Reveille bites mascot corporal

By: Samantha Ringmacher

Issue date: 9/11/07 Section: News
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Reveille stands at Yell Practice with her handler, sophomore political science major Pierce Hunter on Aug. 31 at Kyle Field.
Media Credit: Wade Barker
Reveille stands at Yell Practice with her handler, sophomore political science major Pierce Hunter on Aug. 31 at Kyle Field.
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There was one very important Aggie missing at the football game Saturday against Fresno State. Reveille VII, or "Rev" as she is known to the students, was taking a break in the Texas A&M Veterinary clinic after an incident last week.

Dean Bresciani, vice president for student affairs, said that during one of company E-2's outfit runs in the Texas heat, Reveille's tail was accidentally stepped on while turning a corner and Pierce Hunter, the mascot corporal, was bitten.

Hunter was taken to the hospital to make sure there was no serious injury and was soon released.

"Someone stepped on her tail, she was not provoked. It was hot and she was tired," Bresciani said.

Bresciani said that in Texas, when a domestic animal bites someone, it must be observed for seven to 10 days.

"Reveille is currently at her regular vet for observation. She is thinking of it as a much needed vacation and the boys of E-2 are visiting her everyday. It is not a big deal. She will be back for Saturday's game. If we thought there was a threat we would take action. Reveille simply reacted to pain like any normal dog would do. This was a fluke, not a big deal." Bresciani said.

Reveille VII was born Oct. 9, 2000, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and arrived at Texas A&M on Feb. 16, 2001. She was inducted as A&M's mascot during Parents' Weekend.

Reveille has also attended and passed several obedience classes after she showed nervousness around Kyle Field's more than 80,000 fans. Reveille VII was the first A&M mascot to get banned from public restaurants due to health code regulations and the first to wear a muzzle for a short time to help lead her during marches.

Reveille is the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets and is its only five star general. The cadets address her as, "Miss Rev, ma'am." She is enrolled as a full time student, goes to class on a regular basis and even has her own credit card.

It is an old tradition that if Reveille barks during class, the class is immediately dismissed. Also, should she fall asleep in a cadet's bed, he or she must sleep on the floor.

In November 2004, The Battalion reported another cadet bitten by Reveille VII. Earlier that year, yell leaders were escorting Reveille onto the field when she tore off a cadet's pant leg.

Reveille will soon return to her normal outfit runs and a full schedule of appearances.

The Commandant of the Corps, Lt. Gen. John Van Alstyne, could not be reached for comment.
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Russell T Clayton

posted 9/11/07 @ 12:34 AM CST

This is not her first bite, and unfortunately, it will most-likely not be her last; if she were a Pit Bull, some would be calling for her euthanization. (Continued…)

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Russell T Clayton

posted 9/11/07 @ 12:48 AM CST

Wait a second... why not try and have the Dog Whisperer come out for one of his show tapings?!?!

John R. Choate

posted 9/11/07 @ 5:48 AM CST

As one who has had a sweet gentle loving dog bite a neighbor and subjected to the humiliating detention and tattooing of a number inside her left hind leg to identify her as an AGGRESSIVE biter I am pleased to see that Reveille has been properly attended to after this incident. (Continued…)

Mike Roffall '88

posted 9/11/07 @ 8:47 AM CST

"Someone stepped on her tail, she was not provoked."

Huh? Someone stepped on her tail and you're trying to convince the world she wasn't provoked?



posted 9/11/07 @ 9:07 AM CST

Unprovoked? If someone steped on my arm (the closest I have to a tail) I would DEFINITELY consider that a provocation. But that story sounds a bit shady anyway. (Continued…)

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posted 9/11/07 @ 9:46 AM CST

If anyone has ever owned a dog they would know that dogs don't like their tails to be messed with. Every single dog I have owned would bite me if I stepped on their tail. (Continued…)

Russell Clayton

posted 9/11/07 @ 10:16 AM CST

Wow, some people apparently woke up on the wrong side of the bed...

Her handlers and/or the university have not reported all of the incidents over the six and a half years; as such, this dog deserves a chance at rehab - IT'S NOT A BAD THING PEOPLE. (Continued…)

Matt Halm

posted 9/11/07 @ 1:37 PM CST

Here is a thought, why is reveille at the games in the first place. As freshman we were told that reveille 1 was a mutt picked up off the side of the road by the Aggie Band. (Continued…)

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Barbara C.

posted 9/11/07 @ 3:09 PM CST

Matt H.

You need to go back to Fish Camp AND TO REHAB...lower case intentional, indeed. Thousands know that our mascot is Reveille which is NO JOKE. (Continued…)


posted 9/11/07 @ 3:26 PM CST

How do you step on Rev's tail while she is running? Seems as though there might be more to this story that what we've been told.

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