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Americans & Canadians
of Portuguese Descent

Updated November 1st, 2007





The PAHR Foundation has initiated a database containing anyone with Portuguese ancestry who has achieved fame since the beginning of the 20th century. Our web site has published the names indicated below, however we realize that many names are still missing and others do not deserve the distinction given. Readers are invited to send names of notable people who may have Portuguese ancestry, and may have contributed to Canada and the United States in the fields of Government, Entertainment, Education, Literature, Science, Media and Business with public recognition by the social community. The following is a tentative list and subject to change. Please send your comments with details to add to the names, or if their inclusion here is appropriate or not, including the ones presented below. (Also send more details of the names shown if you have any additional information.) Also if your name is shown and you have a web page please give us the link. Some names already have a link, try it.

Distinguished Persons with Portuguese ancestry, by field of endeavor and last name
Entertainment Government Sports Science & Medicine Education-Universities Literature
Community Military Media Religion Business Canada

Business & Economy

Name Activity Notes
Anthony F. Andrade Businessman, Community Portuguese Born
Patrick Monteiro de Barros Businessman - Oil Industry - Cattle Born in France, Portuguese parents
Alan Belda Alcoa CEO Portuguese Ancestry
Pedro Belo Community, Banking, Philantropy Born in Portugal
Mariano S. Bishop (Bispo) ** Textile Workers Union VP 1952
Michael Botelho ** Textile Workers Union VP 1953
Bernardino Coutinho Newark, Portugal Day Foundation Bernardino Coutinho, NJ
Victor do Couto (S.Miguel, Azores) Exec. Director, MAPS; MIRA, Boston Cambridge, MA
Evaristo Cruz Sr.  Businessman, Order of Merit Cantanhede, Portugal, New Jersey
Eduardo Cruz Businessman, Community, Philantropy Portuguese Parents
Isaac Delgado (b)  Founder of New Art New Orleans
Tom Faria Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor New London, CT - Madeira Ancestry
John Henry Felix Entrepreneur, Honorary Consul Hawaii
Anthony Fernandes ARCO, Philip SC, CEO Father from Carregal do Sal
Jose Bento  Fernandes Sugar, Rum, Real Estate, Trinidad & Tobago Madeira, Philantropy to USA and Portugal
Joseph Fernandes Madeira born Entrepreneur Philanthropy - Norton, MA, 1976
Antonio Frias Industrial, Hudson, MA Skyscraper Concrete Contractors
Augusto Gomes Businessman - Banker - Lusitania Portugal
Manny Gomes Pilot (Avila Simas) California
Teresa Simões Ferreira Heinz Chairperson Heinz Foundation Wife US Senator John Kerrey, MA
Alan Martinez (Trigueiro) Architect, San Francisco, California Ancestry from Azores. Santa Maria, CA
Evan Sabino Medeiros, Ph.D. Political Scientist, RAND Corporation Grandparents, São Miguel, Azores
Michael Mendes Diamond Nuts CEO Portuguese Ancestry
Gilberto Nobrega TV Cameraman, Major Networks  Azores, Providence, RI
Maria Monet Finances New York
Miguel Monteiro Pilot-Captain Continental Airlines
Robert J. Morgado Businessman, Chairman/CEO Warner Music Group, Hawaii
William L. Pereira ** Studio Designer Architect
Joseph Perry, Jr. Businessman, Political Counselor Azorean parents
Manuel L. Ponte Publishing & Book Distribution born São Miguel, Azores
Maria Isilda Ribeiro Made US flag placed on the Moon Sousa, Vagos, Portugal
Antonio José Ribeiro da Rocha (b) Owned most of Hollywood Real Estate Arrived in LA in 1815
Alfredo dos Santos Philanthropy Portugal
Domitilia dos Santos, VP Smith Barney Honored Order of Commendatory,  (MP 2004) Born in Algarve
João Santos, Ph.D. Boston University FED senior Economist, (MP 2004), Azores born
Antonio Seabra, Seabras SuperMarkets Honored by Portuguese Government Commendatory Order of Merit
Gerson Mendes Seixas (b) Wrote to George Washington Thanks for the right to freedom and religion
Antonio Leal da Silva Businessman, Azores Sylvia & Perry Ship Supply Co.
Joe A. Silva Portuguese Pioneer in California Born San Miguel, Azores
John Silva. PhD Chief Economist at Wachovia, Professor  US Senate Joint Economic Committee
Maria Hortencia Silveira Entrepreneur Honored by the California Senate, 98
Luis Tormenta Construction Planning Committee Portugal
Judah Touro (b) Founder of Hospital Touro New Orleans, 1854
Fred Vierra TCI VP Colorado 1996
William Madison Wood American Woolen Co. Lawrence, MA Industrialist of the early 1900's


Name Activity Notes
Leonor Simas-Almeida Brown University Gavea Brown Advisor
Manuela Araujo University of Toronto Gavea Brown Advisor
Dr. Horacio Arruda Chief Medical Officer of Health for Québec Parents born in Azores
Prof. Aida Baptista, Ph. D. Dept. of Spanish/Portuguese University of Toronto
Armando Barqueiro, Journalist Voz de Portugal Community,  Businessman, Awarded the distinction of Comendador,
Irene Maria Ferreira Blaire, Ph. D. Professor, Brock University Ontario, Azorean Ancestry
Anthony Boneca Killed in Afhaganistan served Canadian Military Portuguese Parents
Maria A. Carvalho Public Health Analyst Born in Azores
Suzy Casimiro, Ph. D., Researcher, Thesis Portuguese Crossroads in Australia Born in Toronto of Portuguese
José Mario Coelho Radio-TV Personality Community Active, Toronto
Evalina Cordeiro-McEachern City Council, Aurora City, Ontario Born in Toronto of Azorean parents
Paulo da Costa author/writer/  Literary Magazine General Editor of The Filling Station,
Tony Dionisio Syndicate Leader, Local 183 Labour Int'l Union of North America
John Elias Professor and GE Coordinator Humber College, Ontario
Carlos de Faria, MPP Member of Provincial Parliament Mississauga East,  Citizenship
Christine Ferreira Elected School Trustee Toronto District School Board
Paul Ferreira Ontario Member of Parliament Born in the Azores
Peter M. Ferreira, Comm. Volunteer President Portuguese C. National Congress Mississauga Public Library, Chair
Peter Fonseca Minister of Tourism Born Lisbon, Portugal
Nelly Furtado Pop singer - Grammy award winner. Vancouver & Toronto
Anthony Gomes Musician - Guitarist - Blues Toronto, Portuguese Father, Cdn.Mother
Prof. Ilda Januario, M. Sc. Anthropology, U of T, McGill Montreal & Toronto
Justin Louis Actor Toronto, Portuguese ancestry
Daniel Henrique Malho Canadian Military Born Portugal
Keith Martin, MP Federal Canada Government (British Columbia) Portuguese ancestry
Steve Martins NHL Hockey Player - Hull Quebec  Harvard University Graduate, Azores
Manuela Marujo, Ph. D. Professor at the University of Toronto Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Martinho Medeiros MA, Political Analyst, Ontario Gov. (MP 2004) Portuguese Ancestry, Azores
Luis Miranda First Elected Mayor of Portuguese Ancestry City of Anjou, Quebec,
Cesar de Morais Justice - Ontario Court of Justice Toronto, Ontario
Ana Nunes Council Outremont, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Portuguese Ancestry
Fernando Nunes, Ph. D. Assist. Professor Mount Sinai University Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nellie Pedro Elected School Trustee Toronto District School Board
Victor M. Pinheiro Professor U. Montreal Architecture and Design
Mike Ribeiro NHL Hockey Player Montreal Canadiens Born in Quebec of Portuguese Parents
Jose Carlos Rodrigues Author Portuguese Ancestry
Victor M.P. da Rosa, Ph. D. Sociologist & Professor, U. of Ottawa Ottawa, ON
Isabel dos Santos Council Plateau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Portuguese Ancestry
Mario J. Santos Lawyer and Elected School Trustee Winnipeg Board of Education
Nelson Santos Mayor, Kingsville, Ontario Portuguese Ancestry, Fatima
Sid Seixeiro  News TV Anchor Scores TV Network (2005)  Portuguese Parents
Ana Maria Silva Bachelor in fine arts a M.Ed.in education Université de Montreal, Concordia
Mario Silva, MP Federal Canada Government (Ontario); Toronto Born in Portugal
Prof. Elvino Sousa, Ph. D. Electrical & Computer Engineering University of Toronto
Charles Sousa, MBA. Ex-Pres. FPCBP RBC Senior Manager, Ontario MP Parliament Portuguese parents from Nazare
John Sousa Professor of Psychology Humber College, Ontario
Maria Teresa Linhares de Sousa Judge Superior Court of Justice, Ontario
David Tavares, Entrepeneur Teleconnect, Globe Star, Canada Pure Born in Portugal
Tony Tavares Sports, President of Montreal Expos Portuguese Ancestry
José Carlos Teixeira, Ph. D., Author Professor of Geography at Univ. of Toronto Author of several books
Erika de Vasconcellos (b), Author My Darling Dead Ones, M. Queridos Mortos Toronto, Portuguese ancestry
Eduardo Viana Elected School Trustee Oakville Catholic School Board
Joaquim (Kim) J. Vicente, Ph. D.
Professor University of Toronto, Inventor Born in Lisbon,  Mechanical Engineering

