Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Special Notice


LEGENDS (Law Enforcement Greeks Educating Developing Nurturing Serving) will host its Annual Toy Drive. New unwrapped boy or girl toys will be accepted during the following dates, 10 Dec.-14 Dec. at the listed District/ Area Facilities:

002nd District - 5101 S. Wentworth

005th District  727 E. 111th St

019th District - 2452 W. Belmont

011th District - 3151 W. Harrison

025th District - 5555 W. Grand

JISC - 3900 S. California

Homan Square – 3340 W. Fillmore

Targeted Response – 1819 W. Pershing

All proceeds benefit Chaplains Unit.

Friday, 09 November 2007

October 12, 2007

Mr. Dana V. Starks

Interim Superintendent

Chicago Police Department

Dear Superintendent Starks:

I am writing you to commend Officer Ali Haleem, for his selfless actions during last week's Chicago Marathon.

On Sunday, October 7, I attended the Chicago Marathon as a member of the "Run Red" committee affiliated with the American Red Cross. Our cheering station was a part of the Charity Mile located at Wood & Jackson. With high humidity and temperatures expected in the mid-80's, it was clear the race would be extremely challenging.

Due to the excessive heat, I elected to see if we could obtain additional supplies of water, ice, and Gatorade. Because my car was parked several blocks from our cheering station, I approached Officer Haleem and asked him ifhe could help provide transportation to the nearest store. He immediately understood the situation and personally drove me to the Jewel Foodstore located on Roosevelt Road. We loaded supplies into his patrol car and returned to the Red Cross cheering station.

It was obvious to us that additional supplies were needed, and we made a second trip. As we drove into the Jewel parking lot, we noticed a man and his young son in a van. Officer Haleem apprised the man ofthe situation, and asked him ifhe would help us in transporting supplies to the race course. Mr. David Hernandez, of Chicago, IL, immediately offered his support. The three of us packed his van and Officer Haleem's patrol car with supplies and subsequently made two additional trips. Upon arriving back at the cheering station, our Red Cross team dispensed the supplies to the runners. This was truly a team effort!

The quick response of Officer Haleem paved the way for us to assist many of the runners. Officer Haleem demonstrated true professionalism - I am fortunate to have encountered him during this challenging situation. He and Mr. Hernandez undoubtedly helped many runners, and certainly prevented some from succumbing to a heat-related illness.

I have nominated both Officer Haleem and Mr. Hernandez for a Red Cross "Heroes Award". Officer Haleem deserves to be commended for his actions - he exemplified what is great about our city and the best of Chicago's Police Men and Women. As our acting Superintendent, I wanted to share this information with you and Commander Leo Schmitz of the 8th District. Additional information regarding the "Heroes Award" is below.


Joseph P. Reif, Volunteer,

American Red Cross of Greater Chicago

The Heroes Breakfast was established in 1994 by a Red Cross chapter in Washington state to raise public awareness of volunteers and local heroes who carry out the organization's mission everyday. American Red Cross chapters across the country have since adopted the annual event in their own communities. All honorees will be notified no later than February 21, 2008. For more information on the Heroes Breakfast, please visit our website.

The Heroes Breakfast will take place on April 1, 2008, at the Fairmont Chicago, 200 North Columbus Drive.

cc: Leo Schmitz Commander, 8th District

Sunday, 14 October 2007


Interested in becoming a G.R.E.A.T. Instructor? Access the application on the CPD Intranet. Open Bureau Sites, click on Office of the First Deputy Superintendent, click on Preventive Programs in the tool bar and print the application in the Resources and Forms section. Return the completed application to Unit 132 via fax at 5-6980. For further information contact P.O. Catino at 5-5841. A two week training is scheduled for January 2008.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Superintendent Cline Meets with Faith-Based Leaders and Restates Department's Commitment to Improving Community Relationships

Chicago Police Supt. Philip J. Cline held meetings on Friday and Monday to reassure religious leaders that the Chicago Police Department remains committed to building upon the Department's ongoing partnership through community policing.

The meetings with the faith-based leaders were prompted by recent incidents and community concerns of reported mistreatment between police and citizens.

The results of the meetings were shared by Cline, Ald. Isaac Carothers and members of the faith-based organizations during a press conference Tuesday at Chicago Police Headquarters.

"Anytime a community voices concern about the way they have been treated by the police, I take lhe concerns of the community seriously," Cline said. "We are proud of the strong bonds we have built in the community over the 14 years that CAPS has been in place, and we continue to work to improve these relationships."

Cline outlined several initiatives undertaken by the Chicago Police Department to improve community relationships and address diversity issues, including efforts to recruit more minorities to the force. He also pointed to the Department's zero tolerance for racial profiling and other bias-based policing practices, as well as ongoing training that reminds officers to treat citizens with courtesy and respect.

Observant Neighbor Jots Down License Plate Number, Helps Police Nab Prolific North Side Burglars

A pair of burglars suspected in dozens of North Side break-ins are behind bars, thanks to an observant neighbor who jotted down a license plate number and called police.

Travis Budd, 22, and Joselito Fernandez, 21, both of the Northwest Side, have been charged in 15 cases and are suspected in several dozen other burglaries and attempted burglaries since May.

The pair was arrested July 28 after Budd broke into a residence in the 2600 block of West Windsor Avenue while Fernandez acted as a lookout and driver. Police said Budd rang the doorbell several times and then broke in, startling the homeowner who was not expecting a visitor and did not answer the door. Budd took off, and he and Fernandez immediately fled the area.

About the same time, a neighbor had noticed the suspicious men and called police to report their vehicle's license plate number and a description of the car. The resident had been on the lookout for the pair after observing Budd and Fernandez in the neighborhood a few days earlier when another residence had been burglarized.

Albany Park (17Ih) District officers monitored a flash message describing the vehicle and curbed it in the 4400 block of North Kimball Avenue. While in custody, Budd and Fernandez confessed or implicated each other in more than 40 burglaries, police said. Each was charged on July 29 with one count of burglary in the Windsor incident. Additional charges were lodged on Aug. 15 in eight other burglaries and six attempted burglaries, the majority of which occurred in the Belmont (19th) District.

"This is an example of a good neighbor who was willing to get involved and help police," said Cmdr. George Rosebrock, head of the Belmont District. "Through his efforts, two very active burglars were removed from the streets, and his neighborhood and the surrounding area became a safer place to live."