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Products/R&D/Brands : 15.03.2007
Juvena: We cracked the code of ageing!

"A new era in skin care has begun with the products Juvedical DNA skin optimizer fluid and cream by Juvena of Switzerland," the company claims. And added: "For the first time in cosmetics, the skin ageing process in all its complexity is being dealt with – directly in the cell environment and in the cell nucleus (DNA)."

Beauty comes from within – more precisely, it lies in the skin cells and their nuclei, where the DNA is embedded. In order for the cells to function at their best and for them to regenerate and multiply, they need two things: the best possible environment and DNA that functions well. "That is exactly what Juvedical DNA skin optimizer gives them – and that is our beauty code against skin ageing," Juvena says. The result according to Juvena after a very short period of use: lines and wrinkles are a thing of the past. The skin’s structure becomes even and visibly smoother.

Juvena of Switzerland combines two innovative technologies – for the first time in cosmetics:

- the Skin Nova Technology, it provides the perfect cell environment for skin renewal

- the DNA Nano Technology; it transports the active substances in the form of miniscule crystals directly into the cell nucleus, providing a 24-hour supply depot

About  DNA Nano Technology

It originates from the pharmaceutical industry where one refers to tiny, and therefore much more effective, „helpers“: 1’000'000 Nanometers equal the size of one millimeter. Juvena of Switzerland selected the absolutely best size for cosmetic skin care – 40 Nanometers. The Nano technology was chosen because it makes it possible to place the sensitive ingredients in the form of tiny crystals directly into the cell nucleus. The crystals fulfill two tasks at the same time: they are the active substance and a means of transportation – all in one – traveling deep and directly into the skin where they provide a „supply“ depot. From here the skin can take what it needs, whenever it needs it. The availability and accessibility of the substances for the cells is thereby increased and the protective mechanism optimal.

About  Skin Nova Technology (SNT)

It was developed through many years of collaboration with the Laboratoire des Substituts Cutanés in Lyon (FR), under the direction of Professor Odile Damour. It is a pioneering technology from emergency medicine that makes it possible to provide cells with the optimal environment in which to renew and duplicate themselves and thereby form completely functional skin. In 2004, for the first time ever, it was successfully integrated into cosmetic products for the skin care line Juvedical. These products improve the natural skin functions, strengthen the skin and give it a flawless appearance.

The following products will be available as of April 2007 at specialized retailers:

DNA Skin Optimizer, SPF 20, Fluid, 50 ml, Euro 100.-
DNA Skin Optimizer, SPF 20, Cream, 50 ml, Euro 100.-



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