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The Pepsi-Cola Recipe

Pepsi Cola Formula:
Sugar- Standard Confectioners A 7500 pounds
Water, sufficient quantity to 1200 gallons
Caramel - burnt sugar color 12 gallons
Lime Juice 12 gallons
Phosphoric Acid S.G. 1.750 58 pounds
Alcohol 1/2 gallon
Oil Lemon 6 fluid ounces
Oil Orange 5 fluid ounces
Cinnamon Oil 4 fluid ounces
Oil Nutmeg 2 fluid ounces
Oil Coriander 2 fluid ounces
Oil Petit Grain 1 fluid ounce

Mix; Stir two hours:

Boil Sugar and Water

(Signed) C. D. Bradham, Chemist

U.S. Dist. Court )
) In Re: Pepsi Cola Co.,
Dist., N.C. )

I, Caleb D. Bradham, do solumnly swear that the foregoing is a true, complete and correct formula for making or manufacturing "Pepsi Cola" as heretofore made and manufactured and sold by the Pepsi Cola Co., and is the formula for said Pepsi Cola as originated by me and same is now in the property of said Pepsi Cola Co., Bankrupt.

(Signed) C. D. Bradham

Sworn to and subscibed before me
at New Bern, N.C., April 17, 1923, A.D.

(Signed) Joseph B. Cheshire, Jr.,

U.S. Referee in Bankruptcy

The above recipe (which is pretty close to the original Coca-Cola recipe) is obviously from documents filed with the court at the time that the Pepsi-Cola Company went bankrupt in 1923.
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