jaems, farmer
Fackrell J.C. farmer
Farnham Mrs. C. Widow
Fairbanks Amos, farmer
Fisher T.F. Justice of Peace
Fisher Mrs. T.W. widow
Fisher T.F. farmer
Fisher John, farmer
Foulds Mrs. M. Widow
Freestone John, gardener

Garrett William, brick maker
Garrett Henryi, brick maker
Goodfellow John, farmer
Goodfellow Mrs. S. widow
Grant J.M. farmer
Grant Louis, Justice of Peace
Grant William, farmer
Green Richard, farmer
Green H. laborer
Green James, farmer

Hack James, farmer
Hale S. Jr. farmer
Hales S. stone cutter
Hall Daniel, farmer
Harrison John, shoemaker
Harrison Charles, farmer
Harrison H.A. mason


Hart S.J. laborer
Hart Samuel, farmer
Hartley Richard, farmer
Hartley Hyrum, farmer
Hartley Charles, stone cutter
Hatch Mrs. J. widow
Hatch Orin, farmer
Hatch Ephraim, farmer
Hatch Ranson, farmer
Hatch Stearns, constable
Hatch Ancell, farmer
Hayes Charles, brick maker
Hayes Mrs. E. widow
Henrie William, mechanic
Will William, laborer
Holbrook B. farmer
Holbrook Hyrum, farmer
Holbrook J.J. gardener
Holbrook J.L. farmer
Holbrook Joseph, farmer
Holt W.J. farmer
Holt Joseph, farmer
Holt William, shoe maker
Hougan E. farmer
Hougan Joseph, farmer
Hougan Paul, farmer
Howard William, farmer
Howard Samuel, farmer
Howard John, farmer
Howard James, farmer
Howard Thomas, farmer

Jackson William, farmer
Jackson William Jr. farmer
Jacobsen Saron, carpenter
James Thomas, farmer
Jensen Jens. farmer
Johnson I. laborer
Jones Henry, wagon maker
Jones William, farmer
Jones C.R. tailor

Kent S.B. farmer
King B.W. wagon maker

(pg. 316)

Knighton Mrs. E. widow
Knighton G. stocking maker
Knighton Daniel, farmer
Kinney James, laborer
Kippen James, farmer
Kirkham B. farmer
Kirkham Mark, laborer
Kirkham John, carpenter
Kynaston John, farmer

Lee Daniel, farmer
Lewis Enoch, farmer
Lewis John, lumber dealer
Lewis David, farmer
Lincoln G.A. carpenter
Lincoln Mrs. G.W. widow
Loveland Mrs. S. wiow [sic]

Mabey Joseph, farmer
Mabey Albert, farmer
Mann W.C. farmer
Mantle Joseph, laborer
Marett Mrs. M.E. widow
Marshall Daniel, farmer
Matchit T.A. farmer
McNeal Thomas, farmer
McNeal John E. carpenter
McNeal John, shoemaker
Moss Daniel, farmer
Moss John, farmer
Moss John, Jr. farmer
Moss Joseph, farmer
Moss Robert, farmer
Muir W.S. post master
Muir William Jr. bishop
Muir Moses, constable

Naylor John, laborer
Naylor Samuel, section man
Nelmes William, laborer
Nelson O'nels, farmer
Nelson Neils, farmer
Nevill J.H. plasterer
Nevill J. plasterer
Noble J.B. farmer


Noble G.O. farmer
Noble B. farmer

Pace Edward, farmer
Page Cyrus, farmer
Page Alma, farmer
page H. farmer
Page Thomas, farmer
Page William, farmer
Parkin W.J. farmer
Parkin John, farmer
Parish H.S. farmer
Pearson C.E. attorney-at-law
Peel Benjamin, plasterer
Penman John, farmer
Perkins M. farmer
Perkins H.H. stock dealer
Perkins J. farmer
Phelps A.J. writing teacher
Prescott William, farmer
Prescott Mrs. widow
Pullen William, stone cutter
Putman S.W. carpenter
Putman H.G. gardener

Rampton H.J. blacksmith
Rampton Wm. machine agent
Rampton Henry, blacksmith
Reynolds B. carpenter
Ridges Alfred, laborer
Riley A. farmer
Rounds William, machinist
Royders [sic] Robert, tinsmith

Salter William farmer
Sessions P. farmer
Sessions David, shoemaker
Sessions Carlos, laborer
Seul Joseph, carpenter
Shill Hyrum, butcher
Shirley Albert, carpenter
Simons Edward, mason
Simmons H.E. farmer
Smedley S. section man U C
Smith William, gardener

(pg. 317)

Staehli John, farmer
Stoker Alma, farmer
Stoker John, farmer
Stoker David, farmer

