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Born in Washington D.C., Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings graduated from the University of Wisconsin (1918) and became a journalist. In 1928 she left New York to live in Cross Creek, Florida. She divorced her first husband, Charles Rawlings, in 1933, and married Norton Baskin, a St. Augustine business man, in 1941. Her novel, The Yearling, won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1939. For a  bibliography of her works see Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: a Descriptive Bibliography by Rodger L. Tarr (1996). 

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        NEW ACQUISITIONS: Since 1998, the Smathers Libraries has greatly increased its holdings of Rawlings letters. Read about these new acquisitions in articles from the Howe Society Newsletter and elsewhere:

1998 -- "Beginnings" - Letters between Charles and Marjorie Rawlings
1998 -- "All My Love, Marjorie," -- Letters between Rawlings and Norton Baskin

 2000 - First Florida letter

2001 - New York Letters between Rawlings and Baskin 
2002 - Miscellaneous Letters

This listing contains the General Correspondence of the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Papers. It does not contain the Brandt & Brandt Papers, the Cason vs. Baskin Records (Phil May Papers), the Ellen Glasgow Papers,  and Rawlings correspondence in the Edith Pope Papers. It does contain her own correspondence file relating to Cason vs. Baskin.

In all there are about 4100 letters including approximately 1400 by Rawlings. They are listed here in two parts: (1) Letters by Rawlings,  (2) Letters to Rawlings and other letters related to her. Click here for an introduction, or follow the links below directly to the descriptions. 

Part I: Letters by Marjorie Rawlings
To Norton Baskin, 1938-1943
To Norton Baskin, 1944
To Norton Baskin, 1945-1948
To Norton Baskin, 1949-1953
Other Letters by Rawlings, arranged by addressee
Part II: Letters to Marjorie Rawlings and Other Letters
By Norton Baskin, 1938-1944
By Norton Baskin, 1945-1953
By A-F
By G-K
By L-P
By R-Z
Letters by Charles Rawlings and other members of the Rawlings Family
Unidentified Letters

Cason vs. Baskin

(Includes letters by and to Rawlings and third party letters relating to the Cross Creek
Trial, Cason v. Baskin.)


    A. Major Manuscripts -- Includes manuscripts and proofs for titles first published in book format (The Yearling, Cross Creek, The Sojourner, The Secret River, and South Moon Under.)

    B. Short stories and other writings.
    Autobiographical Writings (A)
    Fragments and Notes (F)
    Short Stories(SS)
    Short Writings(SW)


    A.  Miscellaneous Papers (MP) - Papers relating to Rawlings, or held by her. Includes some writings.
    BScrapbooks and Clippings. Includes (1) MKR's own scrapbooks, (2) clippings of book reviews compiled by Patrick D. Smith, and  (3) additional clippings, probably collected by MKR.
    C.  Addenda  - Material relating to MKR, created after her death.

    SERIES FOUR:ELLEN GLASGOW PAPERS, material gathered by MKR for an intended biography of the 1942 Pulitzer Prize winning author. The documents include correspondence, Rawlings' own manuscript notes, clippings, printed material, and photographs. Many of the letters were copied from correspondence lent Rawlings by Glasgow's family and friends, but some is original, including some of MKR's own correspondence.

    The finding aid is divided into seven parts, general and six parts of correspondence.
    General, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6.


              Brandt & Brandt Papers: Correspondence of Rawlings's literary agents, 1941-1969.

      GENE BARO PAPERS: Contains 55 letters between MKR and Baro.

      CASON VS. BASKIN (Phil May Papers/Cross Creek Trial): Legal papers (correspondence with lawyers, contemporary news clippings, trial transcripts) relating to the Cason vs. Baskin "invasion of privacy" trial are in archival boxes as Manuscript Group 33. Consist of papers donated by Phil May, Rawlings' attorney, and by Alachua County.

      EDITH POPE PAPERS: Contains approximately 50 letters by MKR to Edith Pope and 100 letters from Pope to Rawlings.


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