How to view or convert MS Visio Drawing (VSD) files? Try vsdviewer!

vsdviewer is based on the results obtained with vsdump.
It provides simple viewer functionality, can save opened files as SVG, and has a GUI for format research.
At the moment all VSD/VSS format research take place in vsdviewer.
sK1 Team is going to integrate vsdviewer as an import filter for sK1 vector graphics editor and UniConvertor.

Screenshot of vsdviewer:


vsdump is an ALT Linux (www.altlinux.ru) project of VSD/VSS file format reverse engineering.

This project was started with Ian Redfern results (http://www.redferni.uklinux.net/visio/) and was greatly improved by knowledges extracted from libgsf. The format description (discovered parts) is stored in the docs/format.gnumeric.

There are 2 illustrations to format.gnumeric: format of file and format of d* stream




All good strings of the code were stolen from Jody Goldberg and Morten Welinder works. At the moment the code is considered to be a set of testing utilities that support a process of format researching only.
By side effect it's also some kind of 'documentation' =)
Anyway right now it can dump version 6 (Visio 2k) and 11 (Visio 2k2 and 2k3) files to something almost but not entirely unlike the tea^H^H^H XML. All embeded images (if any) will be stored in the separate files. Text (at least latin-1) also will be recognizable in the 'drawing' dump file.

Known data about format in English.
Ian Redfern promised to update his page, so most likely it (will) contain some explanations in much more clear English.

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