Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Area #1 Salute to Forensic Investigators

SALUTE Area 1 Detective Division Salutes Forensic Investigators: F.I. N. DeCook and F.I. S. Wolverton,

On 17 Sep. 07, a homicide victim was found brutally stabbed in his apartment, leaving a bloody & extensive scene, which led into an outside yard. No witnesses were found. The above investigators were assigned to the scene and collected the evidence, which included numerous blood samples. The samples revealed one which did not belong to the victim. The DNA was entered into CODIS and hit to a convicted offender. The subject was located and a confirmatory DNA analysis was completed. After the subject was presented with the fact that his DNA was recovered from the scene he confessed to the homicide. Due to the professional, meticulous, and concentrated efforts the Investigators gave to the evidence collection at this crime scene, an offender was identified. He was subsequently charged with murder and removed from the streets.

Thanks for a job well done.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Area #1 Salutes 21st District Officers

SALUTE Area 1 Detective Division salutes 21st District Police Officers: P.O. L. Young & P.O. A. Jones

On 30 Oct. 07 the officers responded to an OEMC call of a vehicular hijacking in which the victim was taken against her will. The officers immediately conducted a canvass of the area. The officers observed a vehicle matching the description of the hijacked car. The officers maintained visual contact while confirming the license via OEMC. The vehicle fled and was subsequently disabled after it struck parked car. The officers immediately placed the offender into custody without incident, ensured the safety of the victim, and recovered a .357 caliber handgun used in the commission of the crime. Due to the officers quick response no further trauma was inflicted upon the victim and a violent offender was removed from the streets.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay Safe!

Friday, 07 December 2007

Area #3 Detectives Salute 10th District Officer

Area 3 Detective Division Salutes 10th District Police Officer C. Camacho.

During the summer of 2007, a disturbing pattern of armed robberies against pushcart ice cream vendors was developing in the 24th District.  On 22 Aug 07, Officer Camacho, while off-duty was walking to his home when he observed an ice cream vendor being robbed at gunpoint.  Officer Camacho drew his weapon and the stick up man was taken into custody without incident.  Due to the officers decision to take police action, the robbery was interrupted and the pattern came to a halt.

Thanks for a job well done, even though off-duty.  Stay Safe!

Wednesday, 05 December 2007

Good Police Work Clears Area 1 Robbery Pattern

Good investigative skills combined with solid police tactics results in the arrest of an armed robbery offender and clears 12 armed robberies in Area 1.

Area #1Detectives J. Halper, M. Walsh, J. Alderden and M. Filbin were investigating a pattern of Dollar Store robberies that occurred within the 7th and 9th Districts.  The detectives developed leads and identified the offender, Robert Moore, 29, of the 6459 S. Morgan, through photo line-ups.  Tactical Officers M. Stachula, R. Omachi, R. Fields and W. Murphy of the 7th District, armed with a description of the offenders vehicle, a 1993 Buick LeSabre with large 3 spoke rims, preformed a systemic search for this offender.  On 2 Dec 07 the bad guy was taken into custody in front of home.  During the course of his arrest a .22 Cal semi-auto carbine was recovered from the vehicle.  Line-ups were conducted at Area #1 and Moore was positively identified and charged with 11 counts of Armed Robbery.

Great Work.  Stay Safe!

Saturday, 01 December 2007

Just another day at the office. . . CPD officers work hard, save lives.

This has been a remarkable week for the Department. . . rescues from burning buildings, multiple people rescued from burning cars after car crashes. . . remarkable. . . but not so much if you are the men and women who do this job daily.

We reached out to many of the officers involved and, to tell the truth, they thought that it was "just part of the job."  Imagine that.  They wanted no accolades, no hype. . . they simply felt that they were doing what they had to do, when the situation called for it.

We are proud of all of the men and women on this job who work professionally every day.  Whether they get the credit they deserve or not, we are proud because our officers are ready at a moment's notice to sacrifice everything in the performance of their duties.

As this Department grows and changes, remember one thing: there is no substitute for character.

Thank you to all of the officers of the Chicago Police Department who grind it out every day to keep us safe.

Friday, 30 November 2007

Off duty officer takes action, stops armed robber


Area 3 Detective Division salutes 10th District Police Officer: P.O. Carmelo Camacho.

During the summer of 2007, a disturbing pattern of pushcart ice cream vendor stickups was occurring in the 24th district.

On 22 Aug. 07, off duty officer Carmelo Camacho was walking to his home when be saw an ice cream vendor being robbed at gunpoint. Officer Camacho drew his weapon and the robber surrendered without incident.

Due to the officers decision to take police action the robbery was interrupted and the pattern came to a halt.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 22nd District Police Officers: P.O. M. Smolek and P.O. M. Szymanski.

While on patrol the officers observed an aggravated robbery in progress at 2335 W. 111th St. The offender fled on foot but was captured after a brief chase. The proceeds were recovered and the offender was identified on the scene. After an investigation the offender made a full confession. Due to highly visible aggressive patrol and quick response a dangerous felon was removed from the streets. Thanks for a job well done.


Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 5th District Police Officers: P.O. T. Bodie and P.O. M. Daniel.   

On 10 Aug. 07, the officers responded to a man with a gun call and learned that an Armed Robbery had occurred. The officers interviewed the victim and toured the area, apprehending one offender who divulged the other offenders identities. The officers recalled a Missing Person report from the previous month with one offenders name. The officers went to the residence and apprehended the second offender and recovered the gun used. Due to the officers quick response, skillful questioning and knowledge of their beat, two dangerous felons and a handgun are off the street. Thanks for a job well done.

Monday, 26 November 2007


Area Four Detective Division Salutes 013th District Police Officers: SGT. M. Laurich, P.O. J. Hidalgo and P.O. J. Estrada. The above officers discovered multiple robberies occurring in the same location. The officers learned the same phone number was used to contact restaurants which would send delivery drivers to the location at which time the driver would be robbed. After conducting several surveillances, the officers were able to obtain the suspects information, who was then positively identified by the victims. Due to the officers excellent investigative skills, tenacity and dedication to duty, the offender was charged accordingly.

Thanks for a job well done.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Robber who victimized elderly caught by 8th District Officers


Area 1 Detective Division Salutes 8th District Police Officers: P.O. Lepkowski, P.O. Hayman, P.O. Kane and SGT. Maida.

On 01 Oct. 07, an offender was charged with theft as a result of a purse snatching on the west end of the 8th District. The officers recalled similar incidents in the area in which the victims were elderly. The officers compiled a photo array and were able to contact a witness to the incident that occurred on 11 Sep. 07.

The suspect was positively identified by the witness and subsequently placed under arrest. While under arrest, the offender confessed to the robbery.

Due to the diligence and persistence of these officers, a dangerous offender who preyed on the elderly has been charged with Robbery and removed from the streets.

Job well done. Stay safe.

Saturday, 17 November 2007


Area Two Detective Division salutes 22nd District Police Officers: P.O. M. Crooker and P.O. J. Carreno.

On 20 Sep. 07 the officers while assigned to patrol duties curbed a vehicle for expired temporary registration tag. The occupants of the vehicle were placed into custody for various warrants. An inventory search of the car revealed a police scanner tuned to zone 9, two hand held two-way radios and burglary tools. The subjects were charged accordingly.

The officers advised Area Two that the subjects may be involved in area burglaries. After further investigation the subjects were charged with Aggravated Discharge from an incident on Metra property and two counts of Residential Burglary. Due to their dedication to duty and thorough investigation two dangerous felons were taken off the streets.

Thanks for a job well done.

Thursday, 15 November 2007


Area One Detective Division Salutes 8th District Police Officers: Sgt. E. Harris, P.O. R. Reed, P.O. P. Lorenz, P.O. D. Montes, P.O. D. Evans, P.O. C. Gomez, P.O. J. Sosa, P.O. J. Blaszcyk, P.O. B. Boylan and P.O. R. Mahoney.

On 11 Sep. 07 the officers responded to a call of a person shot at 4531 S. Spaulding. With a timely response the officers observed the offender fleeing the scene. While some officers pursued the offender other officers went to the aid of the victim. The offender was apprehended and the weapon recovered.

The officers also assisted in translating during interviews with witnesses. It was later learned the victim had succumbed to his injuries. The offender was subsequently charged with First Degree Murder.

Thanks for great team work and a job well done.

New Police Recruit Class to Graduate

On Tuesday, November 20, 2007, a new recruit class will graduate and begin their careers as Chicago Police Officers.  The graduation ceremony will take place at 0900 hours at Navy Pier in the Grand Ballroom.

We wish these officers the best as they begin their careers. 

Remember your training, be professional and, above all, stay safe.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

13th District Officers arrest and charge offenders with theft of catalytic converters, also nab armed robber

During the month of October, the 013th & 014th District were plagued with a rash of thefts of Catalytic Converters.

PO MORALES, PO VALENTIN, PO KARWOWSKI, PO BIRKENMAYER and PO GODINEZ, aware of this, increased proactive patrols.

On 02NOV07 at approx. 0435 hrs at 2659 W. Haddon observed two subjects sitting in a running vehicle in a No-Parking Zone. Upon approaching the vehicle to conduct a field interview, the above Officers observed the driver wearing rubber gloves containing a greasy substance, a bottle in his lap containing a greasy substance and a rechargeable power saw being charged by a battery charger.

The driver was unable to produce a valid drivers license or insurance. In the second subjects lap was a flashlight and a clear bag containing 3 saw blades. Further investigation revealed a freshly cut Catalytic Converter in the rear seat.

The second subject's back was covered with dirt and leaves as if he had been lying on the ground. Both Offenders were read rights per Miranda and transported into 013th District for processing. The second arrestee post-Miranda stated, "I know I took it, but I'm not going to tell you from which car I took it from". Felony charges were approved for Burglary.

In addition, the offenders were also charged with Possession of Lost Or Mislaid Property, and numerous traffic violations. THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE.

On 23 OCT 07, at approx. 2345 hrs at 2700 W. Madison the victim was approached from behind and robbed at knifepoint. While surrendering his wallet containing USC, the offender slashed the victim on his left cheek causing the victim to sustain an injury requiring him to be transported to Stroger Hospital for treatment where he received over 30 stitches to close the wound. PO MORALES & PO KOLODZIESKI, working the incident car, responded to assist in the investigation.

The Officers were able to interview the victim and sent a Flash message describing the offender, a M/1 bushy eyebrows and moustache, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. The Officers then began a systematic search of the area.

The Officers, at 3 N. California, observed a subject fitting the description and approached the subject for a field interview. The Officers, with their keen sense of observation noticed the hooded sweatshirt the subject was wearing at this time, was red/gray but was reversible and black inside. A protective pat-down search revealed a metal knife with a handle. The Officers transported the subject to Stroger Hospital where he was positively identified by the victim. The offender was taken into custody, read rights per Miranda and transported into the 013th District for processing.

The Cook County State's Attorney was contacted and Felony Armed Robbery charges were approved. Due to your quick response, systematic search of the area immediately after the crime occurred, a dangerous felon was removed from the streets of Chicago.


Submitted for Commander Christine R. Kolman

by: Michael Vitellaro, District Secretary

Date: October 15, 2007

Dana Starks

Interim Superintendent

Chicago Police Department

Dear Superintendent Starks I am J. Martin Walsh, Supervisor of Investigations for the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Chicago Field Office. This office is responsible for coordinating music piracy investigations in ten states throughout the Midwest. The RIAA is the trade association that represents the four major recording companies that create, manufacture and/or distribute approximately 90% of all legitimate sound recordings produced and sold in the United States. The RIAA's Anti-Piracy Unit's primary function is the investigation of the illegal manufacturing and distribution of member company sound recordings. The RIAA works closely with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors offices across the nation to identify, investigate and report the illegal activities of the music pirate.

Piracy is the biggest threat facing the music industry today. The United States economy and record companies lose approximately 350 million dollars each year due to hard good music piracy. An estimated 4.5 billion dollars is lost worldwide. Additionally, the retail sale of such product harms the local economy and has a devastating impact on local retailers and the tax base. In addition, these activities have a direct connection to the funding of other illegal activities such as narcotic trafficking, weapons violations, gangs and funding of activities that adversely affect our homeland security.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest thanks for the efforts and professionalism of your department in the recent arrests and seizures of several thousand piratical and counterfeit music compact disks. More specifically, I would like to thank:

Commander J. Rivera, Commander 25th District

Sergeant R. Lohman, 25th District Gang Team Supervisor

Police Officer P. Peraino, 25th District Gang Team

Police Officer M. Chernik , 25th District Gang Team

for their involvement in effecting a series of nine arrests and seizures resulting in the recovery of approximately 14,693 illegal compact disks. The seizure of this product calculates to a loss value of over $190,862.00.

Therefore, it is with great enthusiasm that I wish to commend Commander Rivera, Sergeant Lohman, Officer Peraino and Officer Chernik of your department for their assistance and high degree of professionalism displayed while working with representatives of the Recording Industry Association of America. Feel free to visit our law enforcement web site at www.1ea,

I look forward to working with you in matters of mutual concern. Feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you or your department.


Martin Walsh, Supervisor of Investigarions

RIAA, Anti-Piracy Unit

Chicago Field Office

Tuesday, 13 November 2007


Area 1 Detective Division salutes 9th District Police Officers: P.O. B. McDevitt and P.O. J. Blair.

On 30 Sep 07, the officers responded to a call of a woman with a gun threatening to commit suicide. The officers responded and discovered a woman pointing a gun at her head. The officers were able to convince the woman to surrender the gun without incident.

Additional preliminary investigation revealed she had just shot her boyfriend.

Due to the officers professionalism and quick response a suicide was avoided and an offender was charged with murder.

Thanks for a job well done.

Saturday, 10 November 2007



Daniel J. McLaughlin


TRUSTEES Bernard A. Murphy, Kathleen M. Fenton, Brad S. O'Halioran James V. Dodge Edward G. Schussler III, Patricia Gira

15100 S. Ravinia Ave. Orland Park, IL 60462


Timothy J. McCarthy


October 24, 2007

Acting Superintendent Dana V. Starks

Chicago Police Department

Dear Acting Superintendent Starks:

On 10-03-07, one of the Chase Bank branches in Orland Park was robbed. The situation was aggravated as the bank was directly across the street from a high school which was in session and the suspects get a way car was positioned in the school parking lot.

Orland Park Police working with the FBI indentified several possible suspects who frequented different areas in Chicago. This information was relayed to Tactical Officers of the Second District of your department.

These officers worked tirelessly and with great skill to positively identify the offenders in this case and subsequently arrested the offenders in the early morning hours of 10/23/07. One dangerous offender is now in custody and another positively identified who will be in custody in the near future.

Please pass along my personal congratulations and thanks to Sgt. Michael Karczewski; Sgt. John McGee; Officer Thomas Tinsman; Officer Alfonso Macias; Officer Robert Gallas; Officer Vincent Ciocci and Officer Michael O'Conner.

These officers are an example of the outstanding cooperation among law enforcement in our area making both of our communities a safer place to live and work. They are excellent examples of the professionalism and expertise ofthe Chicago Police Department.


Timothy J. McCarthy Chief of Police

Cc: Commander Lynette Helm, 2nd District, Chicago Police Dept.

Friday, 09 November 2007

October 12, 2007

Mr. Dana V. Starks

Interim Superintendent

Chicago Police Department

Dear Superintendent Starks:

I am writing you to commend Officer Ali Haleem, for his selfless actions during last week's Chicago Marathon.