Tilford John, farmer
Tilford Robert, farmer
Thomas Edward, farmer
Thurgood Thomas, farmer
Thurgood William, supt Z.C.M.I.
Thurgood John, clerk
Tingey Henry, farmer
Tolman J. farmer
Tolman Judson, farmer
Tolman Jaren, constable
Turnbaugh John, farmer
Turnbaugh Isaac, farmer
Tuttle Newton, farmer

Ure Rogert, farmer

Waddoups Mark, farmer
Waddoups T. Jr. farmer
Wall James, farmer


Walton Thomas, school teacher
Waite John, farmer
Warwick Richard, Gardener
Weight James, carpenter
Willey D.O. justice of peace
Willey Mrs. S. widow
Willey J. farmer
Willey Parley, farmer
Willey W.W. farmer
Winn D.G. miller
Wiseman Mrs. L. widow
Wiseman Hyrum, laborer
Wood Daniel. farmer
Wood S. farmer
Wood John, farmer
Wood T. laborer
Wood Peter, farmer
Wood James, shoemaker
Wood J.G. farmer
Wood D.C. farmer
Wood H.C. farmer
Wintle George, gardener


Adcock Charles, flour mill
Bountiful Co-op store. W. Thurgood supt. general mdse
Birmingham T. general mdse
Broadbent John, musical mdse
Burdette William tailor shop
Coltrin E. stock dealer
Cook Edward, broom maker
Duerden R. general mdse
Evans D. tailor shop
Garrett W. & H. brick makers
Harrison John, shoemaker
Hayes Charles, brick maker
Jones Henry, wagon maker
Jones C.R. tailor shop
King B.W. wagon maker
Knighton G. stocking maker
Lewis John, lumber dealer
McNeal John, shoe shop
Pearson C.E. general mdse
Rampton H. blacksmith
Rampton W. sewing machine agent
Rounds William, machinist
Royds [sic] Robert, tinsmith
Sessions D. boot & shoe shop
Shill H. butcher
South and West Co-op store, W.S. muir Jr. manager, general merchandise
Thurgood Wm. notary public
Winn D.G. flour mill
Wood James, boot shop


Is situated midway between Farmington and Bountiful, at the point where the lake approaches nearest tot the mountains. It is in the best of the farming districts and has no particular characteristics that do not belong to the other settlements of Davis County. The population is about 800 and supports two schools.

(pg. 318)

Adams John, clerk

Baird James, blacksmith
Bartlett H. blacksmith
Blaisdel R. farmer
Brandon T. Jr. farmer
Brandon Thomas, farmer
Brown T.B. farmer
Brown Alwood, mill man

Carpenter S. carpenter
Cepender William, carpenter
Chase George, farmer
Chase G.O. constable
Cheney Z. farmer
Cheney Nathan, bishop
Cherry Joseph, farmer
Cleveland Henry, carpenter
Cleveland William, farmer
Cleveland H.R. carpenter
Coles J.H. painter
Copener Wm. carpenter
Crocord C. farmer

Dalrymple Andrew, gardener
Dalrymple Wm. farmer
Dalton Henry, farmer
Duel O.M. farmer
Duncan Charles, mason
Duncan Charles Jr. mason
Duncan John, mason

Evans Wm. farmer
Evans Ben, farmer
Evans P. farmer

Ford Joseph, farmer
Ford John, farmer
France Joseph, farmer

Garns M. carpenter
Garns P.J. farmer
Goodridge Willis, farmer

Hanson N. farmer
Harris T.H. farmer
Harris John, carpenter
Harris J.J. machinist
Harris Thomas, laborer
Hasson James, farmer
Holland John, tailor

Kesler Mrs. A. school teacher
Kilbourne H. farmer
Kittleman George, farmer
Kittleman George, laborer
Kofford C.A. teamster
Kofford Chris. farmer

Locas James, farmer

Miller James, laborer
Miller J.W. farmer
Mills Richard, farmer
Mills F. farmer

Ore A. shoemaker

Page Syros, farmer
Park Ira, farmer
Parke John farmer
Parke T.H. farmer

(pg. 319)

Parish J. farmer
Paris Joel, justice of peace
Parish S.J. farmer
Porter Mathews, farmer
Porter Nathan, farmer
Prophet Richard, shoemaker

Randall M. farmer
Reeves William, postmaster
Reeves William, county assessor
Rigby Samuel, farmer
Rigby Samuel, laborer
Roberts B.H. school teacher
Roland J. farmer
Roland Steward, farmer
Roland S. Jr. farmer

Simon Alexander Miller
Simons A. miller


Smith W.R. farmer
Smith John, farmer
Spencer William, farmer
Spencer A. stock raiser
Spencer John, farmer

Tingie Thomas, farmer

Waddoups Thomas, laborer
Walton Frederick, farmer
Ward Martin, farmer
Ward M.R. farmer
Ward Milton, farmer
Ward John, farmer
Whitaker T.T. carpenter
Williams William, miner
Williams William, farmer
Wooley John, farmer