Community - Service - Activities (not included in other categories)

Name Activity Notes
Francisco Alves, Inventor w/Patents Retired EE Engineer, Motorola Active in Community Organizations
Bernardino Coutinho Portugal Day Organizer, Newark, NJ Active in Community Organizations
James Albert Gonsalves Cerebral Palsy, Non-Profit organizations Activity in California, Portuguese Parents
Jose Bernardino Henriques Helped found Philadelphia Portuguese Club Born in Veiros, Portugal
Venilde de Ascensão Jeronimo, Ph. D. Community Leader. Leukemia fundraiser Born in S. Miguel, Azores
John Mattos Graphics Artist, US Post Office Stamp Designer Portuguese Ancestry, Modesto, CA
Gloria de Melo Community, Public Relations, Writer, Author Portugal Born
Dina Matos McGreevy Wife of New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevy Community Activist, Portuguese Parents
João P. Morais, Council of 100 Virginia, Comendador Order of Merit Community Activist, Portuguese, Chaves
Ceu Cirne-Neves, 2003 woman St. James Hospital, N.J. Active in Community Organizations
Rui Ponte, Architect Community and Professional Washington, DC, Portuguese Parents
Agostinho Saraiva Medal - Portuguese Communities Ossining, NY - Community Leader
Antonio Seabra Business, Community, Media, TV Born in Portugal
Fernando Silva Medal - Portuguese Communities Jamaica, NY - Community Leader
John Silveira, San Jose, California Athlete and active leader Born in Horta, Azores, Portugal
Manuel Viegas of Tondela, Portugal Community Activist, Newark, NJ Order of the Knight Vila Viçosa


