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Here you will find what could be considered some of the "greatest hits" of anarchism from older 19th-century and 20th-century authors. Most of the works are linked to external sites. You can also click either on the author's name or the photo to be brought to the relevant section of the excellent Pierre J. Proudhon Memorial Computer site, the equally excellent Anarchy Archives or even the wonderful Spunk Archive.

Further down (but by no means of less importance) you can access some more modern material.

I must emphasise that modern anarchist communism is a living, developing political movement and that all this old stuff is absolutely not to be treated as some sort of gospel truth. There is plenty of material below which contains opinions, theories and so on which many anarchist communists would disagree with. They are, however, our roots.

Most of the best modern writings on anarchism are to be found on some of the websites and discussion lists around, or in the journals and papers of many anarchist groups. I would strongly suggest that newcomers to the world of anarchism start their education by contacting one of these groups (or simply by checking out their websites).


old stuff:

Mikhail Bakunin


Links to some of Bakunin's best works, including:
Piotr Kropotkin


Although he went off the rails a bit with his support for the 1st World War, some of his earlier writings are well worth a read:
Emma Goldman


Access to a couple of Goldman's best-known writings on anarchism, like:
Pierre J. Proudhon


One of the first writers to call himself "anarchist". His most famous contribution to anarchist theory was:
Nestor Makhno


Ukrainian anarchist who played a large part in defeating the armies of Austria and the Whites during the Russian Civil War and showed how anarchist organization was a viable alternative to the Bolsheviks.
Rudolf Rocker


This German editor and union organizer is considered to be an expert on anarcho-syndicalism:
Alexander Berkman


A Russian who emigrated to the US and became a leading anarchist organizer. The following titles are a must:
Daniel Guérin


French anarchist writer whose main works include:

miscellaneous stuff:

Parliament Or Democracy?

This is a wonderful pamphlet produced by the Workers Solidarity Movement which serves as a refutal of modern "democratic" practices. A must for any newcomer to the world of anarchism. Available in HTML here or PDF format on the WSM website.

An Anarchist FAQ

Without doubt the most complete analysis of anarchism available today. An enormous (ongoing) work which answers all your questions about anarchism. You can download it (safely) in various formats to read off-line at your leisure.


THE multi-lingual news service by, for and about anarchists. From this site you can subscribe to the newslists available in many languages. THE place to keep in touch with anarchism today.

Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists

This 1926 document, written by the Dyelo Truda Group (which included Makhno, Arshinov and Mett), is a fundamental text for  so-called "Platformist" groups. Not a back door to bolshevism as some claim, it is seen by many anarchist communists to provide a basic blueprint for a more organised approach to the social revolution.

The Spanish Civil War: Anarchism In Action

An excellent introduction to the role of anarchism and anarchists during the Spanish Revolution by Eddie Conlon (published by the WSM).


Part of the fabulous Struggle site. This page gives you all you need to know about anarchist involvement in the Kronstadt Rebellion of 1921, including:

The Nestor Makhno Archive

My archive containing practically everything about Makhno available on the web. Any and all additions gratefully received.

The Daily Bleed's Anarchist Timeline

A nice bit of history with an anarchist slant. Selected from the Daily Bleed Calendar of over 19,000 events, this anarchist timeline is updated a few times a year as new material is added or old materials reworked & corrections made.

Marxism & Anarchism: Which of the two offers a concrete prospective for changing society?

This is rubbish. My translation of an article which appeared in issue N°117 of Rivoluzione Internazionale, bi-monthly journal of the International Communist Current in Italy. Not exactly what you could call a balanced unbiased view of anarchism. You'd be much better off reading the appropriate section of the Anarchist FAQ (see above). Nice translation though, even if I do say so myself.....oh I get so bored sometimes..........anyone for a halibut?

...and for those of you who are interested in discussing the history of anarchism, or history from an anarchist point of view, subscribe today to the Anarchist_History discussion list.

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