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(An original historical brochure reproduced in its entirety by Humboldt Redwoods Interpretive Association. Copies are available at the Visitor Center.) NOTE: This text is the unedited original text. This text is of historical interest only and may contain outdated word usages.

Who is Charles Kellogg

Naturalist, woodsman, rancher, artist

Charles Kellogg was born in the high Sierras of California many days’ journey from the nearest railroad. He was born with the gift of singing as the birds do, actually singing bird songs with his throat as they do.

There was no one in those far wilds to teach him save a few Digger Indians (sic), who taught him the mysterious art of producing fire by rubbing sticks, and other wood lore.

He played with snakes and birds and wild creatures, much as Mowgli did in the Jungle with the beasts. He learned their ways; became keen of eye as they, as alert to the softest sound, as acute to the faintest scent.

He is a naturalist, born not made; a true woodsman, of grand physique, calm pulse, poise and a magnetism that demands the most profound attention.

Poet, Philosopher, Worker, Teacher, Artist, Mr. Kellogg’s message is inspiring not only because it tells of a life work that is play and health and joy and service, but he gives us assurance that a measure of this at least may be ours.

Nine months out of every year he tramps the forests, experiments on his ranch in California, in water development, in plant life and things pertaining to the soil.

He is a scientist by gift of nature, not by stress of research. He puts scholars to rout by solving through Nature’s teaching, problems that have fretted their trained minds.

What has Charles Kellogg done

He has given three thousand performances in the United States, Canada and Europe.

He is the most noted Headliner in Vaudeville.

He has walked five hundred miles in the West Indies with John Burroughs.

He has tramped in the high Sierras with John Muir.

He was the guest of August Rodin in Paris.

He has sung to a vast audience of twenty thousand on the terrace of the Crystal Palace, London.

He has tramped in the forests of New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Alaska, Europe and the Tropics without a gun, compass or fish rod. He does not kill, for he does not eat meat.

From Boston to Los Angeles, public schools have closed for the afternoon that the teachers and principals could attend Mr. Kellogg’s performance.

He delivered the Sunday address in the great Salt Lake Tabernacle.

In Washington, D. C., the highest honor was paid to Mr. Kellogg. He was invited to go before the Bureau of Standards (one of the most august bodies of scientists in America) and demonstrate his knowledge of science and nature.

He is the only human being that has succeeded in actually reproducing the songs of birds – reproductions, not imitations. Mr. Kellogg makes records exclusively for The Victor Talking Machine Co.

What is Mr. Kellogg’s Purpose in Life?

To eliminate fear from every living creature including man. To teach through love the joy, dignity and necessity of labor. To impart the love of the soil and to show new ways by which man can achieve his rightful domain over the earth. To awaken interest in the great redwood forests of California, and to assist in their preservation.

In all the cities of the United states there have been arranged special performances by request, once each week, in order that a representative group of divergent interests could testify to the scope, variety, and authenticity of Mr. Kellogg’s work.

There have been present,
The Chief of police, two physicists, two bankers, two members of the board of education, two preachers (one the Jewish Rabbi), two blind men, two merchants, two boy scouts, two members of the Women’s Club, two Rotary Club members, the Chief of the fire department, two building inspectors, two doctors, two musicians, two deaf men, two lawyers, two naturalists.

What will Charles Kellogg do for you

Sing birds songs (a gift absolutely unique to him).

Play several talking machines together in perfect harmony at different speeds.

Create fire in the most primitive manner by rubbing sticks in a way never before accomplished by even the Indian.

Extinguish a flame of fire with his voice audibly.

Control suspended balls by vibration.

Throw eye glasses and glass plates all over the stage without breaking them.

Demonstrate the use of the divining rod. (Mr. Kellogg now produces streams of water on his ranch in California as assuredly as others grow vegetables in their garden.)

Mr. Kellogg will show the Digger Indian Death Tie (sic).

Mr. Kellogg will sing to an enormous ordinary flame of fire and it will become a Bunsen flame, a phenomenon inexplicable to scientists.

What is The Travel Log

The Travel Log is a masterpiece of nature and craftsmanship. It is a section of a great redwood tree from the giant forests of Scotia, Humboldt County, California.

It is the largest single piece of hewn timber in the world. It is mounted on a Nash Quad Chassis, the only truck capable of transporting such a load and meet its requirements.

It is the creation of one man. With axe and adz, Mr. Kellogg hollowed out the log and shaped and fashioned it into this most beautiful and complete dwelling; it has kitchenette, folding lavatory, toilet, clothespress, 12 lockers, folding double bed, stove, dining table, bookcase, dresser, electric lights, running water, guest room with single bed, lockers, etc.

The log out of which this beautiful home is made is absolutely solid; walls, ceiling, floors are all of one piece, without check or blemish; it weighs six tons.

The color is natural, of a rich rose red. Mr. Kellogg, using his hands only, has rubbed 12 pounds of beeswax into the wood.

In th3 forest from which this log was taken stand the most ancient LIVING things on earth, many of them four to five thousand years old.

Through the courtesy and co-operation of the California Redwood Association, it was made possible for Mr. Kellogg to bring out into the world this grand and ancient thing.

This particular log is about four thousand eight hundred years old, the rings (each denoting one year’s growth) can be plainly seen and counted on the end. It was as old as the Christian Religion is today when Jesus Christ was on earth.

Redwood has properties and qualities peculiar to no other species of wood. It is practically indestructible. It lives on the ground or in it and does not decay. The stumps do not die, but send up sprouts which in time grow up to large trees, thus perpetuating this magnificent wood for humanity for all time. No fire ever destroyed a Redwood forest, and decay has no terrors for it. Redwood is a nonconductor of heat and cold. Do your bit to help America preserve them.

The Unusual Performance of the Nash Quad

Without this remarkable machine it would have been utterly impossible to have brought the monster “stick” weighing 8 tons from the soft floor of the forest or over the high mountain passes of California.

Pulling upon all four wheels, and especially steering with the read as well as the front wheels, enabling Mr. Kellogg to negotiate most difficult and narrow winding mountain passes.

The excellent service which the Nash quad has rendered under difficult hauling conditions in all lines of commercial service has earned for it the reputation of being the best known single motor truck in the world.


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