Reward Monies Withdrawn


Due to the lack of equipment supplies during December 99 and January 2000 I felt compelled to raise some financial capital to the tune of $40,000 Australian that would in turn allow me to purchase up to 4 sets of equipment and further enhance our research.

I decided that the first point of call in this quest would be to send a letter to Mr. Ted Turner of Time Warner Broadcasting in Atlanta Georgia U.S.A. The reason for such a choice primarily stems from the fact that he is a multi billionaire and also due to the fact that in 1984 he competed in the Annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht race and declared at the end of such race. "If anyone can produce evidence that the Tasmanian Tiger is still alive and well, I will give them $100,000 reward".

My letter was two fold. I firstly had to ascertain after 16 years of having made this statement whether the financial reward of $100,000 was still available. Secondly as no one had made a claim on this money whether he would be prepared to release $40,000 of this reward or part there of to assist me in my research.

I compiled a 6 page letter outlining all of the difficulties that I was experiencing in terms of not being able to secure the equipment when we wanted it and the limitations of only having one set of the equipment. Similarly I sent him up to 8 photographs supporting my requests and to authenticate my involvement in this form of research.

You can imagine my surprise and disappointment when after nearly 8 weeks I received a reply in which Ted Turner made it clear that the reward that was once posted for the thylacine evidence is no longer available to anyone. (see reply letter below)

Letter from Ted Turner

Unsuccessful Sponsorship Requests

 During the Year 2000 several sponsorship requests to different individual’s and organisation have unfortunately been declined. The most common factor causing the lack of support in a venture such as rediscovering the thylacine is predominantly due to the organisations being unable to claim a tax deduction for donating monies to people or groups such as myself.

 To date the following organisations and individual’s have declined my requests for sponsorship:-

Not to be perturbed I will continue to pursue a number of Australian Corporate identities and Companies in order to raise the financial capital to secure the 4 sets of video surveillance equipment that we require.  Preserved Thylacines courtesy of Melbourne Museum

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