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A Brief History of
Farmington, Utah
Written by George Quincy Knowlton in 1956. Compiled and edited by his daughter, Jannetta K. Robinson in 1965. I am in the process of indexing this book, which will be available as a file attachment to an email, when I have it completed. In the meantime, I will look up queries if you give me a full name. Please no complete family searches. The book covers the first pioneer settlers in 1849 through about 1960. This was not a comprehensive history.  Mostly prominent families listed.   

Jayna Brown Quinn

Life Of Christopher
1st edition
Christopher Layton was among
some of the earliest settlers and his book contains a fair amount of
information on the early Davis
County to include Kaysville as well as Layton.
Michelle M. Sexton
History of
Kaysville, Utah
This is a history of the city of
Kaysville, from the 1850's to about 1985. It has a sketch of the lives of many people who settled Kaysville, Utah
Arthur R.  Whittaker
531 North 150 West
Kaysville, Utah
Ancestry and Genealogy of
Thomas Grover
East of Antelope
Davis County history -- compiled by Annie Call Carr, supported by Daughters of the Utah Pioneers. Composed of facts gathered from old diaries, letters, histories, autobiographies, and descendants. First printed 1948; approx 550 pages. Lethia Smith

Annette Nelson

The City In-Between
(Centerville, Utah)
History of Centerville, Utah, written by Mary Ellen Smoot and Marilyn Sheriff, 1975; 384 pages.   It includes photos of historic homes and many biographical sketches of pioneers who came to Centerville before 1900. Florence Ferrell Cannariato
The City Bountiful Written by Leslie T. Foy. 350 pages. Covers Bountiful history from 1847 to 1975. Biographical sketches of
Early Bountiful settlers.
Lethia Smith

Annette Nelson

A History of Davis County Utah Centennial County History Series, written by Glen M. Leonard.  Includes economic, religious, educational, social and political history of Davis County. 436 pp. Annette Nelson
West Bountiful
Written by LaRue Hugoe & Edith Deppe.  "Chronicles the growth of schools, churches, farming and business enterprises, and the growth of the local government entities.  548 pp. Annette Nelson
The Community of Syracuse
1820 to 1995
Written by Clayton Holt & the Syracuse Historical Commission.  454 pp.  Annette Nelson
South Weber --
The Autobiography of One Utah Community
Written by Lee D. Bell.  An "'encyclopedic' history, covering ... the history, politics, geography, occupations, biographies of town members, and a variety of bits and pieces about the people and the community."  722 pp. Annette Nelson
1852 Registry - Heads of Household
Davis County L.D.S. Ward Members
Listing of all the heads of households in the L.D.S. Wards in Davis County (Centerville, Kaysville, Farmington & Bountiful Wards) Annette Nelson
Woods Cross:
Patterns & Profiles of a City
by Arlene H. Eakle, Adelia Baird, Georgia Weber
An Official Bicentennial History
1976; 60 pages
Annette Nelson

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