On Sunday, October 7, I attended the Chicago Marathon as a member of the "Run Red" committee affiliated with the American Red Cross. Our cheering station was a part of the Charity Mile located at Wood & Jackson. With high humidity and temperatures expected in the mid-80's, it was clear the race would be extremely challenging.

Due to the excessive heat, I elected to see if we could obtain additional supplies of water, ice, and Gatorade. Because my car was parked several blocks from our cheering station, I approached Officer Haleem and asked him ifhe could help provide transportation to the nearest store. He immediately understood the situation and personally drove me to the Jewel Foodstore located on Roosevelt Road. We loaded supplies into his patrol car and returned to the Red Cross cheering station.

It was obvious to us that additional supplies were needed, and we made a second trip. As we drove into the Jewel parking lot, we noticed a man and his young son in a van. Officer Haleem apprised the man ofthe situation, and asked him ifhe would help us in transporting supplies to the race course. Mr. David Hernandez, of Chicago, IL, immediately offered his support. The three of us packed his van and Officer Haleem's patrol car with supplies and subsequently made two additional trips. Upon arriving back at the cheering station, our Red Cross team dispensed the supplies to the runners. This was truly a team effort!

The quick response of Officer Haleem paved the way for us to assist many of the runners. Officer Haleem demonstrated true professionalism - I am fortunate to have encountered him during this challenging situation. He and Mr. Hernandez undoubtedly helped many runners, and certainly prevented some from succumbing to a heat-related illness.

I have nominated both Officer Haleem and Mr. Hernandez for a Red Cross "Heroes Award". Officer Haleem deserves to be commended for his actions - he exemplified what is great about our city and the best of Chicago's Police Men and Women. As our acting Superintendent, I wanted to share this information with you and Commander Leo Schmitz of the 8th District. Additional information regarding the "Heroes Award" is below.


Joseph P. Reif, Volunteer,

American Red Cross of Greater Chicago

The Heroes Breakfast was established in 1994 by a Red Cross chapter in Washington state to raise public awareness of volunteers and local heroes who carry out the organization's mission everyday. American Red Cross chapters across the country have since adopted the annual event in their own communities. All honorees will be notified no later than February 21, 2008. For more information on the Heroes Breakfast, please visit our website.

The Heroes Breakfast will take place on April 1, 2008, at the Fairmont Chicago, 200 North Columbus Drive.

cc: Leo Schmitz Commander, 8th District

Thursday, 08 November 2007

Senior resident sends letter of thanks for compassionate Detective

October 29, 2007

Superintendent Dana Starks

I'm a senior citizen and I have been taken advantage of by a contractor by the name of Raul Carpenter.  I made out a police report that the work wasn't done on my house and Raul never returned my money for $1,000 down. 

I am writing on behalf of one of your outstanding detectives in Area 2 by the name of Glenke. Detective Glenke assured me that he would find Raul and bring him to justice and I trusted him.  I found out that he (Glenke) is a caring person and a people person, especially for senior citizens.  No matter when I called, he would listen and follow up on how the search was going.

I told Detective Glenke I needed my $1, 000 to help put windows and new aluminum gutters on my house; Detective Glenke told me don't be worrying--Raul will be caught.  And Monday morning, October 222 Raul was brought in and locked up just like Detective Glenke said he would get him.

I thank you for having someone like Detective Glenke--his manners stood out.

Thank you for having Detective Glenke in Area 2.

Juliet Vance


Quick response and good follow-up investigation catch burglar


Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 4th District Police Officers: P.O. A. Cabral and P.O. P. Jones

On 16 Aug 07, at 7533 S. Ridgeland Ave. residents heard noises coming from the garage. Police were notified, Beat 414 Officers Cabral and Jones responded to the scene, questioned the witness and toured the area for the offender. The officers observed a subject matching the description of the offender and in possession of proceeds from the burglary. A positive show up was conducted by the officers. Because of the officers quick response and attention to duty, a convicted felon and career criminal was charged with Burglary.

Thanks for a job well done.

Wednesday, 07 November 2007

Chicago Police Recognize Charitable Efforts of Two Young Boys

Two boys, ages Five and Six Raise Funds to Buy Canine Vests

CHICAGO-Jonathan and David Walker-Moses, ages five and six, accompanied by their mother, Ann Walker-Moses, were recognized at the Chicago Police Department's Monthly Award Ceremony for their charitable efforts. The two boys held a garage sale, with the help of their mother, this past summer. The boys decided they wanted to use the money they raised to buy a vest for a Chicago Police Canine. The boys then sent a check to the Canine Training Center of the Chicago Police Department.

The monthly award Ceremony pays tribute to officers who have distinguished themselves and the Chicago Police Department by heroic deeds or meritorious accomplishments. Interim Police Superintendent Dana V. Starks and members of the Department's Command Staff, who preside at the monthly event, took a few moments at the beginning of the ceremony to present certificates of appreciation to Jonathan and David. "The charitable spirit of these young boys is admirable," said Starks. "Their parents as well as the community should be very, very proud of their unselfish attitude and their concern for the safety of our police dogs," Starks added.

All of the Chicago Police Department canines are equipped with protective vests. These protective vests cost approximately $800.00 each. The Illinois Vest a Dog Program has provided vests for all of the Chicago Police canines. The funds for these vests come from private donations by individuals who are concerned about the safety and well being of police canines.

The check that Jonathan and David gave to the Department will be given to this organization so they can continue with their efforts to provide vests for all police dogs in the State of Illinois.

Saturday, 03 November 2007

To: Commander #016 District.

From: Shel Trapp, Chicago, IL

Yesterday my wife and I both had appointments at Resurrection Hospital on Talcott. We had agreed to meet at a specific place. I could not find her there and went to the office of her appointment, she was not there. I went home thinking that she had decided did to take public transportation home. So I drove home and she was not there.

Went back to the hospital and again checked both offices and she was not at either of them. Walked around the hospital but could not find her. Went back home and called security at the hospital, but they had no information. This all started at about 12:3Op.m. And it was now about 3:30p.m. Since my wife is in the early stages of Alzheimer's was concerned that she had wandered off.

Called 911, they said that they would send out a car. In about 15 minutes (which I consider good time!) Squad #1624, Officers Duigan and Matthews, came to our house. They talked to me and said they would go out to Resurrection Hospital on Talcott and see if they could find out anything.

Within a half hour they called me and said that they had found my wife and they were going to be bringing her home. Which they did. I would like to thank Officers Duigan and Matthews for their helping an old man get back his wife. They are too young to know what that means to me.


Shel Trapp

Friday, 02 November 2007

Contact cards help to solve string of burglaries


Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 22nd District Police Officers: P.O. J. Carreno and P.O. W. Whitehead.

In late July 2007, there was an increase in garage burglaries on Beat 2232. As part of the investigation, a Contact Card search was conducted.

This search revealed that on 24 Jul. 07, the above P.O’s, working Beat 2232 stopped a subject on their beat who was pushing lawn-care equipment and submitted a contact card.

This subject matched the description of an offender wanted in connection with two garage burglaries. Photo arrays were conducted and the subject was positively identified as the offender in the aforementioned crimes.

An Investigative Alert was obtained and on 8 Sep. 07, this subject was arrested. Positive lineups were conducted and the offender was charged with two counts of Burglary.

Due to the dedication to duty of the aforementioned officers, a burglar was arrested and removed from the streets of the City of Chicago.

Thanks for a job well done.

Thursday, 01 November 2007

6th District Officers catch burglar, earn Salute


Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 6th District Police Officers: P.O. Maciolek and P.O. Scudella.

On 6 Jun. 07, a business owner was notified by his alarm company that there was motion within his store. The vigilant businessman had access to his stores surveillance system at his home. He monitored it and observed that his store was being burglarized. He called 911 and the above officers responded to the scene. They observed the offender fleeing the scene and gave chase on foot.

The offender was subsequently apprehended by the officers along with a small amount of suspect narcotics found on the offenders person. Because of the tenacity and dexterity of these officers, a career burglar was apprehended and removed from the streets.

Thanks for a job well done. Stay safe.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Special Investigations Unit Salutes 10th District Police Officers: P.O. M. Diblich and P.O. T. Belcik.

On 22 Sep. 07, the officers responded to a call of a person wanted for Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child. The officers were able to locate and arrest the offender. The offender ultimately provided a full confession. Due to the officers dedication to duty, a child molester was taken off the streets of Chicago.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe.

Artesian Dental Center

Chicago, Illinois 60653

October 1, 2007

Chicago Police Department

Attention: Superintendent, Dana Starks

3504 So. Michigan

Chicago, Illinois 60653

Re: CPD, Officer Davina Thompson, District: 002 & BT. 283

Dear Superintendent Starks, Artesian Dental Center has been doing business in this community for over 20 years.

We are located at 2XX E. 47th Street. During these years of servicing this community, we have witnessed illegal distribution of drugs on the street comers. We have had to tolerate intimidations and inappropriate behavior, which interfered with servicing our patients and the welcoming of possible new patients for this as well other businesses. On several occasions, we felt the need to escort our patients to their cars for safety reasons.

Chicago Police Department Officer, Davina Thompson has been instrumental bringing much of these activities, in this business district, to a halt with her daily presence; walking her assigned beat on a consistent basis. Officer Thompson's presence has helped shape our neighborhood into a positive business community. We have witnessed her in action and confidently attest to this change. Our patient has even developed more confidence in visiting our business district. .

Officer Thompson is actively in involved in convincing the business owners in attending the monthly beat meeting with the 2nd District Commander. These meetings have given us an opportunity to share our concerns about other community matters. Officer Thompson has made a tremendous difference in this community.

On behalf of the many business owners and the entire staff here at Artesian Dental, we commend Officer Thompson for her dedication and continuous commitment in maintaining a safer community for all citizens.


Dr. Horace C. Broy, Jr. DDS

Cc. Superintendent of' Police Commander 2nd District

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Commander J. Salemme

Lt. R. Batrich

Chicago Police Department Area 5

5555 W. Grand Ave.

Letter of Commendation for:

Detective S. Chevalier, Detective S. Murrin and Detective S. Colon,


This week Detective Chevalier provided assistance to the Kane Cook Auto Theft (KCAT) unit in the recovery of three stolen vehicles (a 2008 Ford F250, a 2008 GMC Yukon, and a 2006 Chevrolet truck) from Florida that were in the possession of a subject at 2338 N. Melvina, Chicago. Additionally, parts to a Harley Davidson motorcycle, stolen in Chicago, were found. These recoveries led to the arrest of a subject who is a direct link to an international Cuban auto theft ring operating in Florida.

This organized group uses Chicago as a distribution point for the stolen highline vehicles. While the FBI in Florida is the lead agency, there are strong connections to Chicago. To date, over 80 vehicles have been recovered in the Chicago area and several persons have been arrested. Detective's Colon's investigation into the July recovery of a 2007 Mercedes Benz in Chicago was instrumental in a related arrest by KCAT and the recovery of four vehicles from Florida in early August. This arrest was related to the same Cuban organized crime ring.

The two subjects arrested in these incidents were both charged with multiple counts of Aggravated Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicles. Without the hard work and dedication of these detectives, none of this could have been accomplished. We commend their professionalism and look forward to working with each of them in the future.

Master Sergeant G.M. Fallon

Director, Kane Cook Auto Theft Task Force

Thanks to Officers who participated in Halloween event Downtown



Halloween is gradually becoming a major event for children and adults alike at the neighborhood level as well as here in downtown Chicago.

The Halloween Parade on Saturday October 20th drew a large group of participants as well as spectators along State Street en¬route to Daley Plaza where a Halloween extravaganza was created by the City's Office of Special Events. The Chicago Police Department's presence of foot, bicycle, motorized and mounted personnel was substantial. The interaction of the officers and the abundance of children present was a pleasant sight to behold.

Children were fascinated by the police horses and the hospitality offered by their riders. The children were allowed to pet the horses and converse with their riders. Parents took pictures of their children standing beside the horses. Other Officers posed for photographs standing beside the children dressed in their costumes. Children were seen giving candy to officers who accepted it with a smile and an expression of thanks.

This event was great for police/community relations and positive reinforcement to countless children that we are not "the enemy" but ambassadors of good will and ordinary people who do a hard job in an effort to help people and maintain an orderly society.

To the participants in this event and all of the men and women of the Chicago Police Department who work hard every day to maintain the true honor of this job, we extend our thanks.

Stay safe.

Monday, 29 October 2007

These accounts were submitted to us by Commander Price of the 16th District.  These officers should be commended for their work and for their involvement with the communities they serve.  These stories are but a few of the instances the occur throughout they city that exemplify the good work our men and women do every day. We are proud.

Stay safe.

School Involvement Arrest

On 21 Oct 07 at 1800 hours, the Gray Elementary School Principle called 9-1-1 to report an open window on the school at 3730 N. Laramie. When responding 016th District - 3rd Watch Officers entered the school with the principal, Officers observed fresh graffiti on the hallway walls and several items, which included two (2) portable CD players and miscellaneous electronic items, stacked near the front entry door. Suspecting the burglar(s) may still be inside the school, the 3rd Watch Officers established a perimeter and notified canine for a building search. After a negative search by two (2) canine teams, the school was processed by evidence technicians and then secured.

On 22 Oct 07, 0 16th District - 2nd Watch conducted a follow-up investigation and viewed the school surveillance tapes with the principal. From this review, two (2) offenders were clearly observed and immediately identified by the principal as former students. Subsequently, 0 16th District - 2nd Watch Officers and Tactical Team Officers immediately arrested one (1) of the two (2) burglary offenders, with the 2nd offender now being sought in a nearby suburb.

The offender immediately captured was charged with one (1) count of burglary.

Community Police Officer Recognition

On Thu, 01 Nov 07 at 1130 hours, the following five (5) - 016th District Officers have been nominated to receive the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce Community Awards. The award presentation will be taking place at the Gale Street Inn Restaurant at 4914 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, IL.

Officer P. Travis, Officer B. Dyker, Officer M. Rodriguez and Officer G. Cain

These Officers have positively impacted the Gladstone Park Community through their aggressive self-initiated patrol and enforcement of the State of Illinois and Municipal Traffic Laws of Chicago.

From September 11 th, 2006, these Officers have collectively issued more than 3,000 Lidar (radar) speeding citations. The traffic stops initiated by these officers have not only served to make our streets safer for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, but have also resulted in numerous additional charges and arrests. These arrests include DUI, active criminal warrants, burglary, robbery, unlawful use of weapons and the recovery of firearms and narcotics.

These officers are to be commended for their dedication to duty, traffic law expertise and professionalism which have resulted in a safer environment for motorists and pedestrians in all the communities of the 16th District

In addition, Officer M. Dojutrek should also be commended.

Through her CAPS Beat Meeting initiatives, Community Policing Officer Dojutrek has instituted new ideals which have included guest speakers from other city agencies, power-point burglary and theft from vehicle presentations and the identifying of new beat meeting locations. These strategies have resulted in increased CAPS Beat Meeting attendance and further fostering of positive police and community relations.

Job well done to all of these Officers.

Ralph M. Price,

Commander 016th District

Alert Officers, armed with good info, help break the Antoine Walker case


Area Three Detectives Division Salutes 008th District Police Officers P.O. R. Ward and P.O. T. Jefferson. 

On 10 Jul. 07, the officers received information that two subjects were trying to sell jewelry which was taken the previous day in a home invasion of NBA basketball player Antoine Walker. The officers, armed with subject descriptions and a description of their vehicle, observed the subjects exit the Ford City mall parking lot.

After the subjects committed a traffic violation the officers stopped the vehicle. After a brief interview with the occupants of the car was determined that they were in possession of property from the home invasion.

