Aug 24, 2007


I'm sad to report that Disney Adventures Magazine is coming to an end after 17 years. I was one of the very first hires on DA way back when, as editor of the comics section. Michael Lynton, now president of Sony Pictures, was the publisher. He was also a dyed-in-the-wool comics fan. The magazine pretty quickly found a huge readership, over a million copies per month, which it still has even now. According to this ARTICLE the cancellation seems to be because of a change in publishing strategy rather than pure sales.

Disney is a company which does a lot of focus group testing, and in all the early tests 90% of the kids interviewed said the comics section was their favorite part of the magazine. This proved to me that kids still love comics and would buy them if we gave them what they were interested in reading and also made it easily accessible. It took nearly a decade for manga to prove that theory right. I still believe comics should be a mass market medium instead of a niche business, but it's going to take a great business plan as well as good books to prove that.

On occasion I'd pick up a copy at the checkout stand and look through it. I loved working on the magazine and frankly I'd never have left if after 4 1/2 years Disney hadn't decided to consolidate all publishing in New York. I'm sorry to see it go, but DA leaves as it arrived; the best-selling comic magazine in the country.



At 8/27/07 10:44 AM , Brian said...

Hmm, that's a shame.
I used to love that maazine when I was a kid.


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