The Great Seal of Ohio

While the Great Seal of Ohio has undergone several changes in its design, the current version was adopted by the state's Legislature in 1967 and modified in 1996.

On the seal is a representation of the Scioto River, separating fields of grain from Mount Logan and Chillicothe. The 13 rays of the rising sun symbolize the 13 original colonies, and the 17 arrows symbolize that Ohio was the 17th state admitted to the Union.

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 The ODOT Emblem

The Ohio Department of Transportation was signed into law and created on June 30, 1972, by Governor John Gilligan.

Shortly after ODOT was formed, a contest was held to develop a new logo, or emblem to represent the department. ODOT officials were looking for a symbol showing mobility without confinement or limitation. They felt an abstract creation would be best so the emblem would fit future transportation concepts, as well as concepts which were current  at that time.

The emblem was designed by Randy Witherspoon of ODOT's Central Office public information staff, and it was adopted in December 1972. Although it was drafted in blue and other colors were tried, the green symbol eventually became the final, lasting color.

The center of the emblem has been described as a wing and as a zephyr - a soft, gentle breeze. Regardless, the symbol depicts forward movement and the intent of the Ohio Department of Transportation: to move forward to meet the needs of the citizens of Ohio.