Name Activity Notes
Dr. David Almeida      (Tucson) Psychologist, Professor U. Arizona Grandchild of Lisbon-born immigrant
Onésimo T. Almeida, Ph. D. Professor Chairman Portuguese Studies, Brown Univ. Providence, RI - Azores ancestry
Joe Alves Journalist for educational themes Star-Ledger of Newark, NJ
Bill Bizzini, Dorothy Bizzini, Stanislaus Donated 1.35 million to CA Sate University. Ancestry from Azores and Swiss (Perry)
Cesar Augusto Braga-Pinto Rutgers University Prof. Portuguese Studies Brunswick, New Jersey
John Borba, Stanislau, California Professor of the Year 2003, CA State Univ. Portuguese Ancestry
Maria João  Bolina Alves Georgetown University Washington, DC
Laurinda Andrade (Azores) Educator/Writer of Open Door Pioneer Teacher, New Bedford, MA
Maria Laura Areias Tulane University New Orleans, LA
Stephen Cabral, Ph. D. Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Anthropologist, Univ. Dartmouth, MA.
George Caldeira, Ph. D. Political Science - Ohio State University 100% Portuguese
João Camacho Professor Kean University Born in Angola
Antonio Joãe Silva Carvalho Professor University of Massachusetts
Nelson Francisco de Carvalho Stanford University Stanford, CT
Laura H. Ponte Chauvin Vice President of Development, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, St. Louis, MO Portuguese Ancestry
António A. Cirurgião, Ph. D. University of Connecticut, Professor Emeritus Spanish and Portuguese languages
Alice Clement Professor, Brown University Providence, Rhode Island
Joaquim F. Coelho Professor, Harvard University Cambridge, MA
Antonio Jose Costa Professor Yale University
Jose' D'Arruda Professor of Physics, UNC Pembroke, Department Chair Portuguese Ancestry
Kimberly DaCosta Holton, Ph. D. Professor Rutgers University-Newark Portuguese Parents
Pedro Domingos, Ph. D. Scientist and Investigator, born in Lisbon Professor Rokfeller Univ. NY
Maria Duarte University of Iowa Iowa City, IA
Francis A. Dutra Professor, Dept. of History, UC Santa Barbara, CA.
Francisco Cota Fagundes Professor U. Mass, Amherst Gavea Brown Advisor
Ana Paula Ferreira, Ph. D. Professor, University of California Irvine, Gavea Brown Advisor
Fernanda Ferreira Professor, University of Michigan, Born Minho, Researcher
Antone Felix (Comendador) Professor U. Mass, Dartmouth New Bedford, son of Azoreans
José M. Figueiredo, ED.D. Dir. Public School, Cambridge National Pres. UPC, Boston
Maria Figueiredo-Pereira, Ph.D. Scientist and Researcher Professor, Hunter College in NY
James Fonseca, Ph. D. Dean Ohio University, Zanesville Portuguese Parents
Manuel da Costa Fontes Ph.D. Professor, Kent State University Kent, Ohio
Myron John Francis Educator and Community Leader Portuguese Ancestry Azores, East Providence, RI
Florbela M. Rebelo Gomes Professor Berkeley University, California
Geoffrey L. Gomes Director Languages Hayward Univ. Professor at Chabot College, CA
Peter J. Gomes, Pusey Minister Plummer Professor of Christian Morals Professor Harvard University
José Eduardo Guimarães, MD Professor, Thomas Jefferson University Philadelphia, PA
Larry Hanks Professor Illinois University
Kimberly da Costa Holton Ph.D .; Rutgers University/Newark Faculty Scholar Award Portuguese Ancestry
Antonio Ladeira, Ph.D. Professor & Author, Yale University New Haven, CT
Paul Christopher Manuel, Ph. D Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences Portuguese ancestry, Cambridge, MA
Rita Duarte Marinho, Ph. D Harvard Professor, Iberian Themes Millersville University of PA
Dakin Mathews,  Scholar Professor Emeritus Cal State Hayward Portuguese ancestry, Azores
Antone Arruda Medeiros, M.D Professor of Medicine, Brown Medical School Parents from Sao Miguel, Acores
Denis M. Medeiros, PhD, RD Professor and Head, Kansas State University Azorean descent-New Bedford, MA
Michelle Mello, Ph. D. Professor, Harvard University, Law,  Health Fresno, CA. Azorean Ancestry
Maria Rosa Menocal Professor, Yale University New Haven, CT
George Monteiro Professor, Brown University Providence, Rhode Island
Maria Teresa Machado Neves University of Connecticut Storrs, CT
Jorge Perdigão, MD Professor Department Dentistry  Minnesota University
David Pimentel, Ph.D. Cornell Univ. NY - Entomology Portuguese ancestry
George Pimentel, Ph.D Professor Emeritus of Chemistry U.C. Berkley
George Perry, Ph. D.,Azorean ancestry   Dean and Professor Pathology and Neurosciences College of Sciences, University of Texas at San Antonio
Al Pinheiro Mayor of Gilroy, California Portuguese Ancestry
John Pinheiro, Ph.D. Professor and Author, Aquinas College Grandfather from Faial, Azores
Richard Pimentel Professor Emeritus CA Polytechnic University
Julio Ramos Professor Berkley University, California
Gregory Rocha, Ph. D. Professor U. Mass, Dartmouth Son of Madeirans
Linda M.A. Rodrigues, Ph.D. Chair, Dept. of Foreign Languages New School University, NYC, NY
Paul Rodrigues Superintendent of Schools, New Bedford Madeiran parents
Francis Millet Rogers, P.h. D. Professor Harvard Massachusetts
João Manuel F. Ferreira Salgado University of California Santa Barbara, CA
João Camilo dos Santos, Ph.D. Portuguese & Brazilian Lit Studies University of California-Santa Barbara
Rabi Seixas (b) Founder of the University Colombia
Jorge de Sena Professor & Writer Santa Barbara, California
Ana Paula Serra, Ph. D. N.Y. University - Portuguese language, Rutgers Portuguese ancestry, N Brunswick
Suzanne Soraya Sindi, Ph.D. Brown U. Mathematics Professor Azorean mother
Carlos Alberto Veloso da Silva New Jersey State University, Rutgers Newark, NJ
Joseph Donald Silva Professor emeritus New Hampshire University Madeira, Portugal ancestry
Luis Silva, Ph. D. Columbia U.,NY – Professor Arts American U.(DC) Born Setubal, Portugal
Jeanine Silveira Stewart, Ph.D. Dean of Washington and Lee Universities, VA Portuguese Ancestry
Catherine Silvia, born 1881 2nd Portuguese woman teacher Fall River, MA (Azorean parents)
Ana Cristina C. de Oliveira Sousa California State University Turlock, CA
Darlene A. Sousa, Ph.D Program Director over 8 Community Clinics Azorean Ancestry
Frank Sousa, Ph. D. Professor Director Portuguese Studies Center Univ. Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Ronald Sousa University of Illinois Urbana, IL
Mario Vieira, Ph. D Professor at US Naval Academy Annapolis, Maryland
Nelson H. Vieira, Ph. D Brown University, Gavea Brown Advisor Providence, RI
David John Viera, Ph.D. Professor at Tennessee Tech Univ. Cookeville, Tennessee

