WWE Champion John Cena def. Triple H

Written: April 2, 2006

John Cena will long remember this WrestleMania victory, but he may not remember it fondly.

The Cerebral Assassin’s greatest mind game may have been turning the majority of the capacity crowd against the WWE Champion. The atmosphere was utterly electric in this charged, highly emotional environment. And the loudly derisive chants aimed at Cena must have had a psychological impact on the once unanimously popular champion.

The match seemed over after Triple H connected with his signature sledgehammer. But Cena willed his way out of consecutive covers. The Game next attempted a Pedigree, but The Champ escaped through the back door and instead hit an FU. The King of Kings answered with a kick out that put Cena into a state of dismay. The FU has ended countless matches, but not on this night. Cena stared into the rafters at fans who once supported him but had changed their allegiances. He seemed to be wondering if it wasn’t meant to be on this night with no much to overcome.

Out of desperation, Cena took to the top rope and attempted a flying cross-body. Triple H moved and quickly pounced for the Pedigree. The match-ending impact seemed imminent when Cena reversed it into the STFU. Triple H began to lose consciousness but fought back before his arm began to fall a third time. But Cena only cinched the submission in deeper, leaving The Game no choice but to tap out on the grandest stage of them all. Cena raised his WWE Championship in hard-fought victory, but his head still hung slightly. Clearly, this match was just as emotionally draining as it was physically draining.

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