DX beats the odds

By Jen Hunt
Written: August 20, 2006

D-Generation X absolutely stole the show with their stunning victory over Mr. McMahon and his son Shane in front of an ecstatic crowd in Boston. The only thing more impressive than the way Shawn Michaels caught Shane in mid-air with Sweet Chin Music was the fact that all this happened after DX had to fight off the Spirit Squad, half the SmackDown locker room, Big Show and Umaga before doing so.

Since Mr. McMahon and Shane could not continue their successful campaign of divide and conquer on the dynamic duo, they tried to beat them with sheer numbers. The Chairman and his son sent the Spirit Squad ahead of them to try to soften up their opponents, but DX simply tossed the cheerleaders aside.

Then, SmackDown's Mr. Kennedy, William Regal and Finlay came down and a melee ensued in the ring between the five men. Big Show came out moments later and that is when things really started to get out of control. He went to work on HBK in the ring, while Triple H fought the three SmackDown Superstars on the floor.

After giving the Showstopper a cobra clutch backbreaker, Big Show went down to help pummel The Game. After first ramming him into the ring post, the extreme giant slammed Triple H through the ECW announce table, flattening both the table and The Game.

Pleased with the punishment that had been inflicted, Mr. McMahon and Shane strutted down to the ring and gave thumbs up and handshakes to their minions. And so, after several minutes of one of the worst beatings of the night, the bell finally rang and the match officially began.

With Triple H incapacitated out on the floor and Michaels visibly beaten down, the McMahons went to work on the Heart Break Kid with lots of double team action. They even hit him with a series of stolen signature moves, like the Hart Foundation's Hart Attack and the Legion of Doom's Doomsday Device.

Shane covered HBK and it looked like it might all be over for DX, but when Michaels kicked out at two, the crowd went nuts and helped to bring back a team on the edge of defeat.

Michaels went on a tear and when Mr. McMahon came in to help his son, HBK hit them with a double clothesline, sending all three men to the mat. The crowd again rallied behind DX, this time cheering "Triple H" as The Game crawled his way up the stairs.

HBK tagged in his partner, who cleaned house on the father and son with a burst of adrenaline. Michaels even got into the action, giving Shane a clothesline over the top rope and sending both men to the floor.

But Umaga, whom Armando Alejandro Estrada had offered as extra help for the McMahons earlier in the night, came out and kicked HBK in the face on the way to the ring. He then jumped up on the apron behind Triple H and hit him with a surprise Samoan Spike while Estrada distracted the referee.

Umaga then went after HBK, but just when he was about to give him the devastating Samoan Spike, an explosion of flames went off as Kane's music hit the air.

Earlier in the night, DX had a conversation of their own to let an undisclosed Superstar know that Mr. McMahon told Umaga he was the biggest, baddest, meanest, greatest monster in WWE. While it is not confirmed they were talking to Kane, the Big Red Monster indeed came out and beat the holy hell out of the Samoan Bulldozer all the way back to the locker room area much to the crowd's enjoyment.

With Triple H still reeling from Umaga's attack, Mr. McMahon covered him for the pin. But when referee Mike Chioda only counted to two before the kickout, Mr. McMahon lost his temper and knocked him to the ground.

With Chioda out of the picture for the moment, Mr. McMahon put a garbage can in front of Triple H's face as he lay in the corner. Shane climbed to the top rope in the adjacent corner and took to the air to go coast to coast on The Game, but in a brilliant moment of timing and athleticism, HBK caught Shane with Sweet Chin Music before he could make it to his partner.

Mr. McMahon ran to his son's aid, but Triple H smashed the trash can over his head. The dazed Chairman then got hit with Sweet Chin Music, followed by a Pedigree that gave Triple H the winning pinfall. To add insult to injury, The Game did the DX crotch chop over the motionless McMahon.

The crowd erupted and showed their appreciation for the slobbernocker, and it was clear DX appreciated them too as they gave lots of high fives around the ring and up the ramp before hitting their final pose and heading to the locker room.

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