Entertainment and Arts

Name Activity Notes
Abilio Oliveira Aguas Fig. Foz, Scrimshaw artist guest of John Kennedy
Antonio Jacques de Almeida (b) Maestro for the Moscow Symphonic Orchestra Founder Symphonic Mit of  Boston
Bruno de Almeida Movie producer, (LA 2004) Portuguese ancestry, New York
Joaquim de Almeida Actor Harrison Ford Film, etc.
Dennis Alves Trumpet player, Boston Symphony Central Falls, RI
Joseph E. Alves, Jr. Motion Picture Designer & Producer, Jaws, Etc. Portuguese parents. USC, Cuinard Institute
Pat Amaral Writer, Author They Ploughed the Seas (1978)
Mary Astor, Actress  1906-1987 Portuguese Great Grandfather, Illinois Vasconsellos - Madeira exiles
Carlos Avalon Singer, Las Vegas Faial, Azores www.carlosavalon.com
Michael Beach Actor Third Watch Cape Verde ancestry
Raul Benevides Radio & Community Personality Comendador, Fall River, MA.
Busbee Berkley Hollywood Choreographer Enos, Portuguese Ancestry
Nuno Bettencourt Musician, Extremes group Hudson, MA, from the Azores
Brooke Burke, Journalist Model Host Wild On - UCLA Broadcast Portuguese Mother
Brannon Braga Movie writer, Star Trek Generations Paramount Pictures
Charles Cambra (Senor Carlos) Magician & Dice Stackers Portuguese Ancestry
Mario Carvalho CBS TV Cameraman 2 Emmies, War Coverage
Tommy Castro Jazz, Blues Singer. (2005) Portuguese Parents
Steven Correia Sculptor Artist, glass, etc. San Diego High School w/ his name
Antonio Alberto Costa Radio & Community Personality, Pioneer Voice of America, Infante D. Henrique Medal
Joaquim (Jack) Costa (b) Stage Choreographer Founder Dance Academy of Hollywood
Mike Costa writer/Producer Portuguese Ancestry, Cape Verde
Cindy Silva Costner (1958-) Wife Kevin Costner
James Cunha (Jimmy Rodrick) Magician Born in Portugal
 Dorothy DeBorba, 1930s Child Actor, Our Gang, Little Rascals series Portuguese Azorean Ancestry
Edmund Dinis,  (S. Miguel, Azores) President Radio Globo WJFD-FM, DA New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1960's
Samantha Eggar Actress Portuguese Ancestry, mothers side
Louise Fazenda ** Actress Screen
Richard Fernandes Producer and Director Disney's Sesame Street, Nickelodeon
Richardo Fernandes Emmy Award 2001 Television Madeira ancestry
Fr. Stephen Fernandes, Pastor Magic Collector & Historian Portuguese Ancestry, Fall River, MA
Peter Ferreira violinist, www.peterferreira.com Waterbury, Connecticut - Portuguese parents,
Bobby Gentry C & W Singer / composer Portuguese Ancestry
Anthony Gomes Musician, Urban Records Toronto born
Mario Gonçalves Actor, The Hughleys ABC TV Network
Paul Gonçalves Musician, Duke Wellington Band Portuguese Ancestry
Thomas (Tom) Jeffrey Hanks   Actor (Fraga Descendant) 1956- 1872 Portuguese Pioneers
Don Ho Entertainer Hawaii
Bobby Justin Singer & Movie Actor Fall River, MA
Vicente Lopez Musician, Band Leader, 1920 to 1960 Portuguese ancestry, 1975, NY Times
Emeril Legasse, UMass-Dartmouth TV Chef, Honorary Doctor degree Portuguese ancestry, born Fall River, MA
Francis Madeira Maestro, Rhode Island Symphony Philadelphia
Vanessa (Barrigas) Marcil Actress, Melrose Place Portuguese father
Fausto Mathias Choreographer, Prize winner Modern dances, New York
Carlos de Mattos Movie Industry, Mathews Studio Twice an Oscar winner (ET), Angola
Glenn Medeiros Singer (808) 923-7469 Polynesian Palace, Hawaii
Joe Medeiros Director, Tonight Show Jay Leno NBC Network, New York
Rod de Medicis ** Rodrigo Nobrega Pinto de Medicis Movie Actor, Northern Portugal
Rebert S. de Mello Honolulu Symphony Conductor Azores, 1935 - music educator -d.1966
Susan Mello Opera singer, soprano from Fall River, MA. Parents S. Miguel, Azores.
John A. Mendes Magician as Prince Mendes Fall River,  MA
Sam Mendes (American Beauty) Movie and Stage Musicals Producer Born in London, Portuguese father
Aurora Miranda Movie actress, singer Portuguese Ancestry
Carmen Miranda Portuguese Born Actress & Singer Portugal, Brazil, (died in Hollywood)
Wendy Moniz Movie and TV Actress (The Guardian) Fall River, Portuguese Parents
Susan Neves Opera Singer 1996
Silvia Nevjinsky Dancer Paul Taylor Company New York
Elmar Oliveira Violinist, Tchaikowski Prize winner Naugatuck, CT. Portuguese parents
Nathan Oliveira Stanford University - Artist Painter Oakland, CA, 1928
Manny Oliveira Comedian, HBO, A&E, TV & Movies East Providence, Portuguese ancestry
David Ortiz Actor (Miss Match - NBC), (People 2004) Portuguese Ancestry
Mariano Palhinha Magic Inventor and writer of magic books Portuguese Ancestry
Piper Parabo Movie Actress, Singer, Coyote Ugly  Born in New Jersey of  Portuguese mother.
Harold Peary: José Pereira de Faria Comedian, The Great Gildersleeve San Leandro, CA, Azores Parents
Diana Pereira Ford Agency Model Super Model of the World at 17
Joe Perry Lead guitarrist "Aerosmith" Portuguese Ancestry
Steve Perry of Journey Band Singer, Records 10 million copies California
Artur Pizarro Pianist Kansas City, KS 1998
James Rainho Magic Inventor w/100 patents, Lecturer Magician, Born in Portugal
Joe Raposo Musician, Composer, Sesame Street Massachusetts
Stephen Rebello (Movieline) Writer, Journalist, Author, Editor Fall River, MA, Azorean grandparents
Keanu Reeves Movie Actor Portuguese Ancestry Hawaii
Gerardo Ribeiro Violinist 1998
Carmelyn Rio-Borroz Writer Washington, Arizona
Joe deRita Movie Actor Comedian Three Stooges Portuguese ancestry
Eugenio Manuel Rodrigues Composer of Coimbra CT State Univ, Yale, & Duke
David Lee Roth - musician, singer Van Halen Rock Band, Dick Clark show Grandmother was Portuguese
Al Santos Radio Announcer, Washington, DC Born in Portugal
Frank Santos Noted Hypnotist Portuguese Ancestry
Nicole dos Santos Actress Broadway
Daniel Silva Author Best Seller, Journalist Azorean adopted parents, MA
Tom Silva TV Star (His bio) PBS, This Old House series
William Posey Silva Landscape Painter Artist
Hattie Bence Silvia (1871-1971) Artist, Painter, Pioneer Teacher Granddaughter of Azores Immigrants
Horace Silver (Ward Martin Tavares Silva) Jazz Musician, Composer Cape Verde, Portuguese Ancestry
Zózimo de Sousa (b) Actor Born, Azores, St. George, 1888
John Philip de Sousa Composer Military Marches Washington, DC
Steven de Sousa (Hollywood) Writer, Die Hard, Beverly Hills,etc. Born in PA of Madeira parents
Danielle Steel (1947-) #1 Bestselling Author Maternal grandparents born in Azores
George C. de Sylva ** Producer Song writer
Henry da Sylva ** Henrique Maria Jaime da Silva Movie Actor, Director, Lisbon, 1920's
Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Weiss) Movie & TV Actor, TV series: Home Improvement Randy Taylor, Portuguese Ancestry
Manuel Robert Thomas Famous Magician of the 30s and 40s Portuguese Ancestry
Karen Valentine Actress TV series: Room 222 parents from Azores
Joey Vieira, Movie & TV Actor Lassie TV series, Patriot, ABC TV Azores ancestry
Meredith Vieira Announcer with Barbara Walters, ABC-TV  Providence, RI - Azores ancestry