The information that was gathered by the officers led to the arrest and subsequent charging of four subjects.

Due to the dedication of these officers four dangerous criminals were removed from the street.

Stay safe.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Fugitve Apprehension Unit Captures NY Rapist


Department of Police

Joseph M. Krzeminski Chief of Police

September 10,2007

Dana Starks

Superintendent of Police

City of Chicago

Dear Superintendent Starks,

On August 27, 2007 a 21-year-old local woman was abducted and brutally raped in our Village. Within a few days, our department identified a suspect and received information he had fled to Chicago.

On September 4, 2007 a warrant was issued charging the suspect, Federico Odaz-Cejia with kidnapping and rape. Members of our department were in constant communication with Sergeant Elvin Boone from the Fugitive Apprehension Section of your Central Investigations Unit.

On Friday, September 8, just four days after the warrant was issued, we received word from Sergeant Boone the suspect was in custody. When the subject was arrested, he related to arresting officers that he had knowledge of the warrant but didn't care because he was intending to return to Mexico as soon as he possibly could.

I extend my sincerest gratitude to the Chicago Police Department, especially Sergeant Boone and the members of the Fugitive Apprehension unit. Through their diligent efforts, a dangerous predator has been removed from our streets.

Joseph M. Krezeminski Chief of Police

cc: Sergeant Elvin Boone

Commander Yvonne Sutor

Tuesday, 23 October 2007




2710 East 89th Street, Chicago, IL 60617

Principal: JoAnn Thomas Woods, Ph.D.

Assistant Principal: Terrance A. Little

October 15, 2007

Commander Dana Alexander

Commander, 4th District

Chicago Police Department

Dear Commander Alexander,

It is with sincere appreciation that I thank you for the outstanding service provided to our students and staff, in and outside the Bowen Campus High School at our Homecoming Dance held on Friday, October 12, 2007. The officers under your command demonstrated exemplary and professional work ethics.

To be especially noted is Officer Calvin Strong who is present and most helpful everyday as the officer assigned to this school. We are extremely grateful that officers of his caliber are allowed to work for the Chicago Public Schools system.

Again, thank you for their participation in this important event.


JoAnn Thomas Woods, Ph.D.


Chicago Public Schools


Monday, 22 October 2007


Area One Detective Division Salutes 007th District Police Officers: P.O. S. Valdez and P.O. J. Perez. On 03 Sep. 07, the officers observed a suspicious person riding a bicycle in the area of 68th and May. As the officers attempted to stop the individual to conduct a field interview, the subject threw to the ground a loaded.45 caliber revolver then attempted to elude the officers on foot. After a brief foot chase, the Offender was finally apprehended and the handgun recovered. Felony Review was notified and ultimately felony charges were approved.

Due to the officers' keen awareness of their area coupled with their resourcefulness in the investigation that followed, a convicted felon was again placed into our Criminal Justice System and a dangerous firearm taken off our City streets.

Thanks for a job well done.

Saturday, 20 October 2007


The Bomb and Arson Section Salutes 17th District Police Officers: P.O. T. Barnett, P.O. C. Lopez, P.O. T. Lykins, P.O. M. Martin,P.O. L. Montalvo and P.O. N. Sanchez. 

On 1 Sep. 07, P.O. Montalvo handled an arson and was able to locate witnesses who provided a very credible description of the offender. Through the efforts of Officers’s Barnett, Lopez, Lykins, Martin and Sanchez the offender was located and arrested. Due to these fine officers dedication to duty the offender was charged with multiple counts of arson.

Thanks for a job well done.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Area 4 Detective Salute to 11th District Officers

SALUTE Area 4 Detective Division Salutes 11th District Police Officers:

P.O. M. Acosta, P.O. L. Maxwell and P.O. A. Cervantes

On 14 Sep. 07, the officers responded to the call of a criminal trespass in progress. Officer Acosta arrived and observed an offender inside the building using a wrench to remove a radiator from the floor. Officer Acosta continued to observe the offender until P.O. Cervantes and P.O. Maxwell arrived. The officers placed the offender into custody and found a second offender removing items from the second floor. Due to the officers immediate response and keen observations, two offenders were charged with Burglary and career criminals were removed from the streets.

Thanks for a job well done. Stay Safe!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Area 2 Salute of 3rd & 4th District Officers

SALUTE Area 2 Detective Division Salutes

3rd District Police Officers: Sgt. C. Parks, P.O. T. Bell P.O. J. Bokuniewicz P.O. T. Newell P.O. E. Rollins P.O. J. Voss P.O. A. Larson

4th District Police Officers: P.O. S. Carrol P.O. C. Stark P.O. S. Neighbors P.O. D. Bowen

On 9 Apr 07, the 4th District officers responded to the location where an armed robbery had just occurred. The officers gave an immediate flash message, adding that the offenders had been shot while attempting to rob the store. A call then came out in the 3rd District of a person shot. The 3rd District officers responded and related that they believed the persons shot were possibly the offenders from the robbery. One of the victims was brought to the location of the offenders, who were positively identified. Both offenders were placed into custody and treated for their wounds. Due to their immediate response, accompanied with the cooperation and coordination between districts, two dangerous felons were taken off the streets.

Thanks for a job well done. Stay Safe!

Sunday, 14 October 2007


Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 6th District Police Officers: P.O. Guy Habiak, P.O. Robert Johnson and P.O. Adrian Vivanco.

On 19 Aug 07, the officers heard numerous gunshots and observed 2 male offenders with handguns run to a vehicle and flee. The officers gave chase and apprehended the 2 shooters along with 2 other occupants. Both handguns were recovered. The officers learned that the offenders had shot an individual in the head. Due to the quick response and excellent work done by the officers, 3 offenders were subsequently charged with Attempt Murder.

Thanks for a job well done.

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Area 2 Salutes TRU Officers

Area 2 Detectives Salutes Targeted Response Unit Officers: P.O. B. Nielson, P.O. C. Barrera, P.O. T. Browning, P.O. J. Jones, P.O. L. Trieto and P.O. J. Alvarez.

On 29 Aug. 07, a victim was shot numerous times at 9200 S. Dauphine. The reporting Detectives were able through the course of the investigation obtain a search warrant for the offenders residence. With the assistance of the above listed officers, one Tec 9mm as well as a .32 caliber revolver and live ammunition were recovered from the offenders residence.

Thanks for a job well done.

Friday, 12 October 2007


Area 5 Detective Division Salutes 25th District Police Officers: P.O. M. Blomstrand and P.O. J. Diaz.

On 9 Jul. 07, the above officers responded to a Deceptive Practice call at a currency exchange. Upon arrival, the officers learned that the offender had attempted to cash a check taken in a robbery.

Through their skillful use of interrogation techniques, the officers were able to obtain from their offender the name of the person she had received the check from. Investigation confirmed the check had been taken in a robbery.

The person identified by their arrestee was subsequently identified as the robbery offender in the related case. Due to the officers dedication to duty, a dangerous robbery offender has been identified and is being sought.

Thanks for a job well done.

Old Homicides Never Go Away - Until They're Solved!

Cold Case Unit / Area 3 investigation - 2002 A/3 previously Open homicide now Cleared. On September 7th 2002, Eddie Thomas, a member of the Gangster Disciple (Cabrini) street gang, left his apartment in the company of, and at the request of several other G/D's. After leaving the apartment, the victim was accused of having robbed and shot the brother of Antonio "PMG" Parker, a fellow member of the Gangster Disciples. The victim was then physically beaten by his associates. Shortly after the beating occurred, Parker appeared and confronted the victim. At that time Parker placed the barrel of a handgun in the victim's mouth and fired a shot that killed the victim. Initial A/3 investigation by Detective Thompson identified individuals involved in the physical altercation, and identified Parker as the suspected shooter. Attempts at procuring an arrest warrant for Parker at that time were negative. In 2007 Cold Case Detectives Schorcsh and Johnson renewed the investigation. Previously known and newly identified witnesses were located. The identification of Parker as the shooter was verified. On October 9th 2007, Detectives Schorsch and Johnson, along with members of the Fugitive Apprehension Unit, located and apprehended Parker. After reviewing the facts of the investigation, the CCSAO lodged the charge of First Degree Murder against Parker. This case now considered Cleared/Closed by Arrest. Tenacity and professionalism take another offender off the street. Good Work. Stay Safe!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Vicious Robbery Offender Caught by 11th District POs


Area 4 Detective Division Salutes 11th District Police Officers: Sgt. P. Perkovich, P.O. J. Towey, P.O. T. Gannon, P.O. A. Rosito, P.O. C.Hart, P.O. J. Lipka, and P.O. E. Heidewald.

On 31 Aug. 07, a female was savagely attacked aboard a CTA bus on Roosevelt Rd. The offender viciously stabbed and cut the victim about the head, face and body causing numerous severe cuts and stab wounds and then fled the scene with the victim's purse. The officers responded, secured the crime scene, found two key witnesses and then located the offender.

The officers further canvassed the area and located the victims property. Due to the officers dedication to duty, investigative skills and ability to communicate and work together, a violent Armed Robbery offender was arrested and charged with numerous Felony offenses.

Thanks for a job well done.


To the Police Officers who worked the 30th Anniversary of the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon on Sunday, 07 October 2007, a huge THANK YOU goes out to you for your compassion and extra ordinary efforts shown to the thousands of runners who were overcome by the extreme temperatures. Each and every Officer is to be commended for their outstanding help in assisting the many runners under such extreme conditions.

The actions of these fine Officers most surely assisted in preventing many more injuries in this dangerous situation.

Assistant Deputy Superintendent Ralph Chiczewski

Deputy Chief James Keating

Commander Frank Gross

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Area #1 Detective Division Salute of 8th District Officers

Area 1 Detective Division Salutes 8th District Police Officers:

P.O. Turrise, P.O. Pacceli, P.O. Diaz, P.O. Roa, P.O. White, P.O. Walsh, P.O. Herman, P.O. Candella, P.O. Baglieri

During mid August, a series of Armed Robbery/Car Jackings, occurred in the 8th District. The above Officers realized a pattern was developing and conducted aggressive patrol in the area of occurrence. The Officers managed to apprehend several individuals driving the stolen cars. Area 1 Detectives were contacted and along with the listed officers were able to identify an additional offender. That offender was also arrested by the officers. Due to the diligent efforts of the officers, the victims property was returned and two offenders were charged with numerous counts of Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking.

Well done.  Stay Safe!

Saturday, 06 October 2007


Area 2 Detective Division Salutes Special Operations Police Officers: P.O. M. Browne,P.O. W. Sweeny, P.O. A. Ferreira, and P.O. A. Valentin. 

On 27 Aug. 07, the officers monitored broadcast of three offenders wanted for an armed robbery at 1832 E. 70th St. The officers observed the offenders who discarded the proceeds after being seen by the officers.

During a foot chase, two offenders were taken into custody. They implicated their accomplice and his residence where the third offender was taken into custody and a handgun recovered. All three were identified in a subsequent line-up and confession was made.

Due to the officers quick response and attention to duty, three felons and a handgun were taken off the streets.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe.

Friday, 05 October 2007

Cold Case Solves 1979 Homicide--26 Years not enough time to escape murder

In December of 1979, four men were at a nightclub on the West Side of Chicago and began drinking together.  Some time later, they got into a dispute and the offender fired shots inside the establishment, killing the bartender.

The investigation revealed the identity of the offender--but he was nowhere to be found.  He had fled to his native country of Mexico, thinking he could escape justice.

Cold Case Detectives, however, had something different in mind for this offender.

The detectives re-examined the case and learned the offender may have re-entered the country.  Pursuing this information, the detectives continued their investigation, spoke with witnesses and discovered that this murderer had in fact returned to the United States and was in California.

Teaming up with the FBI's Fugitive Task Force, the Cold Case Squad executed a murder warrant upon Roberto Hernandez, for the 1979 shooting death of Bernardo Guillen.  The offender has been charged accordingly.

26 years.  This murderer thought that someone would forget what he had done--that his actions would go unpunished.  He was wrong.

Our hats are off to the Cold Case Squad for their outstanding work.

One case at a time.  Job well done.  Stay safe.


Area 2 Detective Division salutes 022nd District and Targeted Response Unit officers: P.O. S. Doyle, P.O. M. Falk, P.O. C. Ray, P.O. B. Hall, P.O. T. Krob, and P.O. G. Spacek.

On 08 Jul 07, the officers learned of a vehicle used in the commission of an Armed Robbery. The vehicle was found and the owner of the vehicle was located. The owner matched the physical description of the offender, and he agreed to accompany the officers to the station. The suspect was brought into the 022nd District where a lineup was conducted.

The suspect was positively identified by the victim as the offender from this incident. The offender was then charged accordingly. Due to the diligent search for the offender's vehicle, and the subsequent investigation that revealed the identity of the offender from this incident, a dangerous felon was taken off the streets.

Thanks for a job well done.

Tuesday, 02 October 2007

SALUTE Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 6th District Police Officers

SALUTE Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 6th District Police Officers:

P.O. A. Janik and P.O. A. Bruno

On 6 Aug. 07, two offenders used a shotgun to commit an armed robbery. These officers monitored the dispatched call with a description of the offenders and their vehicle, which was stolen. Due to the officers experience and knowledge of the area, they began touring the most likely areas of flight. Within minutes of the robbery these officers apprehended the offenders exiting the stolen van, recovered the victims property and also recovered the shotgun. Both offenders were charged and one who was a juvenile was charged as an adult.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay Safe!

Monday, 01 October 2007

Citizen thanks Officers for their concern

September 26, 2007

Alderman Tom Allen of the 38th Ward

RE: Conduct of District 16 police officers

Dear Tom Allen,

I was in a car accident on August 4th. I avoided hitting a small boy when he darted out in front of my car, swerved and crashed into a tree. Thank God for Honda and their safe SUV they made that year. I owe my life to the car, paramedics and the two police officers who assisted me.

The officers were Guiterez and Ponti.

They were prompt at arriving on the scene and made sure I was handled with great care. I was told I could be dead right now due to a punctured lung if anyone had moved me too much. I ended up with a broken clavicle, scapula, four broken ribs and two black eyes. I had cuts and scrapes on me and I am sure it was very difficult to get to me or my belongings. If it hadn’t been for their prompt response I could have woke up from being knocked out and injured myself permanently.

I was in the hospital for almost two weeks. After the accident I called the precinct to thank them for all of their help and was so surprised to hear that they were truly concerned about my well being. I almost want to say I could feel over the phone by the tone of their voice how worried they were and how happy they were to know I was alive and well. I made a call into them and they called me back within an hour. I could not believe it. I was also impressed with the time frame of their returned call.

I want to thank you for having people so incredibly strong, calm and concerned to help people when they are in need within your ward. I wish everyone could be like that. It is so nice when you are going through something traumatic and someone you don’t know is extra nice to you. Maybe this is how everyone is suppose to respond but I commend them for it.

I think that is what helps everyone keep on going, to be honest. Please commend these wonderful officers for their assistance.

Thank you for your time and all of your hard work!


Nicole Neary

17th District Successes

Submitted by Lieut. Joseph Porebski #780

Tactical Lieutenant 17th District

The following incidents describe the fine work done by the men and women of the 17th District on a daily basis:

Weapons Violation

4626 N. Kelso 06SEP07

Ofc. NESTOROWICZ and CHAPELLO responded to a call of disturbance with noise and dog abuse at the above location. Upon arrival they observed a subject standing at the door. The subject saw the officers then ran upstairs. The officers followed and caught up with the subject at the door of his apartment. The officers observed on the counter .45 ammunition. A further search of the location revealed an unregistered .45 cal semiautomatic handgun. The OFFENDER was charged accordingly.

