Interview with Dawn Marie

Interview conducted: January 2002

SG> Steve Gerweck
DM> Dawn Marie

SG> How would you describe Paul Heyman?
DM> He was very good to me. He gave me my break. He always went out of his way for me and I appreciated that and still do. I don't judge people by their last performances. People make mistakes and some times bad decisions. This doesn't make them bad people.

SG> What was the highlight of your ECW experience?
DM> I would have to say my first day there. I was very excited and nervous but it was the beginning of my career and I new it.

SG> What is your opinion of former ECW valets Missy Hyatt, Kimona, Beulah, Elektra, Lita, and Francine?
DM> I think each one of them have something different to contribute to the business and their all good at what they do.

SG> What is your personal opinion of the "ECW on TNN" episode that featured Tammy Lynn Sytch "telling her story?
DM> It is not my place to judge that. I feel that if Tammy felt it was the right thing to do then it was the right thing to do.

SG> Were you ever asked to do something in the ring that you were not comfortable with?
DM> No, Paul knew who each of us where. He made appoint of knowing us all on personal levels. So he knew what each one of us girls felt comfortable with.

SG> Do you feel you were ever exposed?
DM> No, not at all.

SG> What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
DM> That I love to read. I actually read more than I watch TV.

SG> Dawn Marie the valet is a wrestling personality. How much is Dawn Marie the wrestling personality like or dislike Dawn Marie the person?
DM> I think their is always some extension to ourselves in our characters. Especially when we are able to create them ourselves.

SG> Have you been contacted to work for either the XWP or the World Wrestling All-Stars?
DM> No, I haven't.

SG> Are you interested in working for the WWF?
DM> I would be interested in working for anyone. This is what I do for a living, have to work right!

SG> What is your opinion of the women currently in the WWF?
DM> I think they are doing a great job.

SG> What have you been doing since ECW closed down?
DM> I have been working for the indies and now working with the XWF once it gets started. But until then I trade stock all day.

SG> In general, how do you feel women are portrayed in professional wrestling?
DM> I think they are portrayed as strong women. I really never understand this question. Everyone thinks that women are held down or they are asked to do immoral things. I don't feel that way about it. I feel that we are entertainers and we do what we have to, to entertain. If an actress is asked to play a prostitute is she being treated immorally by the producer because that is her role in the movie? NO... that is the part she is playing for the day then she goes home and she may be a mother of two and a wife. I really don't see the difference.

SG> Have you and Simon Diamond tied the knot yet?
DM> No, we are waiting a bit until we get our careers straight.

SG> Do you have a favorite wrestling angle or catfight that you took part in?
DM> No, I enjoyed them all.

SG> What words of advice might you offer to young ladies that would like to break into the wrestling industry?
DM> To go to a school first and see if it is something they really love. If you don't absolutely love it, don't do it. It is a career of love. You simply have to love it to be in it.

SG> What does the future hold for Dawn Marie?
DM> I don't know but if you hear something let me know.

SG> And is there anything you would like to say your fans?
DM> Yes.. Thank you for all of your support and visit my website at Also I co-host a radio show every week, you can listen to me on Pile Driver the Rock and Wrestling Radio show. You can find out when and where to hear it at