Name Activity Notes
Helena Abrantes City Council 2001 Danbury, CT
Paul G. Afonso, 2003 Telecom. & Energy Chairman, Mass. Azorean Born
Antone Aguiar Justice, Attleboro Massachusetts
Fred Aguiar Politician, Administrator (R) S. Bernardin County, CA
Irene Almedia Director Passiac Valley Commission
John Almeida, Rutgers University New Jersey Supreme Court, 1997 Fall River, MA - Azorean ancestry
Joseph S. Almeida 20th. District - Providence Rhode Island
Ed Alves City Council California
Rosa Alves Politician, Council Kearney, New Jersey
Stephen D. Alves State Senator - District No. 19 Rhode Island
Augusto Amador Politician, City Council New Jersey, 1998
Annelle Claire Amaral State Representative Hawaii
John Amaral School Board Providence, RI
Curt Andre Mayor Turlock, CA
Daniel Andrews 2000 Town Administrator North Smithfield, Rhode Island
William Andrews** (Guilherme Andrade) U.S. House of Representatives Lawyer in Mass. 1920's
Ron Andrade Chief of Police Fall River, Mass.
John M. Arruda ** Mayor Fall River 1957
Mary-Jo-Avellar Selectmen and writer Provincetown, MA
Clarence Azevedo Mayor - Sacramento California, 1959
Carlos Baia MS Umass; Urban Dev. Deerfield, FL Portuguese Parents, New Bedford
William San Bento District No. 75- Pawtucket Rhode Island
Maria Beirão Councillor - Hillside New Jersey
Sergio Bichao, Hillside, NJ, 18 year old Board of Education Portuguese Ancestry
William Augusto Borba, 1971-1972 S. San Francisco, California Mayor Also City Council, during the 1970's
Lisa Gomes Boscola Politician, PA  State House,  18th District Portuguese Ancestry, Valença Minho
Bruce Botelho Attorney General State of Alaska
Michael A. Botelho former County Judge, Carroll County, Arkansas Azores Ancestry
Joseph H. de Bragga ** 1866 US Navy, Rep. Party Leader Queens, NY 1904-1930
Anthony Brazil ** Dist. Atty 1934, County Judge 1949 California
Frank Brass, Commissioner, Attorney Workmen's Compensation Board Grandfather, S. Miguel, Azores
Erma Brown City Council S. Amboy
Andrea Cabral First woman elected sheriff Massachusetts, 2002
Antonio F.D. Cabral, Pico, Azores State Representative New Bedford, Massachusetts
William O. Cabral Mayor of Stratford, CT Azores Ancestry
Steven A. Camara City Council Fall River, MA
Ben Vieira Knighthorse Campbell U.S. Senator (Portuguese mother) Colorado
Benjamin Cardozo US Supreme Court Judge
Dennis Cardoza Congressman - Merced CA House
Arthur A. Carrelas ** Justice, County Judge Associate, New Bedford, 1950's
Elmer de Carvalho Speaker House of Representatives Hawaii, Azores Parents
Romeo Cascaes Former Mayor, Freehold Twnshp, NJ Township Town Clerk
Debora Coelho Municipal Council, New Bedford Portuguese Ancestry
Raymond C. Coelho State Representative Rehobeth, MA
Tony Coelho (Anthony Lee) Politician, Ex-Congressman California, 1987-1989
Thomas Cordeiro, Councilman East Hampton, CT, 2001, Rep. Party Born Rhode Island of Portuguese Parents
Robert Correia State House Fall River, MA
John F. Correia Senator, RI District 42, 1983 - 1992 President Pro Temp
George R.Costa Selectman - Town of Mashpee, MA Portuguese Grandparents
James Manuel Costa State Senator California
Jim Costa U.S. Congressman 2004 California
Michael Costa Sheriff California
Alberto Coutinho Assemblyman Dist. 29 New Jersey, 1997
E.H. Christian (Cristiano) ** State Senator California, 1920's
Edward Cruz Businessman & Holmdell Mayor New Jersey, Portugal
Tina Cruz (Lawyer) Municipal Councilor South River, NJ (1999)
Arthur Ferreira Desrocher Politician Mayor, Nantucket; MA Senator
Eduardo Dias Politician, Board of Education, 1999 Elizabeth, New Jersey
Jacinto F. Diniz ** (S. Miguel, Azores) House of Representatives 1940's Massachusetts
John Dutra Congressman CA House
W. Enos State Senator - District No. 42 Rhode Island
Joseph L. Faria District No. 72 Central Falls Rhode Island
Manuel Faria State Representative Fall River, Mass.
Thomas Francis Fraga (1908-1971) Superior Court Judge, Martinez, CA Portuguese Ancestry from Azores
Mindy Fraqosa City Council Nauqatuck
Armand Fernandes, J.D. Madeira ancestry, Bristol Judge New Bedford, Massachusetts
John Fernandes Town Council, Milford MA Portuguese Ancestry
Maria Fernandes Councillor - Sea Bright New Jersey
Mary L. Fonseca State Senator - Fall River Massachusetts
Armando Fontoura Sheriff, re-elected 2003 New Jersey
Joseph Fortes City Councilor New Bedford, MA
Donald P. Freitas 2000 Councilman - Antioch, CA Madeira grandparents
Joseph Freitas, Jr. ** District Attorney San Francisco, CA
David Furtado City Council 2001 Danbury, CT
Manuel Furtado City Council 2001 Danbury, CT
Brian Gomes City Councilor New Bedford, MA
Shirley Gomes State Senator - District No. 4 Harwich, Massachusetts
Donald Gonçalves Councillor Union, New Jersey
Jane L. Gonsalves City Councilor New Bedford, MA
Joe A. Gonsalves CA State Assembly 1962-1974 1st Legislator of Portuguese Ancestry
Arthur Goulart MA House of  Rep. 1929-1932 1st Legislator Portuguese Ancestry in SE.
Manuel Rodrigues Grova, Jr. City Councilman Elizabeth, NJ
Tom Jardim Politician Westfield, New Jersey
Maria Araujo Khan Connecticut Supreme Court Judge Portuguese Ancestry
Dennis Lawrence City Councillor New Bedford, MA
Helena Silveira Lawrence Mayor - San Leandro California, 1914
Antonio Sousa Loura, Hudson, MA Selectmen and Chairmain, Hudson Azores, Portugal, Portuguese Parents
Charlene Lima State Representative Rhode Island
Fana Lopes Commissioner Bristol County, MA
Maria J. Lopes District No. 83 - East Providence Rhode Island
Phil Lopes Leader, AZ House Democrats Portuguese Ancestry, Azores
Mark Cruz Spaulding Councilman, Brunswick, Georgia Portuguese ancestry, Algarve
Nelson Macedo Chief of Police Danbury, CT
Michael John Machado State Assemblyman - Napa California
Tony  Machado Advisory Board Education 2003 Portuguese Ancestry
Valdemiro Machado City Council 2001 Danbury, CT
Jack Martins, Mineola, LI, NY 2003 Mayor 2003 - 1st of Portuguese ancestry Attorney, parents from Barcelos
John Martins Artesia,California City Council Portuguese Immigrant
Marcia Silva Maltez, Attorney, Adjunct Suprem Court - Middlesex, New Jersey Portuguese Parents
Helen Mathieu Former State Senator Rhode Island
João G. Mattos, Jr. CA State Senator 1904 Alameda County
James P. DeMattos, Businessman Mayor of Bellingham, Washington Early 1900's - Father from Madeira
Diane Medeiros Town Administrator, Bristol MA Portuguese Ancestry
John Medeiros City Councillor , Fall River, MA longest serving, 26 consecutive years
Elio Melo State House, 2004 Providence, RI
Helio Melo Congressman, Rhode Island, MA Portuguese Ancestry
Henry Mello Politician, Ex-Majority Leader California Senator
John F. Melo Xerife Barnstable County Cape Cod - Massachusetts
Aristide Sousa Mendes Diplomat, France Saved thousands of Jewish lives
George G. Mendonça Massachussets State Senator Portuguese Ancestry
Isidro Meneses Mayor California
Norman Miranda City Council Providence, RI
Nelson Monteiro Municipal Court Judge, NJ Portuguese ancestry
Tony Monteiro Politician, Councilman Elizabeth, New Jersey
Paulo E. Moura Congressman Fox Point, Rhode Island
David Nicolau Town Council, Provincetown, MA Portuguese Parents
Joaquim Nobrega School Board Trustee New Bedford, MA, Madeiran parents
Paulo Nogueira Waterbury City Council 2003 Portuguese Ancestry
John B. Nunes ** Dukes County Judge, 3rd District Court Judge Madeira Born, 1905
Robert G. Nunes Mayor of Taunton, MA. 4 times Portuguese Ancestry
Susan Nunes Mayor Woonsocket
Edwin Pacheco State House, 2004 Rhode Island
Manuel Caetano Pacheco ** Supervisor Honolulu Democratic Territory, 1909
Marc R. Pacheco State Senator Taunton, MA
Thomas Pacheco Selectmen (Marthas Vineyard) Tisbury, MA
M. Teresa Paiva-Weed, 2004 State Senator, Majority Leader - No. 49 Rhode Island, Portuguese Ancestry
Anna Pereira Municipal Judge, Newark, NJ Portuguese Ancestry
Anthony Perry Presidente Supremo Tribunal Hawaii, 1926
Al Pinheiro Mayor  Gilroy, California
Victor Pinheiro City Councilor New Bedford, MA
Tony Pires District No. 79 - Gen.  Assembly Rep. Rhode Island - comunity active
Richard Pombo Politician, Medal Henry the Navigator California, 1990
Daniel da Ponte State Senator District No. 42 Rhode Island
Philip Rivard-Rapoza, J.D. Judge, Chief Justice Appeals Court Massachusetts
Maria Reis Municipal Council East Newark, NJ (Caminha)
Julio F. Rocha State Legislature Rhode Island, 1945
Michael Rodrigues Congressman Westport, MA State
Antonio A.  Rogers State Senator 1919 California
Everett Rogers Selectman Oak Bluffs, Marthas Vineyard, MA
George Rogers State Senator New Bedford, MA
Henry Rose Congressman RI State House
Lehua Fernandes Salling State Senator Hawaii
Alberto Santos Politician, Council, Mayor 2003 Kearney, New Jersey
Tony Santos Politician, Mayor 2006, San Leandro, CA Portuguese Ancestry, Madeira
Anthony Silva Town of Cumberland, MA Police Chief Community Activist
Armando Silva, Elizabeth, NJ Board of Education Portuguese Ancestry
Manuel Vitorino da Silva ** Lieutenant Mayor New Bedford, MA 1920's
Custodio Silva, Jr. Selectman Provincetown, MA
Mario Silva City Council Toronto, ON Canada
Milton Silva State Senator and Judge Fall River, Mass.
William Silva  (1887-1964) Fireman Chief Martha's Vineyard, MA
Frank M. Silvia County Judge, Fall River Azorean Parents, 1920's
Anthony Soares Councilman Hoboken, NJ, 2000
Stephen Soares Mayor of Norwich, Vermont, 2005 Grand Parents from Azores
Robert Sousa Politician Mayor of Orange, CT (1998)
Joseph Sylvia (1862-1968) State Senator Martha's Vineyard, MA
Cyrus Nils Tavares ** Attorney General Hawaii, 1940
Paul J. Tavares General Treasurer, former Senator East Providence, Rhode Island
Augusto C. Taveira ** County Judge New Bedford, 1949
John Teixeira, Madeira ancestry Municipal Judge Niagara Falls, New York
Marv Teixeira Mayor of Carson City, Nevada (2006) Madeira Ancestry
Nancy Teixeira School Board California
Patrick Andrade Toomey Politician, Congress 15th District, Pennsylvania
Ernest C. Torres U.S. District Judge Rhode Island
Manuel Valerio Mayor Sunnyvale, CA
Joe Vas, 2003 State Congressman Mayor of Perth Amboy, New Jersey
John Vasconcellos Senator California Senate
Vasconcelos ** (Madeira Exiles) Mayor Jacksonville, IL 1945
Adriano Seabra da Veiga, MD Honorary Consul, C T Portugal
Jennifer Veiga 2000 State Rep. Dist. 3, Denver, CO grandparents from Portugal
William Vieira District No. 74 - Pawtucket Rhode Island
Carlton Viveiros Fall River Mayor for 12 years Fall River, Mass.


