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Free Pyramid Articles

Check out the formatting tips on the right for help formatting and making links.

Use the template below:

Summary Collection page for the lists of free articles from the Pyramid Webzine

Pyramid Magazine makes over 600 of its articles available free. Here’s a list of them for anyone interested.

GURPS Settings And Adventures Pre-made adventures, new settings, and material for specific GURPS settings.

GURPS Characters Ready-made NP Cs, monsters, and gadgets.

GURPS Rules New rules for GURPS. Note that some of these have been incorporated into GURPS 4e.

Designers Notes Articles by the designers of GURPS worldbooks and other SJG games.

In Nomine Adventures, rules, and other material for the In Nomine game.

Other Pyramid Articles Support for Toon, Car Wars, Ogre, Frag, other SJG games, games by other publishers, and other Pyramid articles.

Work needed on these pages:

General formatting: this is a raw data dump and could look a lot better. Right now they're sorted by URL, alphabetical by title or subject would be easier to use.

Specific blurbs: the blurb for each article is usually the leading paragraphs, which don’t always give a good idea of the contents.

Topic subpages: material for many different settings is jumbled together in the categories above. New pages should be set up for material specific to Traveller, Discworld, IOU, Car Wars, etc. If your favorite setting doesn’t have a page, make one.

Welcome to GURPS Wiki, the ultimate project for GURPS resources.

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