And The Envelope Please...

September 28th, 2007

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here. Time to announce the winners of Rails Rumble 2007. Please show us some love on digg

Grand Prize - TastyPlanner (Screencast Here)
1st Runner up - Checkbook
2nd Runner up - Admiteer (Screencast Here)

Appearance - Elf List
Most Useful - Conduit
Most Complete - Invent-A-Story
Innovation - SoundBadge (Screencast Here)
Best Solo Project - Irksome

Honorable Mentions (Aside from our winners, we feel that there are a few other apps that deserve attention)
Pagestackr (Screencast Here)
Shoelockr (Screencast Here)
Linga (Screencast Here)
Gradeseed (Screencast Here)

Thanks to all that participated and many thanks to Linode for hosting the servers and our many other sponsors for helping make Rails Rumble 2007 a success.

11 Responses to “And The Envelope Please...”

  1. Josh Catone Says:
    Congrats to all the winners and participants. :)
  2. Kelli Says:
    Congratulations to all the winners! Those are some great looking apps there!
  3. Nils Says:
    Congratulations to all.
  4. Andy Schmitz Says:
    Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks a bunch to all the organizers and sponsors. I had a blast. (I'm a bit confused about the changes in rankings, but I've been told there'll be another post on that, so hopefully that'll get explained.) I'm just glad I got an honorable mention.
  5. Senthil Nayagam Says:
    Congrats to all winners. Hi organizers, would you be publishing the actual vote count for all projects and the algorithm used to compute the rankings.
  6. eshine Says:
    There were SO MANY great apps, all of you who participated, you all did so great! I really hope that everyone had a good time, made some friends, learned some useful tools and will come back next year for the Rumble 2008! In the spirit of friendship, learning and expanding our expertise in working with Ruby on Rails, seriously, great job everyone, good show!
  7. Marcus Derencius Says:
    Congratulation to the winners, some really good stuff on there. Nice to see a brazillian project on the honorable list.
  8. Tom Says:
    Congrats, guys!
  9. Josh Owens Says:
    Congrats guys! Here is the article on digg: http://digg.com/tech_news/Rails_Rumble_2007_Winners_Announced
  10. Jurgen Kleykamp Says:
    What a fun competition! Thanks for making the internet beautiful and fun!
  11. ciukes Says:
    Congratulations to all contestants! Can anyone tell where can I find ranking with all applications?

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