Battery Aggravated/Knife

4752 W. Belmont 08SEP07

Ofc. COLLAZO and MARTINEZ responded to multiple calls of a fight and a man stabbed. Upon arrival at Cicero and Belmont, they discovered that the incident resulted from a conflict between the Latin Brothers and Latin Kings. They began a thorough interview and detained all witnesses for further investigation. Tactical Officers MELOSCIA, LOPEZ, FOSS and DRIVER also responded and with a coordinated effort were able to arrest four of the five involved OFFENDERs, several for criminal damage to vehicle and one repeat OFFENDER for aggravated battery with a knife. The VICTIM survived the encounter with two stab wounds and eight broken ribs.

Assault Aggravated w/handgun

3230 W. Belmont 24SEP07

Ofc. CWYNAR and CYHANIUK responded to a call of a man with a gun on the street. Upon arrival they met with the VICTIM who pointed out two subjects who had pointed a gun at him. The officers gave chase as the two OFFENDERS split up. A short foot chase ensued in which both OFFENDERs were apprehended and the weapon, a .38 revolver was recovered. The OFFENDERs were both charged with felony offenses.

To all of the officers mentioned here, and many others protecting the Albany Park Community, a job well done!

Stay safe.

Saturday, 29 September 2007




September 12, 2007

Superintendent Dana Starks

Interim Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department

Dear Superintendent Starks:

I am writing to bring to your attention the excellent police work done by Sgt. Jon P. Hein (15th Dist.) and Officer Brian G. Murphy ( 24th Dist.) on a case in which a woman was brutally beaten and car jacked in Skokie. The defendant recently pled guilty to 25 years IDOC under People v. Richard Graves, 05CR-5305.

Two days after the attack in which the victim had her car and purse taken, Sgt. Rein and Officer Murphy stopped a car in which the defendant, Richard Graves, was a passenger. The defendant was seen tossing a cannabis cigarette and placed under arrest. PO Rein and Murphy found on the defendant the victim's driver's license and a key that matched the make of the car taken.

After questioning the defendant, he took Sgt. Rein and Officer Murphy to where he had left the car. The car was recovered and defendant's prints found inside. The defendant subsequently made admissions to Skokie police detectives.

If not for the attention paid by Sgt. Rein and Officer Murphy to the crime reports coming out of Skokie and recognizing both the name of the victim and type of car she was driving, this crime may never have been solved. Their attention to detail and constant vigilance are a credit to the Chicago Police Department.

Additionally, their professionalism during the numerous pretrial motions helped assure that all the evidence was admitted. I wish to commend their efforts.


Martin F. Moore, ASA

Cook County State's Attorney's Office

Skokie IL

cc: Commander 15th District; Commander 24th District.

Friday, 28 September 2007


Susan L. Rahr, Sheriff

August 27, 2007

Commander Joe Salemme

Chicago Police Department Area 5 Detective Division

Re: King County Sheriff's Office Case #07-205966

Dear Commander Salemme:

On July 10, 2007, a cab driver in the city of SeaTac, Washington, was murdered and his body and vehicle subsequently set on fire in an attempt to cover up the crime. This was an exceptionally senseless and brutal crime. Detectives from the King County Sheriff's Office Major Crimes Unit immediately began an investigation that lead to the identification of two suspects, Earnest and Vernell Collins. Further investigation led to Probable Cause being established for the arrest of Earnest Collins for Murder, and the arrest of Vernell Collins on an outstanding warrant. It was determined that both may have fled to relatives in the Chicago area.

After obtaining two possible addresses where they might be located, King County Detective Pavlovich contacted Detective Rutherford in the Area 5 office on the morning of July 23. Detective Pavlovich explained the circumstances to him and requested his assistance in locating and arresting both Earnest and Vernell. Acting immediately, by 1200 hours that afternoon Detective Rutherford and his partner Detective Mancuso had located and arrested both suspects. King County Detectives Jake Pavlovich, Dave Keller and Elly Broggi flew to Chicago on July 27 to pick up both suspects for transport back to Seattle. Given the nature of the case, they also wanted to attempt separate interviews with each suspect.

Upon their arrival, circumstances forced them to separate and split up assignments. Detective Pavlovich subsequently met with Detectives Mancuso and Ruben Weber, who were more than willing to offer their help. Taking time out of their obviously busy schedule, they drove Detective Pavlovich to the Cook County Jail to pick up Earnest Collins, and then back to the 25th District, where they provided a holding cell, interview area and additional assistance and resources.

When it was time to return to the airport, Detective James Gilger graciously offered to drive Detective Pavlovich to O'Hare Airport, along with Earnest Collins, and waited there with them until the arrival of Detectives Broggi and Keller. We are extremely impressed with the dedication and professionalism of each detective who assisted us during this investigation. Their quick response and arrest of both suspects, and subsequent help when our detectives arrived in Chicago, was and is greatly appreciated.

Obviously, your detectives were extremely busy with their own assignments, yet they still took valuable time out of their day. And in the case of Detectives Mancuso and Weber, they worked overtime to help us when called upon.

I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Detectives: R. Rutherford, M. Mancuso, R. Weber and J. Gilger, for their assistance to us in this investigation.


Gregory Dymerski, Chief

Criminal Investigations Division

cc: Captain Debbie Huntsinger, Sergeant DB Gates, Sergeant Mark Toner, Detective Jake Pavlovich, Detective Dave Keller, Detective Elly Broggi

Thursday, 27 September 2007

September 11, 2007

Dana V. Starks

Interim Superintendent

Chicago Police Department

Dear Superintendent Starks:

This letter comes to you to commend 2 police officers under the command of Bruce Rottner in the 24th District for their professionalism and good judgment. The officers that I am speaking of are Michael Seiser and James Muzupappa.

There was an incident, actually two incidents that took place at Loyola Beach and Park on Labor Day. My daughter, Dana and I were enjoying a day at the beach when an inebriated man approached us. Despite our efforts to ignore him he lingered around us all the while making sexual innuendos. He then moved to another place in the sand to bother a lone woman reading in her beach chair. She ignored him the best she could until she saw that his pants were down and he was exposing himself to not only her but 2 young girls playing near by. At this time my daughter and I got up to leave when we saw and heard the woman yell out that this man was exposing himself. I immediately went to her side then called the police then ran to tell the lifeguard. The man was clearly "out of it" and was escorted off the beach by about 10 lifeguards and mates, the woman, myself, and my daughter. We made it through the park to the Circle Planters where all of the other riff raff hang out.

At that time the police arrived. We were filling out a report to press charges and agreed to go to court. When this was happening, I explained to the police officer that the area (Circle Planters) is over run with this pack of drug dealing, drunks who do nothing but harass, loiter, litter and generally break the law and make it uneasy for those of us who live in the area. The officer looked over and saw what he thought might be someone drinking so he went over to inquire.

Next thing I knew he and the suspected drinker were in a physical altercation. Words were hollered out by the suspect. He threw his drink (can of beer) at the police officer. I immediately told the officer who was filling out the report that his partner needed reinforcement. A chase ensued through the alley and around the block.

Long story short more police arrived on the scene and they caught the guy.

The officers came back to finish the report on the initial arrest and to take our information as witnesses to this second situation. Honestly, while watching this second incident "go down" it might have been easy for the officer to pull his gun. Actually I thought that might happen next and I was about to run and take cover. But he did not. There were many people around and that could have been very tragic.

The suspect reached into his pocket and who knows what he might have been pulling out? As it turns out it was his beer can, but none the less, the officer used good judgment by quickly scanning the scene only to see that there were many people around and it would not have been a wise decision to do so.

My gratitude goes out to Officer Seiser and Officer Muzupappa #3175 for helping to take care and bring awareness to a situation that has needed attention for quite some time now.

Later that evening we were asked by Detective Perry to come in to the 24th District Police Station to give a statement to him and the Assistant States Attorney, which we did. Might I add that we were treated with the utmost professionalism and respect by all.

In closing, I have to say after witnessing it first hand that all police officers take their lives in their hands to uphold the law and protect the public but I am grateful that it was Officer Seiser and Officer Muzupappa who arrived on the scene. My daughter Dana, myself and the other witness will be going court on October 4 for the first incident of drunk and disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

I will await the court hearing for the second, more serious crime.


Liz Sarnik

Chicago, IL

cc: Commander Bruce Rottner 24th District

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

August 27, 2007

Hon. Mayor Richard M. Daley

City of Chicago

Dear Mayor Daley:

I wanted to write a letter on behalf of Chicago Police Department Marine Unit 059 Sgt. Rick Erbacci and Officer Ed Echevarria to thank them for their outstanding, response to my boating emergency last night in Lake Michigan. I experienced a total mechanical breakdown about 10 miles out of Lake Michigan (I thought it was only 5 miles) and contacted 911. Because of my loss of power and loss of my GPS navigation as well, I was unable to give precise information regarding my location, and at one point a helicopter was about to be dispatched to my position.

From the moment I contacted Chicago 911 emergency, I could see how extremely smooth and precise the response was, and before long I was rescued by the above named officers, who towed me back into port. I was extremely impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of the marine response system, and was contacted by several members of CPD, CPD marine, CPD helicopter rescue as well as the 911 operator (who was also extremely helpful).

At no point in time did I feel as though I was in danger due to the profesisonalism of your CPD marine unit; however, given my rather distant location from the city, it could have been a much different result. When Sgt Erbacci and Officer Echevarria arrived, they were extremely professional and efficient. I was towed back 10 miles to Diversey Harbor and it would not have been unexpected for either of these officers to reprimand me for having this incident; however they were very polite, exemplified the finest in professionalism and very kind as well, living up to the reputation of being "Chicago's Finest"

Because I am so grateful to these fine officers and to your entire 911 emergency operation (which worked perfectly, in my opinion), I felt compelled to write this letter of appreciation and commendation towards these individuals and to the department as a whole. It truly makes one feel safe and secure in event of such emergencies.


Matsuo Ikuhura, M.D.

Schaumburg, IL

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Outstanding Police work by Targeted Response

The following Targeted Response Unit officers and supervisors were involved in this incident:

R. Fischer, M. Mendoza, H. Allen, P. Haritos, S. Maglaras, P. Torres, L. Prieto, N. Griffin, S. Liarokos. Lt. T. Shouse, Sgt J. Ryle, Sgt. W. Wolf, Sgt. M. Lamberg, Sgt. L. Sprandel and Sgt. A. Costello.

While patrolling the 5th District Level I deployment zone, at approximately 2147 hrs, 24 Sept 07, at 11217 S. Michigan, officers observed two victims emerge from the business wearing only their underwear.  The victims related there were armed offenders inside the store and that they had just been robbed.  The officers immediately requested assistance and entered the establishment.  They observed the offenders flee toward the rear of the store and then disappear behind a wall and down a long narrow corridor.  The officers posted at the entrance of the corridor while assisting TRU officers guarded the front and rear of the large multi-unit retail building.  Once the scene was secure, officers covering the inner corridor ordered any and all individuals to come out with their hands visible.  Two of the offenders entered the hallway wearing only their underwear claiming to be victims.  Realizing the possibility of these so called victims actually being the offenders, the officers placed both in custody and separated them and remained posted on the corridor.  OEMC was notified that an armed offender was still in the building and SWAT was requested.  The officers held the corridor until SWAT arrived with additional responding units from TRU who were posted on the perimeter and diverted foot and vehicle securing a two block area.

SWAT made entry to the building conducted a systematic search and found the third offender hiding in a second floor utility closet.  The search also turned up the shotgun and a semi-automatic pistol.

While maintaining the perimeter, TRU officers were informed that a female who was sitting in a parked vehicle was part of the robbery team.   All of the offenders were positively ID'd by the real victims.  All concerned were transported to Area #2 for processing.

Good police work results in bad guys being taken off the streets.  Job well done.  Stay Safe!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007


Area 5 Detective Division Salutes Evidence Technician Team-North Officers: E.T. Rodriquez and E.T. Caldbeck.

The above Evidence Technicians were able to successfully lift friction ridge impressions on two separate burglary investigations which the latent Print Unit submitted to AFIS and matched to a single offender. The offender was arrested and during interviews confessed to committing several burglaries in the area. Due to E.T.’s Rodriquez & Caldbecks proficiency and professionalism an offender was charged with two burglaries and area 5 was able to clear numerous burglaries in the 14th District.

Job well done.  Stay safe.

Monday, 17 September 2007


Area One Detective Division Salutes 009th District Police Officers: P.O. E. Murphy and P.O. T. Tantillo.

On 18 Jul. 07, the officers responded to a burglary in progress call in the area of 54th and Morgan. Upon arrival, the above officers observed the offender forcibly enter the rear of the building. The officers secured the perimeter as Officer Tantillo ordered the Offender out of the building. At this point, the offender forcibly exited the front of the building and was apprehended by Officer Murphy.

The offender was placed in custody with burglary tools and proceeds being recovered. Felony Review was notified and felony charges were approved.

Due to their rapid response to the scene of a crime along with their tactical acumen to secure the perimeter the offender was charged with a felony and placed into our criminal justice system.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Area #4 Detectives Salute 11th District Officers

Area 4 Detective Division Salutes 11th District Police Officers: P.O. N. Harb, P.O. C. Sanchez, P.O. A. Beluso, P.O. J. Towey

On 21 Jul. 07, a female was accosted in the elevator of her residence. The offender began choking the victim and forced her into a room where he removed her pants and began grabbing her about her body. The offender fled the scene when a witness approached. On 23 Jul. 07, Sgt. Harb located the victim and learned the offender was nearby. Assisting officers converged on the area and the offender was subsequently arrested without incident. Due to the rapid response of the officers, a dangerous predator was arrested and charged with Robbery, Kidnapping and additional charges of Attempt Criminal Sexual Assault are now pending.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay Safe!

Thursday, 13 September 2007


Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 4th District Police Officers:

P.O. M. Gaines, P.O. L. Ruiz, and P.O. M. Jurassi.

On 26 Jul. 07, at 9117 S. Commercial, an offender robbed a woman as she was walking with her 3 year old niece in the afternoon. The incident was observed by the officers, who pursued the offender on foot.

The offender fled through two separate buildings during the pursuit. He was apprehended by the officers a short time later and then positively identified by the victim as the offender who had robbed her.

Because of their quick reaction and dedication to duty, a dangerous felon was taken off the streets.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Area 3 Detective Division Salutes 20th District Police Officer: P.O. K. Clyne. 

On 17 Jul. 07, Officer Clyne while on patrol, observed a handicapped senior citizen walking down the street, when without warning was brutally attacked by a single offender, who pushed him to the ground causing a serious head injury. Officer Clyne immediately took police action, placed the offender under arrest, and summoned an ambulance for the injured victim. It was later learned the offender was a career criminal with 113 prior arrests, 27 felony and 70 misdemeanors with a total of 31 convictions. He was a paroled felon who showed no remorse for his crime when he was arrested.

Thanks to the quick thinking and alert reaction to a crime in progress, Officer Clyne was able to stop this vicious, unprovoked attack on a defenseless citizen and placed the offender into custody.  The offender was subsequently charged with 3 Aggravated Felonies.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe.

Paul and Karin O'Connor

Chicago, Illinois 60614

August 2, 2007

Commander Steven Georges

Chicago Police Department, 18th District

Dear Commander Georges:

I am writing to let you know how grateful our family is for the quick thinking and actions taken by a group of your officers when our home was burglarized on June 8. Officer William Garcia responded to our security alarm activation dispatch. He observed activity in the back of our house through the window and went to the back to investigate.

