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Piling on: Now bank is sacking Vick
Posted: September 26, 2007

Hey, didn't you used to be the NHL's most hated owner?

When it rains it pours. Not only does Mike Vick have the Feds and a Johnny-come-lately Virginia state prosecutor after him, now his bank is piling on. It seems that any change in employment status constitutes a default on his loan from the Royal Bank of Canada, DBA (that's doing business as) RBC Centura. So said bank is suing Vick for $2.3 million -- the former Falcons QB had borrowed $2.5 million from the RBC for real estate development.

Fret not, Red Sox fans (and other Comcast subscribers). The fate of Big Ten football fans will not befall you. You will get to see MLB playoff games -- and IN HD, TOO! Comcast is adding TBS in HD in time for the playoffs (next Tuesday, to be exact). DirecTV also is adding TBS HD. The television gods are good and will provide for our baseball needs.

Seems like there's more news of what's not gonna happen (so then is it news?) than what is gonna happen in baseball personnel moves. Spies say Bonds is not going to the ChiSox. And A-Rod is not going to the Cubs as part of some convoluted sale-of-the-team-plus-one scheme. However, it looks like Torii Hunter might leave the Twins, and the Giants, White Sox, Yankees, Braves and Rangers are all legit suitors who will be bringing offers of something like $75 million over five years, the Pioneer Press reports.

The NBA needs Greg Oden like flowers need sunshine. Even after a devastating injury, he's entertaining and endearing. Just check out the video he made after his surgery and his latest blog entry on his puppy, Charles Barkley McLovin.

In the yin and yang of sports marketing, Budweiser is pulling a lot of its budget out of NASCAR to concentrate on entertainment and the digital space, the Hollywood Reporter tells us. But horse racing is taking a cue from NASCAR and getting ready to have advertising on jockeys, Fly's pals at Sports Business Journal report. So, if Tony Stewart's armpits were advertising space this year in car racing, does that mean Garrett Gomez' backside (er, back) will be ad space in horse racing?

Speaking of NASCAR, people seem to like night racing. So it's coming to Chicago in 2008. The other big change in the '08 Cup schedule is that five races will be run before the first break in the action next season.

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Get in Line
RammerJammerYellowHammer on Wed Sep 26, 2007 04:03 pm
Get in line Royal Bank of Canada, DBA. The Falcons trying to recover Vick's 22 million signing bonus plus lawyer fee's equal no Canadian $ for you! Man, that read's like one hell of a Mastercard commercial....
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