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In 1930 Guy W. Ballard, hiking in northern California, met the Ascended Master Saint Germain on the side of Mount Shasta. His remarkable experiences are recorded in the books, Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence, written under the pen name of Godfre Ray King. First published in 1934, the books have never been out of print. This introduction was followed by more than 3000 Discourses by the Ascended Masters. Out of this dynamic and practical instruction the "I AM" Activity was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Ballard, under the daily direction of Saint Germain.

The purpose of the Ascended Masters' "I AM" Activity is to bring help from Their Octave of Life. Mankind must have more than ordinary assistance to stand against the accumulation of mankind's disobedience to the Laws of Life. Physical actions alone cannot solve the world's problems nor remove the discordant energy which human beings release against each other, usually ignorant of its destructive force. The aim of the true seeker of the Light is to protect all that is constructive; to maintain God (Good) Ideals by dedicating one's Life to God in the highest and most powerful way possible; and to bring forth the Fulfillment of God's Divine Plan for all embodied in America and every nation and all who come in the future.

The "I AM" Activity is spiritual, educational and practical. There are no financial schemes behind it; no admission is ever charged. It takes no political stance in any nation. The parent organization is Saint Germain Foundation, with worldwide headquarters located in Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. It is represented throughout the world by 300 local groups termed "I AM" Sanctuary®, "I AM" Temple®, "I AM" Study Groups®, or "I AM" Reading Room®. Saint Germain Foundation and its local activities are not affiliated with any other organization or persons.

TRADEMARKS AND SERVICE MARKS OF SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION INCLUDE: The Ascended Masters Instruction on the "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,"® The Ascended Masters' Instruction , "Beloved Mighty I AM Presence,"® Daughters of Light®, Heart of Heaven , Honor Cross®, Honor Cross Design®, "I AM,"® "I AM" Activity®, "I AM" Ascended Master Youth , "I AM" COME!® "I AM" Emblem®, "I AM" Music of the Spheres®, "I AM" Pageant of the Angels®, "I AM" Reading Room®, "I AM" Religious Activity®, "I AM" Religious Broadcast®, "I AM" Sanctuary®, "I AM" School®, "I AM" Student Body®, "I AM" Study Groups®, "I AM" Temple®, "I AM" Violet Flame, The Magic Presence, "Mighty I AM Presence", Minute Men of Saint Germain®, Music of the Spheres®, Saint Germain®, Saint Germain Foundation®, Saint Germain Press®, Saint Germain Press, Inc®, Shasta Springs®, Unfed Flame Design®, Violet Consuming Flame®, Violet Flame®, "The Voice of the "I AM" ®