The two suspects saw him and ran from the house; he pursued them through the alley to Fullerton Ave., where they boarded a CTA bus. Officer Garcia called a squad car to pull the bus over, and the two young men were arrested. Thanks to the actions of Officer Garcia and follow-up by him and his colleagues, James Boyce, Ron Miller, and Adam Andrews, we recovered virtually all of our stolen property.

They were also thoughtful and courteous as they walked us through the various reporting steps and have been diligent in their follow up with the State's Attorney's office. We are happy to know that officers like these are part of our neighborhood and owe them our sincere thanks. You and the rest of the Department leadership can certainly be proud of them.


Karin O'Connor

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Area 3 Salute for a 20th District Officer

Area 3 Detective Division Salutes 20th District Police Officer:

P.O. K. Clyne

On 17 Jul. 07, Officer Clyne while on patrol, observed a handicapped senior citizen walking down the street, when without warning was brutally attacked by a single offender, who pushed him to the ground causing a serious head injury. Officer Clyne immediately took police action, placed the offender under arrest, and summoned an ambulance for the injured victim. It was later learned the offender was a career criminal with 113 prior arrests, 27 felony and 70 misdemeanors with a total of 31 convictions. He was a paroled felon who showed no remorse for his crime when he was arrested. Thanks to the quick thinking and alert reaction to a crime in progress, Officer Clyne was able to stop this vicious, unprovoked attack on a defenseless citizen and placed him into custody, subsequently charged with 3 Aggravated Felonies.

Thanks for being the police.  Stay safe!

Monday, 10 September 2007

This is the real "Cops"

Heads up police work by the following 2nd District Officers:

E. Moser, M. Keeney, A. Walker, S. Gale, D. Edwards, S. King, M. Lyke and H. Goolsby and Area #1 Detectives J. Scanlon and A. Powell.

Victims Jalal Malone, M/19 and Corey Dillard, M/18 were standing at 58th and Calumet, at 0121 hours, 8 Sept 07, when a vehicle stopped and opened fire.  Malone suffered GSWs to his left thigh, chest and neck and is in serious condition, Dillard was DOA.  At 5741 S. Calumet, Nina Collins, F/26 was hit by stray gunfire.  The bad guys fled in a vehicle north on Calumet and east on 57th.  Responding 2nd District officer put out a flash.  Additional 2nd District units spotted the bad guys at 410 E. 51st and the offenders bailed.  They were pursued on foot and 3 of the 4 taken into custody.  The officers also recovered a Glock 9mm and 2 Ruger 9mm.  All concerned were taken in the Deuce where Area #1 Detectives processed the case and got 1st Degree murder charges on Brian Collins, m/34, Jaryan Gills, M. 26 and Alfredo Washington, M/29.  All involved except Collins are Gangster Disciples. 

These are the stories you will never see on "Cops".   Any police officer worth his salt  knows that real police work involves much more than a traffic stop of someone who has too much to drink or the drunk that is involved in a domestic and provides entertainment for someone sitting at home watching  TV.  The challenges a police officer faces on a daily basis are difficult enough without the burden of adding a TV crew to the mix.   

Excellent work.  Stay Safe!


Area 2 Detective Division salutes 022nd District Police Officers and Targeted Response Unit Police Officers:

P.O. S. Doyle, P.O. M. Falk, P.O. C. Ray, P.O. B. Hall, P.O. G. Spacek, and P.O. T. Krob.

On 08 Jul 2007, the officers learned of a vehicle used in the commission of an armed robbery. The vehicle was found and the owner of the vehicle was located. The owner matched the physical description of the offender, and he agreed to accompany the officers to the station.

The suspect was brought into the 022nd District where a lineup was conducted. The suspect was positively identified by the victim as the offender from this incident.

The offender was then charged accordingly. Due to the diligent search for the offenders vehicle, and the subsequent investigation that revealed the identity of the offender from this incident, a dangerous felon was taken off the streets.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe.

Sunday, 09 September 2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Interim Superintendent Dana Starks

Chicago Police Department

Chicago, IL 60653

Dear Superintendent Starks,

Please commend Officer Paul Cirrincione, of the 24th District Police Department for his thorough and prompt apprehension of a thief who broke into my home during my absence on August 4, 2007, and stole my purse containing all my valuable addresses, credit cards, cash and to add to my distress, my hearing aid.

He climbed in through a back window and had he not been heard by my son who had just entered my front door would probably have taken even more property. Twenty Fourth District Officer Cirrincione responded to the call for assistance and within a short time located the offender and placed him under arrest. This person had robbed several homes in Rogers Park and the law will deal with him in an appropriate manner.

Officer Cirrincione was polite, thorough in gathering the necessary information and I am grateful for his kind manner and intelligence. Please place a copy of this letter of commendation into Officer Cirrincione's file, he is a real asset to the Department.


Mrs. Gilda Wrenn

Chicago, IL

Copy to:

Commander Bruce Rottner

24th Police District

Friday, 07 September 2007

Area 5 Salute of 25th District Officers

SALUTE Area 5 Detective Division Salutes 25th District Police Officers

P.O. Hoeger, P.O. Tapia, P.O. Orsa,  P.O. Warzynski,  P.O. Bronkema,

On 9 Jul. 07, a sexually motivated home invasion, involving a 13 year old girl occurred in the 25th District. The officers immediately responded to the scene and broadcast a flash message. Assisting officers then locate the wanted offender, conducted a show-up, and placed the offender into custody. The offender subsequently admitted that he had entered the girl’s bedroom, intending to sexually assault her. Thanks to the diligent efforts of these officers, a dangerous sexual predator was arrested and charged accordingly.

Thanks for a job well done. Stay Safe!

This email was sent to the Office of the Superintendent.

Monday, July 30, 2007 3:39 PM

Subject: Thanks to Officer White

I want to thank and commend Officer White of the CPD for her gracious and exemplary help to me and my wife at the Midway Airport on Thursday, July 26 at the Southwest terminal of Midway airport. She came out there with an EMS crew at about 7:30 p.m. I am sorry but I cannot find her first name. I got it and wrote it down but can't find it now. She was such a helpful and kind person in the midst of a distressing time for me after a near fainting spell on the airplane. She is a jewel for your department.

I hope this gives you enough information to be able to pass my thanks on to her.

Richard Teaford

Thursday, 06 September 2007

Area 3 Salute for ET R. Samanas

SALUTE Area 3 Detective Division Salutes Evidence Technician:

E.T. R. Samanas

On 11 May 07, the Gateway Newsstand in the loop subway, was robbed by an unknown male black offender, armed with a gun. The offender in the case entered the small retail store, produced a blue steel revolver and then viciously beat the victim/owner about the head. The offender then removed all of the cash from the register and fled without being captured by the video surveillance present in the subway terminal. The crime scene was processed by E.T. Samanas who discovered and successfully lifted several ridge impressions from the cash register. The Forensic report from the crime lab would reveal that one of the prints belonged to a suspect who would later be identified by the victim as the same person who beat and robbed him. The detectives then learned the same individual was arrested one week after the newsstand robbery, for another armed robbery in the loop and a blue steel handgun was recovered from him. Due to the diligence of E.T. Samanas, an active, dangerous offender with a history of armed robberies was identified and presently back in the penitentiary.

Thanks for a job well done. Stay Safe!

Area#2 Salutes 4th District Officers

SALUTE Area 2 Detective Division salutes 004th District Police Officers:

Sgt. M. Vujic, P.O. M. Henry, P.O. A. Brown, P.O. W. McKendrick, P.O. N. Corr

On 21 Jun 07, the officers were flagged down by a woman who explained that she had just been robbed. The officers began to canvass the area with the victim and observed one of the offenders flee into a building with the stolen purse. The officers gave chase and located the offender and the purse belonging to the victim. Several other individuals inside the residence, were brought out to be viewed by the victim. The victim then positively identified a second offender from this incident. Due to their immediate actions in response to the robbery and aggressive search for the offenders, two dangerous felons were taken off the streets and charged accordingly.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay Safe!

Monday, 03 September 2007


Raymond Byrne, Chief of Police

Dane Cuny, Deputy Chief of Operations

Patrick Rollins, Deputy Chief of Administrative Services

August 10, 2007

TO:   Lt. Christopher J. Kennedy, Commanding Officer

        Marine and Helicopter Unit

        Chicago Police Department

Lt. Kennedy:

On August 5th, we had the opportunity to accompany several of your fine officers assigned to Marine 2 at DuSable Harbor. On that morning, Capt. Roger Roussell, Officer Ed Beltran, Officer Mark Walsh and Officer Jean McCarthy responded to an urgent request for a diver in distress out on Lake Michigan. In the ensuing minutes, we had the opportunity to observe an incredibly professional and brave group of officers attempt to save a man's life.

Your unit acted as a cohesive team to respond to the area as quickly as possible. While en route, they donned wet suits, readied medical equipment, communicated with the Coast Guard and obtained coordinates from an excited caller. While the scene might have appeared chaotic to the casual observer, it was clear that this was a well trained and professional group that was focused on carrying out a mission. When they arrived on the scene, they immediately entered the water at great risk to themselves. This was an incredibly complicated rescue attempt which was exacerbated by the weight of the victim and the choppy water. Undeterred, they were able to get the victim into another Chicago Marine Unit and transport him to Navy Pier.

To say that we were impressed with the work of these law enforcement professionals is an understatement. They clearly exhibited professionalism and bravery in the face of great danger. They are a credit to the Chicago Police Department, the City of Chicago and to your unit. I would be remiss if I did not mention that prior to this distress call, these four officers could not have been more accommodating and friendly to us while we were aboard. Please extend our sincerest thanks to each of them.


Raymond J. Byrne, Lombard Police Department

Arthur O. Dennis, Manassas, VA Police Department

Peter Noonan, Clarkstown, NY Police Department

Kirk Nordbloom, Warren County, OH Sheriffs Department

cc: John J. Risley Deputy Superintendent

Friday, 31 August 2007

Bluesilk Management

Macon Thomason, Principal

Chapel Hill, NC

July 31, 2007

Superintendent of Police, Chicago Police Department

3510 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL

Dear Superintendent:

I am writing to express my deep appreciation and thanks for the help provided to me by one of your officers, Andre Poston, during my visit to Chicago the week of July 14th.

Officer Poston was extremely courteous and helpful to a stranger from out of town, and in my opinion, represented the Chicago police department as a premier example of a large city law enforcement organization.

Furthermore, in a separate situation, the officers working the Chicago Theater area on the evening of July 14th were able to retrieve a friend's stolen cell phone from a thief who attempted to extort $100 for its return. Uniformed cops on the scene were able to identify the thief and apprehend the suspect and, most helpfully, return the phone to its owner at the scene.

I realize this seems like business as usual, but in this situation, your department came through in a small but serious moment. If possible, I would like the uniformed officers who collared the female suspect in the phone scam to be recognized as well as Officer Poston.

With sincere thanks,

Macon Thomason

4th District Officers Catch Sex Assault Offender, Earn Salute

SALUTE Area 2 Detective Division Salutes 4th District Police Officers:

P.O. L Ryan, P.O. A. Franklin, P.O. T. Anderson, P.O. S. Straka.

Assisting Officers: Sgt. A. Medina, Sgt. L. Thompson, P.O. J. McAllister, P.O. P. Hudson, P.O. P. Glinski and P.O. S. Zalinski.

On 6 Jul. 07, a 16 year old female was en route to school when she was attacked from behind and knocked to the ground by an unknown offender. The victim fought with her attacker and screamed for help as he repeatedly struck her head on the ground and touched her in a sexual manner. The offender released the victim and ran when an onlooker approached to help.

The victim was able to flag down Officers Ryan & Franklin and give them description of the offender. Officers Anderson & Straka were in the area and observed the offender a short distance away attempting to flee the scene.

All of the officers were able to apprehend the offender and place him under arrest. Due to the officers dedication and quick response, an offender was charged with Attempt Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault.

Thanks for job well done. Stay Safe.

Thursday, 30 August 2007


Area 1 Detective Division Salutes Area 1 Midnight Gang Team Police Officers: P.O. M. Haleem, P.O. W. Wagner and P.O. R. Pacheco. On 17 Jun 07, the above officers monitored a flash message giving the description of the offenders and vehicle used in an armed robbery in the area of 48th and Hermitage. A short distance away, the officers observed the vehicle parked with the offenders close by. A foot chase ensued and the offenders placed in custody with a semiautomatic handgun recovered.

The investigation revealed one of the offenders was responsible for a previous robbery. Felony Review was notified and three offenders were charged with armed robbery and two additional armed robbery cases were cleared.

Due to the officers keen observation skills, coupled with their diligence in the investigation that followed, three offenders were charged with felonies and a handgun was removed from our city streets.

Thanks for a job well done.  Be safe.

21st District Officers' Work Nets BUNDLE of Marijuana

Submitted by Commander Howard W. Lodding of the 21st District :


On 23 August 2007,

21st District Officers: Lt. Jarmusz, Sergeant Michael Bacardo, Sergeant Patrick Boyle and Police Officers: Joe Martis, Jalance O'Hunt, Lester Scott, William Maedor, Marc Jarocki, Michael Fergurson, Patrick Gillmore, Keiht Sinks, Kevin Sellers, Michael Kelly, Peter Amelio and Jose Cortes executed search warrants at 4122 and 4110 South Ellis with positive results.

A .380 caliber semi-automatic loaded handgun, a 12 gauge shot gun, cannabis (a controlled substance) and drug paraphernalia were recovered.

Because of their keen investigative skills dangerous weapons and drugs were removed from the streets of Chicago.

Job well done.  Stay safe.


Area #5 Salute 15th District Officers

Area 5 Detective Division Salutes

15th District Police Officers: P.O. M. Guerin, P.O. A. Wyroba

On 30 May 07, a person was shot at 5466 W. Chicago. The investigation revealed the victim was shot due to an ongoing narcotics dispute. Through an informant, Officers Guerin & Wyroba were able to identify a witness to the shooting. Further, the Officers were able to locate this witness and persuade him to cooperate in identifying the offender. The offender was subsequently arrested and charged. Due to the officers working knowledge of gang and narcotic activity, a violent offender was charged with aggravated battery.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe!

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Sergeant's Promotional Ceremony

Congratulations to the 50 newly promoted Sergeant's who will take part in a promotional ceremony at 0930 hours, 30 Aug 07 at the Skyline Theater on Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand.  Good luck, stay focused and do it because you are the police.   Stay Safe!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

P.O. Zayas is Home. . . We Thank Him for His Service

I would just like to update everyone on P.O. Andres Zayas, 001. 

For those who may not know, Andres was activated and deployed to a remote location in Afghanistan. Andres returned to Chicago on 18 August 2007. He returned uninjured but tired.

I would like to thank everyone from the Department who furnished me with supplies to send to Andres. Andres’ unit was made up of members from all branches of the US military and NATO forces. The supplies we shipped over there not only helped our people but also helped armed forces members from the other NATO countries that were in the same situation as our people.

Thank you again for you help, thoughts, and prayers.

Please continue to keep our activated officers, our troops, and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, they will all be safely home soon.

Sgt. Frank Iglinski

Bureau of Patrol


Area Two Detective Division salutes 4TH District Police Officers: P.O. T. Almanza, P.O. J. Desmond, and CTA Special Employment Officers: P.O. P. Fox, P.O. J. Jaros, and P.O. S. Liarakos. 

