--Like most cultures, the Philippines has its own creation story. And, although it does not offer an explanation as to how the world began, it does however, give the readers a glimpse of how early Filipinos view their origin.

--The tale begins with a mythical bird, perhaps the sarimanok, flying over a large expanse of water (obviously the Pacific). Due to such a long journey (from where & what destination was never specified), it thus decided to seek shelter. Coincidentally, after a brief search, the sarimanok was able to find a cluster of islands (to be later known as the Philippines) and perched itself on a large, singular, bamboo shoot centered within the land formation. Tired, and undoubtedly hungry, the sarimanok decided to peck on the gigantic bamboo shoot hoping to find any means of sustenance. As the bird pecked continuously, however, the shoot began to split into two equal halves. Startled, the bird flew away never to return. However, out from the two equal halves, a golden skinned man and an equally hued woman emerged. The man, named Malakas (strong), and the woman called Maganda (beautiful) thus became the first Filipinos.

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