Baird James, blacksmith
Bartlett H. blacksmith
Brown Atwood, flour mill
Coles J.H. paint shop
Harris J.J. machinist
Holland John, tailor
Ore A. shoemaker
Prophet R. shoemaker
Reeves Wm. postmaster


Is located at a point sixteen miles south of Ogden. It is the only incorporated city in the county an d has a number of business enterprises. The town site is large and lies in a cheerful district where crops ripen early. The population is considerably scattered, but numbers, as near as can be judged, 1,500. There are three good schools and two places of worship. Following is the municipal organization:

Mayor. - T.F. Roueche.
Councilors. - Rosel Hyde, mark Beazer, John R. Barnes, John S. Smith, E.A. Williams
Recorder. - Joseph Barton.
Marshal. - John Bennett.
Treasurer. - William Blood
Justices of the Peace. - John Gailey, Alfred Alder.


(pg. 320)

Adams Mr. farmer
Alder Alfred, Jr. farmer
Alder Alfred, blacksmith
Allen William, mason
Allison John, farmer
Ashworth Richard, engineer

Bailey John, farmer
Barnes William, farmer
Barnes J.R. Jr. clerk
Barnes J.R. merchant
Barnes R.F. clerk
Barnes J.G. clerk
Barnes W.J. farmer
Barton John, carpenter
Beaser Mark, farmer
Beasley William, farmer
Bennett John, constable
Bennett C.D. carpenter
Bennett John, farmer
Bennett James, farmer
Bennett Thomas, farmer
Blood William, farmer
Boddly Robert, farmer
Bone William, farmer
Booth Mrs. S. widow
Boswell James, laborer
Bosworth James, laborer
Bosworth James, gardener
Boynton Thomas, millwright
Burton R.W. farmer
Burton Peter, bishop
Burton Christopher, farmer
Burton J.A. farmer
Butt James, farmer

Campbell I.F. miller
Chapman George, farmer
Checketts Charles, farmer


Checketts William, wagon maker
Checketts Charles, wagon maker
Cottrell Edward, plasterer
Crockett William, farmer

De Shazo John, carpenter

Egbert John, farmer
Egbert William, farmer
Egbert Joseph, farmer
Egbert Andrew, farmer
Ellison John, farmer

Flint William, farmer
flint John, farmer
Foxley Wm. farmer

Gailey David, farmer
Gailey John, farmer
Galbreth William, farmer
Graham A. section man
Green Thomas, farmer
Green Albert, farmer
Green John, farmer
Green James, farmer

Hardwood James, laborer
Harris Thomas, farmer
Harwood J. farmer
Holbrook A.M. pump maker
Holbrook J.A. pump maker
Hude Rosel, farmer
Hudson John, farmer
Hudson G.M. farmer
Hyde R. farmer

James Morgan, section man
Jones Mr. stone cutter
Johns John, laborer

(pg. 321)

Layton Hyrum, farmer
Layton John, farmer
Layton C. Jr. farmer
Layton S.J. blacksmith
Layton Charles, carpenter
Layton Christopher, merchant
Lee Mrs. M. widow
Lenford M. farmer
Lewis Thomas, carpenter

Maylin Hyrum, farmer

Payne W.L. farmer
Payne J.L. farmer
Payne W.R. farmer
Phillips Thomas, farmer
Phillips Alma, farmer
Phillips Edward, farmer
Phillips E. farmer
Phillips T.H. farmer

Reeves Nathan, farmer
Roberts Levi, farmer
Robins James, farmer
Rogers T. blacksmith
Roueche John, farmer
Roueche F.F. mayor

Simmons John, farmer


Smith, J.S. farmer
Smith, W.B. farmer
Smith James, farmer
smith William, whip maker
Smith J.S. counselor
Stewart Bros. general mdse
Stewart William, shoemaker
Stuart Charles, farmer
Stuart C.T. farmer
Swan George, secretary U C
Swan Mrs. M. agent U C

Tailor Levi, farmer

Underwood James, mason

Wade Robert, mason
Walker J.J. painter
Walsh Joseph, farmer
Warren Thomas, farmer
Warren James, farmer
Webb Edmond, farmer
Webster William, farmer
Webster Levi, farmer
Webster George, farmer
Weinal John, miller
Williams Albert, general mdse
Wirr James, farmer
Woolsey William, laborer


Alder Alfred, blacksmith
Barnes J.R. general mdse
Boynton Thomas flour mill
Checketts Wm. wagon maker
Cheketts [sic] Chas. wagon maker
Farmer's Co-operative, Stewart Bros. managers, gen. mdse
Holbrook Bros. pump makers
James Morgan, general mdse
Layton S.J. blacksmith
Rogers T. blacksmith
Stewart William, boot maker
Walker J.J. paint shop
Weinal John, flour mill
Williams Albert, general mdse


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