On 27 May 07, an elderly man was robbed by an unknown offender. Officers Almanza and Desmond assigned to the 004th District conducted a canvass of the area and discovered a witness who provided them the name of the offender involved. Officers armed with this information contacted Area Two Detective Division and provided the subjects name. A photo array was conducted and the victim immediately identified the subject who robbed him. It was further learned that the Offender identified was involved in additional robberies.

On 5 Jul. 07 Officers Fox, Jaros, and Liarakos received information that the Offender involved in this robbery was currently at his residence. The officers armed with this information went to his residence and placed this subject into custody without incident. The Offender was subsequently charged with 2 Robberies and had an active warrant for Armed Robbery.

Due to the Officers dedication a violent criminal was removed from the streets.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe.

Charter School to be named after Fallen Officer

Officer_marquez_2    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Marquez (parents of fallen officer Donald Marquez) and the entire Marquez family would like to extend an invitation to the Chicago Police Department to join them in the dedication ceremony of a new charter school named in honor of Officer Donald Marquez.

Officer Marquez was killed in the line of duty in 2002.

The Officer Donald J. Marquez Charter School, located at 2916 W. 47th Street (2 blocks west of California) will be dedicated at 10:00 A.M. on Thursday, August 30, 2007.

Please join Officer Marquez' family and friends as they celebrate his life of service and sacrifice by dedicating this facility in his honor.  This school is one of the first of its kind that will offer law enforcement related classes to its students.

All are welcome to attend.

Questions may be addressed to Officer Marquez' sister, Donna Marquez at .

Monday, 27 August 2007

Chicago Officers to Be Recognized During 3rd Annual National CIT Conference

We would like to congratulate a Chicago Police Lieutenant and a Police Officer who will be presented with nationally-recognized awards for their exemplary work in the field of Crisis Intervention during the 3rd Annual CIT Conference.  This Conference will be held in Memphis, Tennessee August 28-30.

Receiving awards are:

Lt. Jeff Murphy--"CIT Coordinator of the Year" (Sam Cochran Award)

Officer Carrie Von Sagun(23rd District)-- "CIT Officer of the Year"

For background information on the role of CIT in modern policing and the conference itself, please read the following excerpts from the website.

"About CIT:

Communities large and small are seeking answers to managing crisis issues and crisis services. When changes are mandated, community collaborations and partnerships are the key. Advocates have long asserted that law enforcement personnel often do not receive adequate mental health training, resulting in ineffective and sometimes fatal encounters or outcomes.

In 1988, Memphis introduced the first Crisis Intervention Team as a vital component to the community's demand for safer first responder crisis services. CIT partnerships led to changes in existing systems and stimulated the development of new infrastructures for services/care. Suicide attempts and mental health crisis concerns are recognized as a priority. Crises are about people, about our community, our families, our friends, and our loved ones. CIT is built and founded on principals of dignity, understanding, kindness, hope and dedication. Suicide encounters and those crises relating to mental illnesses are about our community, our friends, loved ones, and us. It is a fundamental requirement that crisis services and care are present."

- Major Sam Cochran


The 3rd Annual CIT Conference in Memphis, Tennessee will build on two highly successful meetings in Columbus, Ohio and Orlando, Florida. Those in attendance praised the depth of presentations available! The program will examine the development, implementation, advancement and effectiveness of Crisis Intervention Teams and highlight innovative strategies for integrative approaches to the diversion of individuals with mental illness and co-occurring disorders from the criminal justice system.

Join your hosts Major Sam Cochran and Dr. Randy Dupont and previous conference moderators Michele Saunders and Lt. Mike Woody (ret.) in Memphis along with other national leaders for what promises to be another excellent meeting.

(Source: , CIT informational website)


Area Three Detective Division salutes Latent Unit, and Forensic Services Police Officers: P.O. C. Simon, P.O. F. Scott, P.O. M. Malone, P.O. B. Kovacs, P.O. W. Harris, and E.T. H. Keeler. During the months of January and February, a rash of burglaries to downtown office suites occurred in which several laptop computers were taken. A suspect was later apprehended for lurking around an office building lobby, and was suspected that he may be the burglary offender. The officers responded with a rapid and diligent examination of recovered latent prints, and were able to determine that the suspect was indeed the offender of the burglaries in question.

Due to their swift performance, the offender was charged with several burglaries.

Thanks for a job well done.

Sunday, 26 August 2007


Area 4 Detective Division salutes 13th District Police Officers: P.O. H. Via, and P.O. J. Adreani.

On 28 Jun. 07, the officers responded to an OEMC radio call of a suspicious persons. The officers located the subjects and during a field interview and investigation, it was learned the subjects had just burglarized a nearby Church. The property was recovered and possession restored to the church representatives. Due to their quick response and dedication, two burglary offenders were arrested and charged accordingly.

Thanks for a job well done.

Saturday, 25 August 2007


On behalf of the 18th District, HATS OFF to the men and women assigned to work the 2007 Air and Water Show. Your efforts and professionalism are commendable, making this annual event a great success.

Thank you for a job well done! Stay safe.

Commander Steve Georgas, 18th District

Friday, 24 August 2007

Barbara Todd


Chicago. IL 60637

March 5, 2007

To: Commander John Franklin

3rd District, Chicago Police Department

7040 S. Cottage Grove

Dear Commander Franklin:

I want to let you know how officers in your district helped me during a period of serious problems I faced in mid-February. On February 6, my apartment, which includes a business office, was burglarized. My computer and other equipment was stolen. The thieves broke locks on my backyard gate and on the security door leading to my apartment to enter. Officer Anderson and his trainee responded to the call, took the necessary information and "offered good suggestions for my security, that I needed to take. I followed through and installed a security system and new locks immediately. A week later I talked to Officer Gadson,the senior's officer in the CAPS unit, who said he would initiate Special Attention patrols in my block.

On the evening of February 16th I returned home to discover the apartment had been forcibly entered again., this time over a back fence and through a bedroom window. Nothing was taken but closets had been opened and boxes stored under beds had been pulled out. We believe the intruder attempted to open a door that had been wired for security, was startled by the alarm that sounded and left the premises through the basement--leaving them wide open, which is what I saw when I left my garage and entered my backyard enroute to my first floor apartment. A very alert female Hispanic officer discovered the window entry. I failed to get her name but it is on, the police report.  I am thankful for her calm and thorough inspection of the apartment, despite the on-going turmoil.

After the police left, I realized I was vulnerable. It was Friday night. Monday would be a holiday. The Special Attention patrols had not begun. I was alone and terrified that intruders would return to harm me, and steal more of my property. After several calls through 311 for police help that night, I finally reached Sgt. Parks of your district.  He made a home call, inspected the property and assured me that I would be safe. He initiated special attention patrols immediately, coordinated his weekend effort with Officer Gadson's work the following, Tuesday, and combined my police reports so they could be handled by one detective.

His concern, consideration and prompt action brought me the peace of mind that I needed to get through the next few days. I will always be grateful to him for his personal assistance to me that night. I followed through on his suggestions for other safety measures to take, including adding window sensors to my security system and working with my tenants to be watchful and report any suspicious people or vehicles immediately.

After three weeks, I am sleeping nights and am back to work. It is certainly assuring to know the 3rd District police are out there looking out for us.  This has come about because of the really special efforts of Sgt. Parks, Officer Gadson and the neighborhood patrols.  Please commend them for me.

Thank you for the leadership you provide your officers to serve and protect.

Yours truly,

Barbara Todd


Area 4 Detective Division Salutes 13th District Police Officers: Sgt. S. Chung, P.O. M. Padro-Smith, P.O. J. Labbe, and P.O. A. Viteri.

On 5 Jul. 07, two victims were robbed on the street at gunpoint. The offender was armed with a sawed off rifle and fled to a nearby residence. The responding officers immediately established a perimeter around the building. As a result, the offender was located inside and positively identified. Due to the officers tactical response and dedication to duty, the offender was apprehended and ultimately charged with two counts of Armed Robbery.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Determination and Tenacity Pay Off

When it comes to solving mysteries, Area #2 RBT Detectives J. Bowes and B. Ferguson are masters at their craft. 

On the 29th of June, at 1640 hours, at 29 E. 102nd Street, a 14 year old male victim was walking down the street minding his own bustiness when he was approached by Kieth Spivey, M/17 of 119th & Calumet and a 15 year old male, who asked to use his cell phone.  The Victim refused and gets punched in the head knocking him to the ground and the offenders take his cell phone and $20.00 from his pocket.  The victim was taken to Roseland treated and released.  On the 3rd of July a supplementary report was submitted by Officer O'Neill indicating the victims mother took him to Christ Hospital, pediatric intensive care, where he is still in critical condition, has not regained consciousness and is on a ventilator.

The two above mentioned detectives were assigned this mystery, with no witnesses who would step forward and provide any information.  A robbery in the middle of the afternoon and no one sees anything.  Incredible.  This is where the determination of the detectives takes hold.  They manage to beat the bushes and start to find bits and pieces of information that provides leads and names.  The tenacity of these two detectives leads to the charging of two thugs, Spivey was charged with Robbery and Agg Batt and the juvenile with Robbery.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay Safe!

Just like the Energizer Bunny, the real police just keep on doing the right thing

You haven't heard or read this story in the media, but this is what the police do on a daily basis.

Beat 606A, Officers G. Habiak, A. Vivanco and R. Johnson, hears gun shots at approximately 1520 W. 88th Street, on 19 Aug 07 at 1925 hours,  and see an offender wearing a white T-shirt, black Jeans enter vehicle carrying a blue steel handgun.  They pursue the vehicle and see the victim on the ground in the alley between laflin and justine.  Other units arrive and 606a takes the bad guy into custody with three other offenders and two hand guns.  It is later discovered the victim, a 28 year old male  was shot in the head and is currently in critical condition at Christ Hospital.  The shooter, Edwin Neal, M/19 of 9100 block of Marshfield, a gangster disciple and two of his 16 year old fellow gangster diciples were charged with Attempt Murder and Agg Batt w/firearm.

Further investigation revealed the 9mm S&W was taken from a CPD officers home in a burglary in March of 05.  It has been previously alleged that guns that turn up at police involved shootings are actually coming from the gun turn in.  Maybe they just forgot to turn this particulat 9mm in and also the 380 that was recovered from the vehicle.

It is merely coincidentalce that these offenders were armed, wearing a T-shrits and are all gang members who just shot someone in the back of the head.  Sound familiar? 

Keep doing what is right becasue you are the police.  Great job by the 6th District officers.  Stay Safe!

Area 4 Detective Salute


Area 4 Detective Division Salutes Forensics Services Section Police Officers: Forensic Investigator J. Miller, Forensic Investigator N. DeCook

Area 4 Detectives were investigating a homicide that occurred in the 10th District. The investigation led to a rented SUV that was believed to have been use by one of the offenders. Solid evidence was needed to place the offender at the scene of the homicide as he was stating he had not been there and was not involved in the shooting. Forensic Investigators Miller & DeCook responded to the Crime Lab and proceeded to process the vehicle for evidence. Their efforts produced an expended cartridge casing from the rear cup holder that was suitable for comparison. The casing was compared to the other casings recovered from the crime scene during the homicide. Armed with this evidence, detectives were able to break the offenders alibi and subsequently charge him with murder. Due to their professionalism and diligence, a dangerous felon has been removed from the streets.

Thanks for a job well done.

Stay Safe!

Saturday, 18 August 2007


Area 5 Detective Division Salutes 16th District Police Officers: Sgt. A. Wallace, P.O. L. Skelly, P.O. M. Lybrook, P.O. M. McNaughton, P.O. R. Bacius, P.O. R. Arnolts, P.O. M. Zelewski, P.O. R. Jakubowski, P.O. C. Soria, Jr.

The officers had knowledge of a robbery pattern occurring in the 16th & 17th Districts. On 23 Jun. 07, Officers Skelly and Lybrook while working a burglary mission monitored a flash message sent by Sgt. Wallace of robbery offenders and the offenders vehicle description. Officers Skelly & Lybrook, along with assisting officers observed the vehicle and curbed the said vehicle. During the stop, the officers observed the occupants to match the description of the robbery offenders.

The officers located two victims where they conducted a show up in the field, and two of the occupants were positively identified by the victims as the offenders who had beat and robbed them. During the custodial search of the offenders and their vehicle, the officers recovered proceeds taken in the robberies.

Due to the officers quick response and attention to duty, the offenders were charged with four Robberies.

Thanks for a job well done.  Stay safe.

Friday, 17 August 2007



August 13, 2007

Mr. Dana V. Starks, Interim Superintendent

Chicago Police Department 3510

Dear Superintendent Starks:

I wish to express my gratitude to you on behalf of the officers of the Rolling Meadows Police Department for assistance rendered to them by officers of the Chicago Police Department.

On August 6, 2007, while conducting a homicide investigation which led to the area of 7519 S. Vemon in Chicago, Rolling Meadows detectives received assistance from Gang Intelligence Unit 193 of the Chicago Police Department. This assistance included weekend intelligence gathering prior to the August 6 operation, notification and "de-confliction" with 006 District Command staff, surveillance coordination, surveillance assistance and arrest support.

As a result, Rolling Meadows detectives were able to locate and arrest Taylor, Patrick D. without incident. Following his August 6, 2007 arrest, Mr. Taylor was charged in Cook County with First Degree Murder for the Rolling Meadows murder which occurred on August 19,2006. Together, our officers removed a very violent and active criminal from the streets of Chicago and Cook County. This operation is the most recent example of the fine history of cooperation that exists between the men and women of our organizations.

Please extend my personal thanks and professional acknowledgment to the following individuals for their service rendered to the Rolling Meadows Police Department:

John J Risley, Deputy Superintendent

Mike Cronin, Deputy Chief, Retired

Commander Nicholas J. Roti (193)

Sergeant John Kohles (193) and the following

Gang Intelligence Specialists from Unit 193: P. O. 's Sean Tully, Dale Potter, James Ciannella, Russ White and Dan Dimatteo.

Feel free to contact my office should you or your staff require our assistance in this or future matters.


Steven Williams Chief of Police

Rolling Meadows Police Department


Area 4 Detective Division Salutes 10th District Police Officers: P.O. H. Salgado, and P.O. D. Otero. 

On 15 Jun. 07, Officers Salgado & Otero were on patrol when they observed three subjects pulling a city garbage can down the street. The officers approached the subjects in order to conduct a field interview. The officers then observed the garbage can to contain numerous clothing items with the sales tags still intact. The officers detained the subjects and conducted a search of the nearest retail store and observed that forced entry had been made above the rear door of the business.

The officers contacted the owner of the business who came to the location, where he identified the items as being from his store. Due to the officers keen observation and dedication to duty, three felons were removed from the streets.

Thanks for a job well done.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Area #1 Salutes 8th District Officers


Area 1 Detective Division Salutes 8th District Police Officers: P.O. R. Marshall, P.O. P. Felker, P.O. R. Houlihan, P.O. J. Svienty, P.O. G. Latsos, P.O. J. Frank, P.O. S. Doody, P.O. C. Gomez.

The officers responded to a call of a burglary in progress and observed the offender exiting the residence carrying the proceeds and burglary tools. The officers placed the offender under arrest and located witnesses. Through skillful interviewing the officers identified numerous residences that had been burglarized by the offender. The offender was subsequently charged with four counts of residential burglary. Numerous other burglaries were cleared.

Thanks for a job well done.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Area #1 Salute to 9th District Officers


Area 1 Detective Division salutes 9th District Police Officers: P.O. E. Murphy & P.O. T. Tantillo.