Name Activity Notes
Onsimo ´T. Almeida, Ph. D. Author / Writer - Brown U. Providence, RI Azores Ancestry
Carmelina Rio Borroz Writer of Portuguese Pride & Pleasure Portuguese Parents
José Brites (Portugal born) Professor, Counsellor, Sculptor Pres. Peregrinação Pub. Rumford, RI
Adalino Cabral, Ph.D., S. Miguel Educator from the Azores Boston area
Manuel da Silveira Cardozo Author Portuguese in America (Chronology)
Art Coelho Writer Big Timber, Montana
Eduardo Mayone Dias, Ph. D. Professor & Writer (Lisbon born) Los Angeles, California
Charles Reis Felix Author "Through a Portagee Gate" New Bedford, Portuguese parents
Frank X. Gaspar, Poet, Author Associate Professor ,  "Leaving Pico", Long Beach City College, CA, Portuguese ancestry
Geoffrey Gomes, Professor and Author As far as the eye can see Hayward University and Chabot College
Ronald Joseph Goulart Science Fiction and Mystery Author New Bedford (1933)
Linda Leuzzi, Writer, Journalist Author of "The Portuguese Boy", Portuguese father
Sue Fagald Lick Author, Azorean Dreams and others Great Grand Parents from the Azores
Gloria de Melo Author and Columnist A minha mão esquerda
George Monteiro Author / Writer Professor, Brown University, Providence, RI
John Roderigo dos Passos (b) Author, Soldier Born Chicago 1896, Madeiran Grandfather
Fernando dos Santos, Journalist/Author Os Portugueses no Hawaii Por quem os sinos não dobram
Daniel Silva Best Seller Author Portuguese Adopted Parents
Pete Souza Author, Ronald Reagan, Photographer Portuguese Ancestry from Azores
Katherine Vaz, Ph.D. Professor & Writer University of California at Davis


Name Activity Notes
Xana Antunes Assistant Editor New York Post
Maria João Baptista International Dept. Editor NBC TV Network
Greg Botelho, BA Harvard U. CNN web editor (2005) Portuguese Ancestry, S. Miguel, Azores
Maria Cabral (Radio) 1954-1961, UN Chairperson Medal of Merit from the Portuguese Gov. Born Riberinha, Pico,Azores (CA)
Antonio Alberto Costa Medal of "Comendador", Voice of America, Radio & TV Entrepreneur, Radio Portugal
Frank R.  Dias of Sacramento, California Citizen of the year 2002. Port. Edu. Found.  Community Leader, Award Port. Govern.
Anthony Furtado Cartoonist, Tween, Ehron Portuguese Ancestry from Azores
Deborah Garcia TV Journalist in Orlando, Florida Portuguese Parents
Lee Gomes Wall Street Journal, Professor and Reporter Portuguese Ancestry
Gigi Graciette FOX 11  and UPN 13 news anchor in L.A., CA Portuguese mother from Santarem
Lionel Rocha Holmes Community Activist, Journalist California, Medal of Merit, 1997
Vasco S. Jardim Newspaper  Founder Luso-Americano, Madeira Born
Stuart Marques Managing News Editor New York Post
Antonio Matinho Publisher Luso-Americano, Newark, NJ
Jason Oliveira Sportscaster for ABC Fresno, CA - Portuguese parents
João Rocha Newspaper, New Bedford, RI Diario de Noticias - 1973
Gil Santos Sports Caster, Patriots,  Community Services New England, Portuguese Ancestry
Batista S. Vieira Owner, 3 Radio Stations California


