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Acclaim Australia: BMX XXX Interview - Page 1 of 3
POSTED 08 November 2002

We recently spoke with Acclaim Australia's Daniel Armstrong about the new BMX game, BMX XXX. The unofficial third title in the Dave Mirra series, BMX XXX was recently banned in Australia under the OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification) video game guidelines, due to its nudity and questionable content.

In Australia, video games are rated by the government regulated OFLC according to guidelines drafted for classification of video games in 1994, whereas countries such as New Zealand classify games (again, with a New Zealand OFLC), based on movie and TV classification guidelines.

In Australia, no R18+ rating exists for video games, meaning that any games which feature explicitly adult material won't be allowed to release. Today, Acclaim Australia speaks about the reasons for the BMX XXX banning, the nature of censorship in Australia and more.

GPA: Hi Daniel. We'll start by asking you what parts of BMX XXX the Office of Film and Literature Classification had problems with?

Daniel: Nudity. Specifically, there's an option in the game where you can create a naked rider - you can create a female rider who's completely naked, but you can't create a male rider who's completely naked. And according to the video game classification guidelines in Australia, nudity is completely unacceptable.

Readers should be aware that in Australia, the guidelines for rating games are completely different from the guidelines for rating films or TV programs. So what's acceptable in a film, rated MA15+, isn't necessarily acceptable in a video game rated MA 15+ - nudity is one of those elements.

GPA: And given the Australian video game classification guidelines haven't been updated since 1994, that's not entirely surprising. So, in the light of the game's classification being refused, is Acclaim Australia looking to do anything in this country to modify and release the game?

Daniel: We are definitely looking at all our options, to see what we can possibly do to get this game released. There is an NTSC version created in America which doesn't feature the naked Create a Rider feature, so releasing that here could be an option. But the logistics of releasing a PAL build especially for the Australian market may or may not mean it's a viable option - that's something we're working through at the moment.

GPA: So has that censored build been classified by the OFLC?

Daniel: We have taken that to them, yeah. It has received a rating - if it were to release here, it would be rated MA 15+, due to sexual references, course language and adult themes. So, if we can make a PAL build available for the Australian market, we would be able to release the game.

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Developer: Z-Axis | Publisher: Acclaim
Local Distributor: Acclaim Australia | Genre: Sports
Players: 2 | Online Support: No | OFLC Rating: MA 15+
Released: Now
This product also available on: GCN, XBOX

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