Hidetaka YOSHIOKA (吉岡秀隆) Ko SHIBASAKI (柴咲コウ) Saburo TOKITO (時任三郎) Nene OTSUKA (大塚寧々)
11 eps. X 60 min.
Based on a popular comic, Dr. Coto’s story comes back following the 2003's first series and two specials in 2004.  Dr. Coto - his real name is Dr. Goto, but the islanders call him “Coto” with much respect and adoration _ has developed the strong bond with people on the island where there was no doctor till he came three years ago.  He is an excellent doctor as well as a sincere person.  Even though the island is small and peaceful with the stunning nature, there are certainly some dramas.  Through the various events, Coto and people on the island try to solve the problems and overcome the obstacles together.
Broadcast: Oct. 12 - Dec. 21, 2006
Dr. Coto's Clinic 2006
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