Name Activity Notes
Chris Amadeu Botelho Chief Master Sergeant (E-9) Born in S. Miguel, Azores
Charles Braga (Bridge named in MA) U.S. Navy, was killed at Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941
Lt. Colonel Mario Carmo USMC Marines
Lt. Col. John Marques Constantino RI Army National Guard Cumberland, Rhode Island
Manuel Nunes Coutinho World War II - Pacific Decorated Veteran Lisbon, community activist, sports, awards
Ronald Cruz  (Ret.) Colonel USMC, President PALCUS Washington, DC
MG John R. D'Araujo Jr. Deputy Director of FEMA (Director of Recovery Operations) in Washington D.C Hawaii, Azores, Madeira ancestors
James Francis Dias Brig. General of the US Army Reserve Newport, Rhode Island
Ralph Ellis Dias, Private First Class US Marine Corps in Vietnam Congressional Medal of Honor
Mary Ann Faias Lieutenant Colonel Graduate, Seton Hall University
Walter Goulart Soldier 1st American to die in WWI, France
Alberto Silveira Leonardo Major, US Marine Corps Modesto, CA, born Azores in 1949
Roger Machado 1st Sergeant USMC, WW II, Korea New York, Albany
Raleigh Medeiros, San Diego, California U.S.M.C Master Sgt. Rifle team, Viet Nam. Portuguese Ancestry, born in Hawaii
Rev. Augusto F. Mendonca, 1918-2003 Lt. Commander WWII, Medal of Valor  Portuguese Ancestry, Azores. R.I.
Leroy Mendonca killed in Korean War  Congressional Medal of Honor
Brothers Moraes US Air Force Pilots Steve, Jason and Eric
George Peters WWII US Army Paratrooper , Medal of Honor Portuguese Ancestry, Cranston, RI
Louis Antonio Pires Confederate Army Son of Madeira Exiles
Col. Antonio Henriques Rebelo (USAF) Merit Medal, passed away,5/21/06 from Lourinha,
Richard J. Santos National Commander American Legion Born New Bedford, Portuguese parents
Americo Sardo General US Marine Corps Born in Murtosa, Portugal
France Silva Congress Medal of Honor, 1901 Born CA, Portuguese ancestory
H. C. Hank Stackpole II Lt. General USMC
Paulo Sousa Eng.UMD; US Navy Test Pilot Portuguese Parents, France born

Served in Iraq

Spc. Michael Andrade 115th Military Police Co., RI National Guard killed in Iraq
Spc. Edmund Aponte 115th Military Police Co., RI National Guard injured in Iraq
Captain Bryan Barroqueiro Hecules C-130 Pilot Active in Iraq (July 4, 2005)
Staff Sgt. Joseph M. Camara 115th Military Police Co., RI National Guard New Bedford police officer, killed in Iraq
Sgt. Charles Caldwell 115th Military Police Co., RI National Guard killed in Iraq
Major General John de Freitas III Operation Iraq Freedom, 2005  Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Robert M. Gasper Senior Master Sergeant, USAFR, Oklahoma Portuguese father, served Iraq 2003
Brian Oliveira U.S. Marine killed in Iraq
Scott G. Rose U.S. Marine killed in Iraq
David & Brian Santos, Twins R.I. National Guard active in Iraq, 2005 Portuguese parents, Kearny, N.J.
David Marques Vicente 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Div. killed in Iraq, parents from Lisbon
Sargent Humberto Timóteo New Jersey, National Guard (Vieiros) killed in Bagdad, Iraq (Estarreja)

Served in Afhganistan
Chad Gonsalves Army sgt. killed in Afhganistan Portuguese heritage, Turlock, CA
Daniel Henrique Malho Canadian Military wounded Afhganistan Born Portugal
Joao Manuel Vaz Portuguese linguist for army, OEF 2 in 2002 and 2003 Parents from Tras os Montes, Portugal

Served in the American Civil War

Antonio Baptiste Soldier Portugal
Judah Benjamim (b) Minister of War for General Lee Civil War

Major General John DeFreitas III,

Seaman Porto, Portugal
Pauling Desanto Soldier Lisbon, Portugal
Ricardo Domingos Sergeant Portugal
José Melo de Freitas Sailor Vila Real
Alberto Jardim Soldier Portugal
Joaquim Jorge Sailor Nazaré, Portugal
Joseph King Soldier Lisbon, Portugal
José Maria Moreno Sergeant Portugal
Joaquim Nunes Sailor Coimbra, Portugal
Manuel Inacio Pereira Steward Vila Matalda (?), Portugal
Henry Plumson Soldier Portugal
John G. Rose Soldier Portugal
Joseph Sant Soldier Portugal
Joseph Silvia Soldier Portugal
George Smith Soldier Portugal
Manuel Solteiro (Saitarios) Carpenter Portugal


Name Activity Notes
Stephen Peter Alencastre ** Bishop in Hawaii 1924, from Porto Santo Madeira
Most Rev. Tod David Brown Bishop Diocese of Orange County, CA
Mons. José Cacella Missionary & Author, "A Luta" 1915, New York
Marcelino Manuel Graça** (Daddy Grace) Bishop & Founder House of Prayer Brava, Cape Verde, 1920's, NC
Rev. William J. Levada, STD Cardinal of San Francisco, CA of Portuguese ancestry
Humberto Medeiros Cardinal, Boston Diocese Arrifes, São Miguel, Azores
Rev. Larry Silva, Born in Hawaii Diocese of Oakland, Bishop of Honolulu Grandparents from Azores