On 18 Jun. 07, the above officers, while on routine patrol, conducted a traffic stop in the area of 53rd & Princeton. During the stop the officers recovered loaded .380 semi-automatic handgun in the vehicle which was secreted by the driver. The subject was placed under arrest and relocated to the 9th District. During their investigation, the above officers discovered that the offender had a lengthy criminal history and he was a convicted felon. Felony review was notified and charges were approved for Armed Habitual Criminal which is a Class X Felony. Due to their dedication to duty and keen observation skills a firearm was recovered and very dangerous offender was taken off our city streets and placed into our criminal justice system.

Thanks for a job well done. Stay Safe!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Area #1 Salute to 21st District Officers


Area 1 Detective Division Salutes 21st District Police Officers: P.O. G. Strelczyk and P.O. D. Lee

A residential burglary occurred in the 21st District during which the victim walked in and observed the offenders.  Armed with this information the officers identified one of the offenders of the burglary.  The officers then located the offender and placed him under arrest.  Further investigation revealed the offender committed numerous burglaries within the 21st District and was charged accordingly. 

Thanks for a job well done.

Monday, 09 April 2007

Sixth District Tact Officers Catch Murderer Wanted for Almost Two Years

While on patrol on 27 March 07 in the 9400 block of Calumet, Beats 669A and 669B heard "I got weed, I got weed" being yelled to passing cars by Levester Hill.  When they approached and announced their office, he broke and ran.  After a foot chase he was arrested and charged with soliciting for an unlawful business. 

Although he used an alias (Anthony Thurmond), a subsequent name check revealed he was the subject of an investigative alert out of Area One with probable cause to arrest for murder.  Hill was wanted for the execution style killing that occured on the afternoon of 21 May 2005 at 66th and Rhodes. 

What started out as a "just somebody selling weed" misdemeanor ended up ridding the streets of a cold blooded murderer.  Kudos to Officers Conway, Bryan, Burns and Sgt. OBrien for dotting the i's and crossing the t's in what started out as a routine arrest.

Stay safe.

Tuesday, 03 April 2007

20th District Catches Junior Firebug

020th District Success Story for March 2007

On 22 March 2007, Beat 2022 responded to a call of a fire.  The Officers relocated to the fifth floor and observed smoke in the hallway and found that the fire was contained in the apartment's hallway closet.  Victims related that the fire had appeared to start from the closet and that a grandson who had previously been banned from entering the building was seen staying in the unit. 

The Officers then spoke with the building's janitor who claimed that the same grandson had once set a garbage bag on fire and then threw the bag into the dumpster. 

An interview conducted by the reporting Officers, with the grandson revealed that he knowingly placed a lit cigarette on a fabric towel in a storage closet and then fell asleep. Felony charges of Aggravated Arson were approved.

Good job!  Stay safe.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Honorable Mention for Quick Thinking 18th District Officers

On 18 February 2007, a theft from person occurred outside the CTA subway station at Clark and Division Streets. A detailed flash description along with the proceeds taken, including the victim's cell phone, was broadcast by Officer Alfred. Within a short period of time, the offender was observed in the Cabrini Green area and taken into custody by Officer Chaplin, where a positive identification was made by the victim. Search incidental to arrest however, did not result in the recovery of the stolen cell phone.

Suspecting that the phone may have been sold in the area to obtain money for narcotics, a follow-up plan was devised. Officers Economos, O'Flaherty, Figueroa and Cazares relocated to cover all the convenience stores within the Cabrini area. After a prearranged radio signal, the victim's cell phone was called from the 018th District desk. Officers O'Flaherty and Economos, now within the Cabrini Food Mart at 647 W. Division, heard a phone ring and observed the clerk remove a cell phone from his pocket and attempt to silence it. When queried, the clerk indicated that he had just purchased it for $15.00 from an individual who had just purchased a single cigarette over the counter. An inspection of the phone display indicated a missed call from the 018 District desk number.

Further investigation revealed that the business licenses were both expired, and the owner was in possession of a replica firearm that was kept behind the counter in plain view. The collaboration and innovative approach by these members resulted in three arrests along with the recovery of the evidence that was instrumental in the approval of charges.

Based upon the recommendation of Sgt. Al Piantkowski, the undersigned District Commander, in recognition of the aforementioned talents and determination, hereby presents this Honorable Mention Award, adding his personal gratitude for a job well done. Award #8015946

Police Officers:







Congrats to these innovative officers.  Job well done.  Stay safe.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Good police work helps one of our own

On 04 March 2007, @0411hrs, at 2642 N Lincoln, an aggravated battery occurred where an off duty Police Officer was attacked and stabbed by a group of Insane Deuce gang members.

Officers on beat 1904, William Seski & David Cintron, observed the in progress incident . The officers observed a male lying face down on the ground, who was later identified as an off duty Chicago Police officer, and the offenders running from the location.

The officers took immediate action, rendering aid to the victim and detaining five offenders. The officer's quick response prevented further harm to the victim and their quick, decisive actions led to five arrests and charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery lodged against these dangerous gang members.

The off duty officer sustained two stab wounds and is currently recovering from his injuries.

The 19th District thanks you.  All of us in blue thank you. Thanks for being the police.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Bootleg Bust: 2nd Dist Tact Officers "Burn" Illegal DVD Makers

In February  2007,  Tactical Officers S. Wilson and D. Armstrong received information from a citizen that illegal copies of currently-playing movies were being sold at the "Platinum Plus Records" store on east Garfield Blvd.

Officers arrived on scene at the store and conducted surveillance where they observed someone purchase DVD copies of "Daddy's Little Girls," "Ghost Rider," and "Hannibal Rising"--all of which are currently in theaters.

After obtaining a detailed description of the offender "Dixon" (the store clerk who sold the movies), the Officers entered the store and placed the offender into custody.  Further investigation revealed a small blue steel .380 Smith & Wesson handgun, which the officers recovered.  The offender informed the Officers that he had an ADDITIONAL  weapon behind the counter, which the Officers ALSO immediately recovered.
While still on the scene, the Officers conducted a protective pat down of a customer (D. Hyde) who was in the store and was found to possess a blue steel Rohm .22 caliber handgun.  This offender (and his weapon) was ALSO immediately placed into custody. During further investigation, the Officers discovered mass amounts of illegal DVD's, with a street value of $10,000USC, and 2 DVD burners.
Both offenders were charged accordingly and await trial. Because of the Officers' quick actions, dedication to the community and outstanding investigative skills, (3) three illegal and dangerous weapons were removed from the streets of Chicago and an illegal piracy ring eliminated.
Nice pinch, guys!

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Area Salute for Officers Who Went Extra Mile


Area 5 Detective Division Salutes 14th District Police Officers:

P.O. M. Sanchez and P.O. J. Aaron,

On 16 Jan. 07, the officers' quick response to an attempted robbery call resulted in the arrest of an offender.

P.O. Sanchez & P.O. Aaron, having extensive knowledge of crime patterns in their District noted the similarity to recent robberies in their District. The officers located additional robbery victims and the Detective Division was able to conduct three lineups with the offender being positively identified.

This offender was ultimately charged with 4 robberies and the Detective Division was able to clear two additional cases. Thanks for a job well done.

Nice way to keep track of what's happening in the District.  Good investigative follow-up. Stay safe.

Thursday, 08 March 2007

Good Heads Up Police Work in 15th District

15th District officers: M. Lueuenberger and M. Malm (Bt. 1533) and G. Klimaszewski and R. Espinoza (Bt. 1523) responded to an Armed Robbery call at a Family Dollar  and apprehended the offender on scene. 

The offender was taken into custody and subsequently charged with Armed Robbery and Violation of Parole.

15th Tactical Officers D. Conway and T. Stack also had good pinches:

The officers apprehended an offender wanted for the armed robbery of a victim, from whom he took $7,000 worth of jewelry and $1,500 USC.  Offender was charged with Armed Robbery and Agg. Assault.

These same officers also caught up with an offender who was wanted for firing a handgun at a woman.  Upon his capture, this offender was charged with Agg. Assault and Attempted Murder.

Congrats to these 15th District officers. Job well done.  Stay safe!

Church Burglar "Sees the Light"--BLUE LIGHTS!

Bt. 1861E  was flagged down in response to a theft and approached the offender (who was seated in a vehicle) for investigation. The vehicle, upon further investigation, came up "hot" from a burglary in Elk Grove Village. 

The officers took the offender into custody and a search of the vehicle revealed various items of value. 

When asked about the items, the offender stated, "I got them from the church."  Apparently, the offender had burglarized a CHURCH in Elk Grove Village, IL. and taken gift cards from various retailers.  He also admitted committing other burglaries in nearby suburbs.

In his possession were 92 gift cards totaling more than $3,500! Other stolen property he had included a laptop computer, digital camera, palm pilot and cellular phone.

The offender was charged with PSMV and Theft/Control of stolen property.

This one man mini crime wave faces additional charges from thefts in Villa Park, Park Ridge, and Des Plaines.

Once again, quick response to a "routine" hand-waver nets good results.  You never know what your gonna get . . . .

Good job to 18th District Officers C.J. Pilgrim and M. Tamlo, Bt. 1861E.  Stay safe. 

Tuesday, 06 March 2007

18th District Officers Break Robbery Ring

Teamwork and quick response helps 18th District officers make arrests in a series of strong-arm robberies.  Bt 1864 and 1813 arrived on scene, responding to a call of "robbery  just occurred" and found the victim lying on the ground. 

The victim provided officers with good descriptions, which they relayed to other units.  A tour of the area by Bt.'s 1811, 1812 and 4603 netted subjects who matched the descriptions given.

The victim ID'd the offenders . . . and his PROPERTY!! Arrests were made.  Further investigation of reports of past robberies involving I-Pods showed a robbery pattern and yielded descriptions that were VERY similar to the offenders in custody!

A review of these case reports showed that a number of people had been attacked in the same manner by the same or similar number of offenders and had their I-Pods taken.

The rest of the story is in the hands of the ASA's, but ALL offenders were charged with Robbery and three were charged with Agg Batt.

Rightfully, Commander Georgas wanted to thank the officers of 18  and the assisting units for their work:

Officers:   Bt. 1864B: T. Parham, D. Smith;  Bt. 4603: Molina and Maldanado and Wozniak; Bt. 1813 Scanlon and Sniezek; Bt. 1812 Penny and Hurley and Bt. 1811 Mercer

A routine call, that might have been treated as "ROUTINE", turned out to be significant in stopping a bunch of kids from victimizing a neighborhood.

Good job and stay safe.

New Recruits to Graduate on 15 March 2007

The Graduation Ceremony for the Recruit Class 06-9 will be held on Thursday, 15 March 2007 at 0930 hours, in room E451, Level 4 of the Lakeside Center, McCormick Place East Building, located at 2301 South Lakeshore Drive.  50 Recruits will be participating in the graduation ceremony.  Class 06-9 began their training on 25 September 2006.

Good luck to the recruits.  Listen, learn and be safe.


In response to recent questions: the ceremony is open to the public.

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Area 2 ANET Recovers over 1 Million in Cocaine and $30K in cash

Case officers BJ Smith and S. Mckenna had received information that a narcotics transaction would be taking place in the vicinity of the 7700 block of South Cicero in Burbank, Ill.  The officers were also given a description of the offender and the vehicle he would be driving.

Based on this information NAGIS teams B-6 and B-1 went to the location to make a controlled purchase of narcotics from the offender.  After the completion of the controlled purchase the offender, Raul Saavedra, 42 of 8236 S. Lorel was placed under arrest and Mirandized.  He then made an admission that he had more bricks of cocaine at his residence.  The offender then gave oral and written permission to search his residence.

A search of his residence resulted in 9,980 grams of cocaine, with an estimated street value of $1,247,500. and $30,000. in cash.  Additionally, three vehicles were seized. 

The supervisors on this incident were Sgt. M. Moore and D. Gilliam. The surveillance officers were K. Galvin, C. Landrum. F. Gomez, M. Myles, T. Torres, A. Holton, M. Godinez and D. Mason.  The Enforcement Officers were officer D. McGreal, T. Lefebvre, C. Ivy and Ed Grancy from Cook County.  Assest forfeiture: Sgt. Richards and Officer O. Brown.  Burbank Sgt. Bombenek and Officers Ready, Ortiz and Perovich.

Great job folks! 

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

A/2 Detectives and Gang Intelligence Section Solve Homicide

Based upon information gathered by Area Two Detectives and the Area Two Gang Intelligence Unit an offender is arrested and charged with a 1991 murder.

On November 8, 1991, the victim, 28 y/o Christopher McCoy got into a verbal altercation outside a south side nightclub.  This altercation ended when McCoy was shot in the head by an offender who was then known only by his nickname:  "Fat Folks". Despite searching for additional evidence and information that would lead to the resolution of the case, the investigation stalled and remained unsolved.

In 2006, Detectives Tim Murphy and Dan Stover of A/2 Homicide picked up the case and started almost from scratch. After through investigation the detectives developed information that led to "Reginald T. Parnell", a self-admitted member of the Black Disciples street gang, as the shooter in the 1991 homicide.

Armed with this new information, the detectives coordinated with the Area 2 Gang Intelligence Unit to locate and apprehend the offender.  The Gang Intelligence Team 6520 used the information they were given and tracked down Parnell at a location near 82nd and Maryland.  Parnell was taken into custody and identified via photo arrays and line-ups as the shooter.

Through dogged investigation and cooperation, Detectives Murphy and Stover and the A/2 Gang Intelligence Unit apprehended a dangerous suspect who now faces First Degree Murder charges.

Good job Area Two.  Show 'em how it's done.

CSI: Chicago--A/4 Detectives Solve 1993 Homicide

On October 21, 1993, Sheneen Shy, a 19 y/o female was found strangled to death in a vacant lot in the 1300 block of South Throop.

A number of possible suspects were interviewed, including an "Edward Brown", but there was not enough initial evidence to solve this crime.  Fortunately, DNA from the 1993 crime was retained from evidence at the crime scene, processed by the ISP Crime Lab and entered into the CODIS database.

Despite intense investigative efforts, the homicide remained unsolved.

In November of 2004, the case was assigned to A/4 Detectives Bill Whalen (now a Sgt. in A/5), Luis Munoz and John Madden, who doggedly searched for new leads, information and evidence.  A break in the case finally came when "Edward Brown" (who had previously been interviewed by the detectives) was also being questioned in another homicide that occurred in Area 3. 

DNA taken from Brown in the Area 3 investigation was entered into the CODIS system and matched DNA from the 1993 homicide.  Detectives Munoz and Madden continued their investigation and needed further DNA analysis to further link Brown to the 1993 murder of Shy. 

Thanks to excellent follow-up analysis by Nicolas Richert of the ISP Crime Lab, additional genetic confirmation was obtained and the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place.  Detectives obtained the proper warrants and arrested Brown (who was on "work release" following a felony theft conviction).

Tenacity and technology help to put a murderer where he belongs, behind bars.  Great Job!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Do It Because You're the Police

To the ordinary citizen seeing flames coming from a burning building is very traumatic.  Hopefully the citizen would call the fire department and wait for their arrival.  Officer Michael O'Connor of the 7th District was on his way to work at 2255 hours when he saw flames coming from a home at 1758 W. 71st st.  Officer O'Connor called the fire department and notified them of the fire and immediately took action.  He attempted to get into the front of the home and could not gain entry.  Officer O'Connor forced his way into the home, sees an 8 year -old  boy coming down the stairs, directs him out of the building and tells him to wait in the officers car.  A female holding  a two year old is coming down the stairs and was screaming that another person was on the second floor.  A male occupant found by Officer O'Connor was attempting to get dressed and was assisted in getting out of the building and into the warmth of the officers vehicle parked in front.  Officer O'Connor was on his way to work and did the right thing because he is the police.  The cause of the fire is under investigation at this time.

