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3rd Nov
Julian is to read The Taxi Queue by Janet Davey as the Book at Bedtime on Radio 4 from 12th November. Look out for Julian in another new Barclaycard advert 'Uncle Tony' (see video files)
25 Oct
Julian is now a patron of the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit at UCLH. Raffle tickets to benefit the charity are available, see forum for details.
18 Oct
Julian presents an item on This Week on BBC1, and takes part in the debate.
15 Oct
Julian attended the Green Wing Box Set signing at Virgin Megastore, Piccadilly.
3 Oct
Stardust premieres in London on 3rd October. Julian plays Quartus.
28 Sept
Birthday Auction resulted in a cheque for £400 being sent to the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit at UCLH. With GiftAid this should mean over £500 for the unit, so a huge THANK YOU to everyone who contributed.
19 Sept
Miss Marple Ordeal by Innocence broadcast date announced as 30th Sept 2007
22 Aug
Julian is now appearing in Barclaycard 'Vineyard' advert
10 Aug
Julian to narrate 'Outdoor Britain:Real Men' on BBC 1 next week
5 Aug
With much regret, Jools has decided to step down as webmistress and hand over the site to Kim. Thank you to everyone for your for your support over the past year. I couldn't have done it without you
Over £300 has been raised in our Birthday Auction and Raffle.
3 June
Happy Anniversary to us! yes folks its been a year since JRT Towers was created out of a loo roll and some sticky backed plastic.
27 May
Julian is to appear in a Radio 4 series 'The Maltby Collection' starting June 15th at 11.30am
17 May
Julian is to narrate a 7 part history of music 'Seven Ages of Rock' on BBC2 starting Sat 19th May
31 Jan
It is announced that Julian will be appearing at the National Theatre alongside Tom Hollander in a new Joe Penhall play, Landscape with Weapon (March to June 2007)
28 Jan
In search of Elvis audiobook released on 1st Feb. Julian is to form part of the voting panel for this year's Observer's Ethical Awards
20 Jan
Julian will be starring in 'Something wrong about the mouth' on Radio 4 at 2.30pm and in Mrs Warren's Profession on Radio 7 at 1pm.
9 Jan
Julian will appear in the 3rd series of Miss Marple in the episode 'Ordeal by Innocence' later this year
6 Jan
Julian will appear in the book 'My celebrity boyfriend' - more details in articles/other mentions.
5 Jan
Its been reported that Julian has recently recorded The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan, hopefully available in shops, mid January.
Catch Julian in 'In the red' on BBC 7, 7 part serialisation on Wednesdays at 8.30am or 10pm
16 Dec
Charlie Connelly has succumbed to the darkside. Read all about Julian's recording of In search of Elvis at Charlie's blog.
18 Nov
Fantastic new studio photos added to gallery and 'Bad case of loving you' fan vid added to video.
17 Nov
Pub Landlord audience member added to video and Casino Royal premiere photos added to gallery.
11 Nov
Tambourine Man added to audio.
4 Nov
Secret Policeman's Ball, Reckless the Movie and 'This Charming Man' added to video (& gallery),
The Trumpet Major added to audio.
31 Oct
2nd in our long running feature - JULIAN DAY!
You catch catch Julian at 4am, on Sky One in Keen Eddie.
Then catch the GW cast in The Secret Policeman's ball on Channel 4 at 10:00pm
and finally snuggle up with Julian in The Book at Bedtime, The Trumpet Major on Radio 4 at 10.45pm
21 Oct
Julian and Stephen Mangan have lent their voices to 'Is it just me or is everything sh*t?'
12 Oct
Julian visited drama students at Lewes College.
9 Oct
Barclaycard ads aired & unconfirmed reports that GW 'special' episode to be aired Jan (possibly 7th).
7 Oct
Julian & Stephen Mangan will be heard voicing the new CALM campaign.
6 Oct
Catch Julian & Michelle Gomez on Jonathan Ross, Radio 2 - Sat 7th Oct between 10am-1pm. (added to audio). Venus release date now thought to be 12 Jan 07.
4 Oct
Catch Julian in Betrayal - A Man for all Seasons on Radio 4 at 2.30pm on Sat 7th Oct and with Stephen Mangan in the new Barclaycard adverts.
3 Oct

So the screaming has subsided and the crowds have evaporated to leave a jaded and abused Virgin Megastore to open its doors once again. Special report on GW Series 2 signing added to articles.
GW Series 1 complete Scripts book out 22 Oct
1 Oct
Members of the Green Wing cast to appear in the Secret Policeman's Ball on 14th October
25 Sep
GW series 2 DVD signing confirmed for 6pm, 2 Oct at Virgin Megastore, Oxford St, London
20 Sep
Rabbit Fever released Fri 22nd - check out their excellent website and fantastic Fern & Phillip interview
17 Sep
Julian has lent his voice to the audio version of The recruit and catch Julian in Lady Chatterley's Lover
16 Sep
Comedy genius Adam Buxton mentions us on his blog. Venus due for possible release 19 October
9 Sep
26 Aug

Sources tell us that Julian has been involved in filming something, where he plays a Victorian Gent

23 Aug
Julian has been filming for Stardust complete with prohestics. He's also starring in 'The Lizard Boy'
3 Aug
Confirmed that Rabbit Fever released 22 Sept (Warning semi naked JRT)
24 Jul
The Afternoon Reading - The Memory Experience: Unreliable Memory Radio 4, 3.30pm
20 Jul

Happy Birthday to Julian and to mark the event a brand new funkeh website design

25 Jun
Catch Julian in part 2 of Basil on Radio 4 at 3pm
18 Jun
Julian Day!
Julian will be featured in Sunday's Observer magazine.
Can be heard on Radio 4 on Sun 18 Jun at 3pm in Basil part 1 (repeated again Sat 24th Jun at 9pm)
Try and catch Julian at the Observer Ethical Awards on the Community Channel.
For more broadcasts dates, info and to do your bit check out the Community channel.
Hippies Paramount 2 - 12pm
13 Jun
Hell's proboards forum and this forum have combined - so we welcome everyone