Science & Medicine

Name Activity Notes
Steve Abrantes ** Inventor wool carding & combing Providence, 1940's
Dr. Roy Almeida Biologist Spokane, Washington Father from Castelo Branco
Dr. Francisco Medeiros do Amaral Clinic Director WWII Factory B-36 Bomber made
Joseph Amaral, MD, FACS Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery Brown University Medical School
John Andrews (João André) ** Inventor water fuel car Pittsburg, 1916
Angelo Cardoso, Ph. D. Cancer Researcher, Dana Farber Inst Boston, MA
Vitor Cardoso Engineer, Lucent Tech. New Jersey Community
Helena Carvalho, M.D. Graduated 2003 in Gynecology, Miami U. FL Portuguese Parents
Joaquim Correia, MD Saint James Hospital, Newark, NJ - 2003 Harvard College, NYU School of Medicine
José Pacheco Correia ** Inventor electric needle machine São Miguel, New Bedford
Andrea Camacho Cruz, Ph. D. U.Hartford; Psychology Vet Med, NJ Portuguese Parents
Burke Cunha, MD Contagious Diseases Director Hospital Univ. Long Island, NY
Gregory Curt, MD Medical Doctor Washington, DC
Antonio Damasio, MD Neurology, Golden Prize 1995 Iowa, born in Portugal
Sebastião Luiz Dias Inventor irrigation system Bethelehem, Pennsylvania
Carlos Fernandes, MD St. John's Hospital Director San Francisco, CA
David Fernandes, MD Long Island Hospital, Pediatrician Son of Madeirans
José dos Santos Fernandes ** Inventor stable cleaner New York, 1940's
Mathias Figueira, MD Founder American College Surgeons NY 1853-1930 Physician, from Madeira
Mario Gomes, MD Surgeon, generic research Georgetown University Hospital, DC
David Gouveia, M.D., F.A.C.S. Surgeon, Morton Hospital Taunton, MA
Abilio da Silva Greaves ** Inventor Thermophone Fire Alarm Boston, Born in Faial
Padre Antonio Gomes Himalaya Portuguese Priest /Inventor, Solar Furnace 1904 World's fair Missouri (1867-1933)
José P. Lobo, MD, Univ. Lisbon, Harvard Pan-American Hospital, NY Born Goa, India - Newark, NJ
Rogerio Lobo, MD Gynecologist Manhattan, New York
John C. Lobato ** Engineer, Inventor, Airplane-Dir-Helic. New Jersey in the 1920's, from Madeira
John Lopes, MD, Scientist Cancer research at Michigan, Wayne Univ. Born in Coimbra
Joseph Loureiro, Ph. D. Biology Researcher U.N.C., Chapel Hill
Joe Lourenco Inventor and author, (LA 2004) Born in Portugal
Ruy V. Lourenço, MD Dean N.J. Medical School University of Lisbon
Craig Mello, MD Nobel Prize in Medicine Portuguese ancestry, Azores
Ernest J. Moniz, Ph. D. Physics, Dept. of Energy MIT, Stanford. Azores roots
Marta Nunes, MD, research Cornell University, New York Born, Guarda, Portugal
Tiago Fleming Outeiro, (Science & MP 2004) Scientist, MIT, Parkinson research Portuguese Ancestry
Paulo Pacheco, MD, cancer research Cornell Medical Ctr, Brown Univ. Boston College, Azorean born
Pedro Parente, Ph. D. Pharamcy Rutgers U. New Brunswick, NJ Born in Coimbra, Portugal
David Pereira, MD Orthopedic Surgeon, Manhattan, NY Son of Beira Alta immigrants
Peter Pereira; MD Poet-Writer Portuguese ancestry, Seattle, WA
Stephen Pereira, MD Surgeon Medical New Jersey, 1998
George Perry, Ph. D., Azorean ancestry Dean and Professor Pathology and Neurosciences College of Sciences, U. Texas at San Antonio
Ronald de Pinho, MD Cancer Medical Researcher, NY Biomedic Excellence Mellini Prize
Rui Ponte Oceangraphic Scientist, MIT Born in Pico, Azores, Portugal
Manuel Valente dos Santos Inventor, Suction Basket Forceps Harrison, NJ
Robert Shipley Inventor, Electronic Engineer California, Oakland, Rodrigues Family
Dr. Angelo Taveira da Silva  (Minho) Pulmonary diseases & ICU Medicine Georgetown University Hospital
Dr. José M. Silva East Coast DMPK Group Johnson & Johnson Born in Aveiro Portugal
Manuel Luciano da Silva, MD Historian/Researcher Medical Doctor, RI
Monica de Silva, MD Surgeon, Rochester, NY, (MP 2004) Portuguese Ancestry
Milton A. Silveira, Engineer NASA - Azores & Brazil McLean, VA - New Bedford, MA
Rui Soeiro, MD Cancer Research Einstein Medical College
Ivo Souza, Ph. D. Berkeley U. CA Physics Prize George E. Vally Born in Lisbon, Portugal
Samuel Swart, MD Radiology, Engineering, & Mech. Degree Born Portugal, Providence, RI
Lester L. Vargas, MD Medicine, Cardiovascular Surgical Portuguese Ancestry of Providence
Caesar Ventura Chemist Founder of NuBrite Paint Co. Dighton, Mass.
Dr. Jeffrey Vieira Medical Doctor, Contagious diseases NBC, NY 1995
Gilbert Vincent, Dentist Activist Civil Cultural Charitable Fall River, Mass.


Name Activity Notes
Stephen Ames Golf, 2002 PGA PlayersChampionship Portuguese mother, Trinidad & Tobago
Billy Andrade Golf, PGA, 1998 Bell Canadian Open Bristol, Rhode Island
Mary Andrade Basketball player WNBA
Wesley "Cabbage" Correia UFC from Hilo Hawaii Portuguese Ancestry
Johnny David Major League Soccer Athlete, MetroStars, 2004 Portuguese born
Tino Domingues NASL Soccer, 1951 Born in Coimbra
Sid Fernandez Baseball Player National League Portuguese ancestry
Lew Fonseca Famous Baseball player Portuguese Ancestry
Joe (José) Fontes  around the world, solo Circumnavigate the world by east. w. sail boat Born in Azores, Portugal
Wayne Fontes Coach, Detroit Lions National Football League
Rockne Freitas Detroit Lions football player Hawaii-born of Madeira heritage
Jonny Gomes’ Tampa Bay Devil Rays Portuguese Ancestry
Billy Gonsalves, US Soccer Player Inducted 1950 to National Soccer Hall of Fame Born New Bedford of Azorean parents
Kurt Gouveia NFL - Redskins, Eagles, Chargers Hawaii born
Tony Lema PGA Pro Golf Champion 1957/64 Madeira/Azorean Parents
Davey Lopes 1st base coach, Washington Nationals, 2006 Portuguese ancestry
James Lopes Iowa S.U. State champion and record holder David Lopes' son, Portuguese ancestry
Carlos Machado Anchor Fox Soccer Report Portuguese ancestry
Francisco Marcos Founder & Pres. USI Soccer League Bombarral, Portugal
Billy Martin, Baseball player/coach: Yankees, Tigers Azores
Mike Martinho, Baseball All American Div. I, NCAA top 10, 3 point Parents from Carregal do Sal, Portugal
Al Melo Boxing Champion US representative, 1924 Olympics
Jim Mello, 2 All American Full Back Fighting Irish, Notre Dame West Warwick, Rhode Island
John P. Motta Executive V.P., F.A. Football. New Hampshire Parents from S. Miguel, Azores
Ticha Penicheiro Sports, WNBA Basketball - CA 1998
Mike Pereira NFL Officiating Director Portuguese Ancestry
Pedro Pinto Sports announcer and commentator World Sports, CNN News Network
Claudio Reyna, Rangers Player Capt. of US  National Soccer Team Born, NJ, Portuguese Father, Arg. mother
Ephraim (Red) Rocha Basketball Player, Hawaii Rainbows Detroit Pistons, Oregon State College
Henrique Santos ** US Fencing Champion, 1942 Madeira Born
Carlos Semedo, Major League Soccer New England Revolutionaries Born, Lisbon, Portugal
Charlie Silvera Athlete, Catcher for the NY Yankees Portuguese Ancestry
Jose Luis Soares 1994 Special Olympics Gold Medal Azores
Tim Sylvia UFC weight champion Portuguese ancestry
Tony Tavares CEO of the Nats, 2006 Portuguese ancestry
Keith Terceira Boxing Writer, Historian, and Business Owner Ancestry St Michael in the Azores
Mark Teixeira Starter for Texas Rangers Portuguese Ancestry
Robin Ventura Major league baseball player for L.A. Dodgers Portuguese Ancestry
Fernando Vicente-Ferreira Davis Cup - Tennis; TV Commentator born Cascais, Portugal, 1950
Jose Violante Vice Pres., NBA Europe Basketball Violante
Bernie de Viveiros ** Major League Baseball Player Detroit Tigers, 1920's

    We request our readers to provide any information related to these names if available.
** Portuguese-Americans by Leo  Pap
(b) Isaias Gomes dos Santos, Os Portugueses na América do Norte, Sociedade de Geografia (Lisbon, 1999)


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