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Three Teenage Robbers Surprised by Undercover Detective Posing as Pizza Deliveryman

Three teenage robbers were surprised when they found the pizza deliveryman they were trying to rob was an undercover detective out of Area One. 

During the robbery attempt the detective shot and killed one juvenile and the other two were arrested and charged with attempted robbery and murder.  The teen was killed when he pointed a gun at the detective during the robbery and did not drop it when the detective announced his office and told him to drop the gun. 

His two accomplices were charged with murder because under state law a person or persons committing a forcible felony is responsible for the death of anyone who dies during the commission of that felony.

Area One detectives quickly set up the undercover operation after receiving a call from a business owner who noticed that he had received a delivery order in the same area described in a Business Alert issued earlier by the Area.  Detectives are still investigating similar crimes in the area to see if these offenders are also responsible for those robberies.

Saturday, 10 February 2007

Traffic Stop Nets Gun Pinch

Beat 4230B of the Targeted Response Unit conducted a traffic stop at 111th and Indiana with 4 subjects in the vehicle.  After the subjects exited the vehicle, the officers observed 4 loaded weapons inside the vehicle: a 9mm Assault Rifle with a laser sight, a pistol grip 12 gauge shotgun, a 45 semi-automatic handgun and a 9mm semi-automatic handgun.  The subjects were arrested and charged appropriately.  The subjects were debriefed with negative results and the A/2 Gun team was notified.

Good job TRU!  Thanks to you dangerous weapons and offenders are off the street.

Thursday, 08 February 2007

Homicide Charges for Robbery Offender

On January 20th at about 0223 hrs., 406E responded to a call of an aggravated battery at 3234 E. 91st Street.  When the officers arrived on scene, they found the victim lying on the ground and saw the offender fleeing the scene. 

After a foot chase, the offender was taken into custody and charged with aggravated battery.

The victim has now succumbed to his injuries and Homicide charges are pending against the offender who remains in custody.

Congratulations to the 004th District, the Midnight Violence Suppression Team and all of the assisting units who helped capture this offender.

Job well done!  Be careful.

Bank Robber Caught

On February 7, a man walked into the Chase Bank at 550 S. Dearborn and passed a note to the teller, announcing a robbery.  The teller handed the offender a bag of money. . . and a dye pack.  The offender fled the scene and appeared to have gotten away.

Well, thanks to a quick response by CPD units in the area, the offender was located with evidence and taken into custody.

Good job to all units involved!

Tuesday, 06 February 2007

Bonehead Car Thief Caught

In late January, a man was charged with Attempted Murder after he tried to run down a Chicago Police Officer with a stolen vehicle.  Reginald Allen of the 7300 block of South Rhodes Avenue, took it upon himself to steal a vehicle and then, when officers from the 006th and 003rd Districts tried to stop him. . . he tries to use the 1987 Cadi as a weapon and run the officers down!

Fortunately, the only thing the offender succeeded in was tearing up some City property, as the officers themselves were unhurt.  Once again, the mind of a criminal is a . . . waste.

Anyway, thanks to quick thinking, brave actions and good back-up, a dangerous thief was captured. No officers injured. . . sounds good to me.  Another job well done by CPD.

As always, be careful and back each other up!!


Kudos to Captain Tom Sappanos and ALL of the officers in the Near North (018th) District!!  The officers of the district  are appealing to local businesses and residents to help keep the needy and the homeless warm by donating winter clothing. 

These officers are asking for hats, coats, gloves, scarves and other winter items to help as many citizens as possible. . . particularly as the temperatures are expected to stay in the dangerously low numbers.

One local business has already donated a large bag of items including gloves and hats at the station (1169 N. Larrabee) where the officers then distributed the items throughout the district to the homeless. 


We encourage anyone who would like to assist Captain Sappanos and his officers in helping those who are less fortunate in this time of need to contact the 18th District at 312-742-5870.

We thank the businesses and citizens who have already so generously given!!! Help these officers with big hearts warm this city one person at a time!!

Contact the 18th District at 312-742-5870.  Keep up the good work 18th District!

Monday, 05 February 2007

Cops Rescue Child Left Alone in Car

On 02 February at about 1820 hours (6:20 p.m. for those who get to use "normal people time") two 17th District Officers got a call of a child left alone in the Jewel's Parking lot at 3500 N. Kedzie. (Yeah, that Jewel's!)  Anyway, the cops search the lot and find a car with . . . a small child in it. . . alone! 

Oh, and for those who didn't already know. . . IT WAS FREEZING OUTSIDE!!!  Well, Officers Merrifield and Liarkos braved the cold (8 degrees) and got this little 2 year old girl out of the car, took her someplace warm. . . and waited for mom to come out of the store.

When mom did. . . she was promptly taken into custody and charged with Child Endangerment.  Good job officers. . .sometimes it's the little things that count.  These Officers' names didn't make the news, but. . . could you imagine what would have happened if it they had given the job a routine "19B"??!??

Good work.

Off-Duty Chicago Police Detective Apprehends Hit and Run Driver after Observing Fatal Accident in West Suburb

Brookfield – An off-duty Chicago Police detective arrested a man responsible for a fatal hit and run car accident Monday after the officer observed the incident un-fold on a suburban street.

At about 7 p.m. the off-duty detective, Patrick Tode, who is assigned to the Chicago Police Department’s Management and Labor Affairs Section, was driving his personal vehicle northbound on the 4000 block of South Prairie Avenue in Brookfield when he observed an elderly couple attempting to cross the street.

At that point, the driver of the vehicle directly in front of the detective struck the couple. The driver accelerated his vehicle, ignored the stop sign and fled the scene of the accident.

A Brookfield Fire Department vehicle was also in the area and immediately responded to the elderly victims. The 83-year-old female victim was pronounced dead on the scene and her 88-year-old husband was taken to Loyola University Medical Center in critical condition.

Detective Tode followed the offender several blocks and was able to stop the car and arrest the driver. Brookfield officers assisted Tode on the scene and the offender was taken in to custody by Brookfield police. The offender, Thomas J. Postulka, 45, of Brookfield was charged with two counts of aggravated DUI and several traffic citations, according to the Brookfield police officials.

“Without detective Tode’s intervention this dangerous offender could have easily escaped,” said Chicago Police Commander Hector J. Rodriguez. “Hit and run offenders are the most difficult to apprehend and police rely on eye witnesses accounts to help them solve these cases. Detective Tode’s training, compelled him to act above and beyond what is expected of witnesses, and exemplifies the courage Chicago Police officers exhibit every day, both on and off duty,” he added.


Chicago Police Shut Down West Side Open Air Drug Market and Arrest Several Members of New Breed Triple L Street Gang

(Chicago) – Chicago Police shut down an open-air drug market on the city’s West Side and charged several members of the New Breed street gang for selling heroin and running a drug market.  They are also responsible for the increase in violence in the area in connection with the drug operation.

Members from the department’s Narcotic and Gang Investigation Section (NAGIS) monitored information regarding the on-going feud between two rival gangs, the New Breeds and the Traveling Vice Lords in and around the Harrison (11th) District.  Eleventh District Commander James Jackson, and other district personnel passed along complaints from citizens regarding the drug sales in the 3900 block of West Grenshaw Avenue to the NAGIS team, which lead to the creation of the operation.

“Operation Grenshaw,” which was launched in the fall of 2006, targeted the sale of heroin by members of the New Breed Triple L street gang.  Undercover officers made several purchases of heroin from the gang members. The plastic ziplock bags containing heroin were imprinted with blue devil face logos.  Many of these transactions took place within 1,000 feet of schools and churches. NAGIS team members also conducted countless hours of surveillance of the illegal drug operation.

Officers bought and seized a total of 165 grams of heroin, with an estimated street value of about $25,000.  Approximately $4,000 in illegal drug money was also obtained.

Eight of the offenders were taken into custody on January 18 and warrants were issued for five other offenders.

On-going gang conflicts between the New Breeds and the Traveling Vice Lords over drug turf has lead to an increase in violence in the area. These conflicts led to at least 19 homicides in 2006.

“It’s no secret that gangs, guns and drugs contribute to the majority of the street violence in our communities,” said Commander James Jackson. “This investigation and subsequent arrests have sent a strong message to the gang members that we will not allow these open markets to continue to disrupt the community,” he added.

Those arrested or wanted on warrants as part of Operation Grenshaw include:

Gregory Dukes, 26 wanted crim. drug consp
Jarlon Garrett, 31 in custody crim. drug consp
Markell Hall, 31 in custody crim. drug consp
Levell Pipes, 20 wanted crim. drug consp
Eric Sommerville, 28 in custody crim. drug consp
Leon Horn, 21 in custody del. cont. subs
Roxon Love, 28 wanted del. cont. subs
Jeremiah Robinson, 20 wanted del. cont. subs
Tony Whitley, 48 in custody del. cont. subs
Jacoby Williams, 17 wanted del. cont. subs
A 15-year-old juvenile in custody del. cont. subs
Keon Horn, 19 in custody poss. cont. subs
Cory Stone, 18 in custody poss. cont. subs

In 2006, Chicago police shut down 56 open-air drug markets, with more than 795 targets that included 598 arrests.   Operation Grenshaw marks the second open air drug market shut down this year.


Thursday, 01 February 2007

$22 Million Narcotics Seizure

On February 1, 2007, 8th District Tactical Officers seized 113 kilos of cocaine (est. value: $14 Million) and 3000 lbs. of cannabis (est. value: $8 Million) along with approximately $100,000 in cash.  The total value of the seizure was estimated to be in excess of $22 Million. 

The officers were on patrol and noticed a van parked near the 4000 block of south Pulaski.  When officers approached the van, they saw an open "brick" of cannabis on the floor in the van and immediately took the driver into custody.

As a result of further investigation, officers were led to a nearby residence were the additional money and narcotics were recovered from. . . of all things, empty water heaters!  With the help of the Chicago Fire Department, the officers were able to have the heaters cut open and to recover the cocaine. 

Through keen investigation and alert patrol, the 8th District Tactical team took a HUGE bite of of the drug trade in Chicago!  All in another day's work!  Job well done!

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Murder Mystery Solved!!

Area 3 Cold Case Unit Investigation

Previously Open 1981 Home Invasion/Sexual Assault/Homicide

In 1981, 28 year old Marilyn Dods, who had just moved to Chicago to start a new job, was found deceased in the bathtub of her apartment, a ligature around her neck, submerged with a television set holding her body underwater. The initial investigation yielded no suspects.

Detective Clemens initiated a cold case investigation, revisited the case, and re-evaluated the evidence - including vaginal swabs and a pair of boxer shorts found at the scene. The DNA profile of an unknown male was developed from both the vaginal swabs and the boxer shorts.

That profile was placed in CODIS (Combined DNA Index System).  In October 2005, a CODIS association was made between the unknown profile and that of Clarence Trotter--who was then in custody serving a life sentence for an unrelated Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault/Murder. Additional investigation, interviews, and evidence analysis was conducted.

In August 2006 a search warrant was procured and a confirmation buccal swab obtained from Trotter. During an in-custody interview, Trotter denied knowing the victim and denied ever having been in the address of occurrence. In early January 2007 the ISP Lab verified the profile match between Trotter and the suspect profile.

Trotter was writ into Cook County Jail. On today's date Trotter was taken into custody. During ERI interview Trotter gave statements in conflict with previous interviews.  Furthermore, Trotter now admits having lived in the same building as the victim, and "possibly" having had contact with her. Trotter then refused further interview and requested an attorney.

ASA review resulted in charges of Felony Murder, First Degree Murder and Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault approved. Case now Cleared/Closed by Arrest. 

Because of diligent police work, a violent murderer will be called to task for his heinous actions. 

Area 3. . . job well done.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Chicago Police Team Up with Feds to Shut Down Major South Side Drug Operation

Chicago Police and federal agents dismantled a major drug operation on Wednesday, charging more than 20 gang members with running a lucrative South Side drug market.

Authorities said a faction of the Gangster Disciples street gang pedaled small packages of crack cocaine for $5 apiece in the 5100 block of South Honore Street in North Englewood. Also known as "nicks:' the knotted plastic bags were often hidden inside and distributed from the dealers' mouths in an attempt to deceive police. Several residences in the neighborhood were also identified as stash houses, where larger amounts of narcotics were stored.

The scope of drug dealing prompted Chicago Police to launch a joint investigation with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and other agencies, leading to the approval of federaJ charges against the drug organization's top echelon. This was the first case in which Chicago Police presented a street-corner conspiracy investigation to the U.S. Attorney's Office for federal charges.

"While these dealers were in the business of selling small quantities of drugs to individual users, it was the volume of sales in this area, in addition to a large seizure by our undercover officers, that prompted us to seek federal charges in this investigation," said Supt. Philip J. Cline. "As a result, ten of the 23 targets have been charged with federal criminal drug conspiracy, including Tyrone Smith, who we've identified as the leader of the narcotics organization:'

Smith, 30, of Chicago, was arrested Wednesday along with six co-defendants who face federal charges of criminal drug conspiracy. Arrest warrants were issued for the three other high-ranking dealers.

In addition to the federal charges, state charges were approved against 13 additional offenders. Nine have been charged with delivery of a controlled substance and four with possession of a controlled substance. Police said the crew were members of an offshoot of the Gangster Disciples known as the "LOC" or "Lots of Cash" faction.

The joint mission, named Operation Sith, was launched in June after tactical officers in the Deering (9th) District reported information about a significant narcotics operation near 51 st Street and Honore. Police set up surveillance and learned an open-air drug market was operating in and around that location and within 1,000 feet of a park, two schools and two churches, including Spiritual Wholistic Ministries, where Ald. Shirley Coleman serves as minister.

Over the next 2 months, investigators made 38 undercover purchases of crack cocaine in addition to five covert seizures of both narcotics and cash. As undercover officers gained the trust of the dealers, they were able to make large purchases of crack cocaine, including a single purchase of 280 individually packaged $5 bags.

Operation Sith was a joint mission by the Chicago Police, the DEA, the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, the U.S. Attorney's Office; and the Cook County State's Attorney's Office.

Chicago Police Seize More Than $1.2 Million in Marijuana, Charge Two Men in Southwest Side Drug Bust

Chicago Police seized more than $1.2 million in marijuana and charged two men with possession of cannabis after recovering nearly 500 pounds of pot from a Southwest Side garage on Thursday.

Police also seized three guns, one vehicle and more than $52,000 in cash as part of the investigation, which began earlier this week when police received information about a shipment of marijuana being distributed by unknown individuals using a black 1999 Chrysler 300.

Police traced the vehicle to the 5200 block of South Kenneth Avenue and set up a surveillance. On Thursday, they observed two men enter the vehicle and drive to a garage in the 3400 block of West 72nd Place. After a short time, the men exited the garage with a large bundle of suspected marijuana and drove off.

The vehicle was stopped a few blocks away, and both men were placed under arrest after police recovered 18 pounds of marijuana from the vehicle. Police then received a consent to search the garage, where another 445 pounds of marijuana was discovered. A subsequent search of a residence in the 5200 block of South Kenneth turned up an additional 907 grams of marijuana, three handguns and $52,666 in cash. Police estimated the street value of the marijuana at $1,265,523.

Jose Perez, 27, of the 4500 block of South Spaulding Avenue. and Alejandro Sanchez, 19, of the 5200 block of South Kenneth Avenue, were charged Friday with possession of cannabis. They were scheduled to appear in Bond Court on Friday.