Height: 6 foot
Weight: 235 pounds
From: Battle Creek, Mich.
Signature Move: Five-Star Frog Splash, Van Daminator
Career Highlights: ECW Champion, ECW Television Champion, ECW Tag Team Champion, WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion, WWE World Tag Team Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion, unified the Intercontinental Championship with the Hardcore and European Championships
Entrance Video: WATCH

Arguably the most uniquely gifted athlete ever to compete in professional wrestling, Rob Van Dam can do things that no other wrestler can do, has done or ever will do. Also known as "The Whole F'n Show," fans feel seeing RVD wrestle is well worth the price of the ticket. Rob Van Dam's one of a kind offensive arsenal includes Rolling Thunder, The Van Daminator and the mind-blowing Van Terminator.

Distinguishing himself from other wrestlers by exhibiting his martial arts skills and uncanny flexibility, RVD first gained fame inside the squared circle of ECW. Rob Van Dam and Sabu were both trained by Sabu's uncle, The Sheik and had a tenuous relationship that resulted in epic extreme battle with one another and two ECW World Tag Team Championship reigns.

At one time, Rob Van Dam was a co-holder of the ECW World Tag Team Championship and The ECW World Television Champion simultaneously. He held the ECW World Television Championship for a record-breaking 23 months. His reign ended only because Rob Van Dam broke his ankle and was forced to relinquish the championship.

Since signing with WWE in July 2001, Rob Van Dam has been equally impressive, racking up two World Tag Team Championships, a WWE Tag Team Championship, and six WWE Intercontinental Championships which saw RVD unify the Intercontinental Championship with the WWE Hardcore Championship and WWE European Championships before retiring both of those titles. 

At ECW One Night Stand on June 11, 2006, RVD defeated John Cena for the WWE Championship in an Extreme Rules match. Rob Van Dam vowed to re-christen the title as the ECW Championship.

On the world premiere of ECW on Sci Fi on June 13, 2006, ECW Representative, Paul Heyman finally awarded Rob Van Dam with the ECW Championship that had eluded him for over 10 years. Rather dropping the WWE Championship, RVD chose to wear both belts because the ECW World Title is the greatest achievement in his career, and WWE Championship amuses him because "it spins."