Creating one-of-a-kind,
ultra personalized baby
blankets that truly
say a lot about you...

Hallmark™ uses the tag, “when you care enough to send the very best.” That’s a great tag line! We strive to deliver that feeling with our baby blankets.

  -- Sonya Bebeblankee, Founder

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What makes a personalized baby blanket from Sonya Bebeblankee such a unique & memorable gift?

“We personalize ‘em out the wha-zoo”
You provide the copy, we’ll embroider your warmest wishes along all 4 satin edges. Much more than a monogram, or a name & a date, you’ll have up to 200 characters to work with. Each blanket truly tells a story.

“Each one is truly one-of-a-kind”
Your own copy combined with your choices of: (32) blanket styles/colors, (27) fonts & (12) thread colors ensure your baby blanket is as original as the little one who is lucky enough to carry one.

“Nothing but the best -- pure luxury”
No fleece, acrylic or flannel here! Every one of our baby blankets is made of 100% woven cotton, trimmed with 2 inches of the silkiest smooth satin you ever did see (or lay your hands on).

“Simple, fast and easy on the wallet”
Fully embroidered blankets start at just $39 and ship within 3-7 business days!

You are just 2 steps away from completing customizing your personalized baby blanket.

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If you need a great gift shipped out today. They said it -- not us. Take their word for it.
when's a good time for a personalized baby blanket?
> Newborn baby gifts
> Baptisms & Christening gifts
> Infant & Toddler birthdays gifts
> Baby shower gifts
> Corporate gift giving
> Adoption baby gifts
> Just because I want to...


What it is about "these" personalized baby blankets that make them such great gifts?

> ULTRA PERSONALIZED: Personalize your baby blanket with up to 50 characters per side (200 total).

> Each baby blanket is one-of-a-kind and produced in a matter of days, not weeks!

> Oodles of choices: (27) fonts, (50+) thread colors, (32) blanket styles and colors

> Our exclusive collection of 100% cotton blanket styles -- all trimmed in 2" of glorious satin binding.

> The ability to fully customize a baby blanket and check out in just 2 pages! Ordering is simple, fun & easy.

> Tight deadlines are a reality. Regardless the occasion -- you can count on us delivering.

What you are getting is our full attention. Making ULTRA personalized baby blankets is ALL that we do. No bibs, no t-shirts, no sterling silver spoons here. We take great pride in being the best at what we do -- and focus our energy to making the highest quality, most memorable personalized baby blankets -- as affordably and quickly as possible. In short -- they are: practical, memorable and leave a last impression for years (possibly generations) to come.

> Newborns Gifts
> Baptism & Christening Gifts
> They also wonderful for toddler and birthday gifts, holiday gifts and believe it or not...
> Even baby showers (yes -- we can even help you bring an expecting mom & dad a personalized gift without knowing the baby's name or gender!) Just click here and we'll show you how.

Each Personalized Baby Blanket is Truly "One-of-a-Kind"

Your ULTRA personalized baby blanket will be embroidered with your very own message/story.

While other retailers limit your personalization to 12 characters or less, you can personalize our baby blankets with up to 200 characters (THIS IS THE "ULTRA PERSONALIZATION), giving you the freedom to weave your emotions, life lessons and best wishes into the satin edges of our 100% cotton personalized baby blankets.

Need help with your message? We offer you access to some of the best ideas, words of inspiration and wisdom -- pulled from the personalized baby blankets of our more creative clients.

Your messaging on top of dozens of fonts, thread colors and blanket styles/colors -- ensures that your truly gifting a personalized baby blanket that's truly "one-of-a-kind"

High Quality Personalized Baby Blankets = Practical Luxury

Our blankets are made of 100% cotton with satin edges. We sell the same baby blankets produced for and sold by many other luxury/high end retailers (won't catch us using names), which means you are giving a gift of the highest quality - personalized and professionally embroidered for a fraction of the cost of what the blanket would cost in the store (with no personalization).

Make a Lasting Impression with the Perfect Baby Gift

Having a new baby is a special time. You can share the joy by giving a baby gift that parents will long remember (and their babies will get plenty of mileage out of). A warm, silky-soft cotton baby blanket embroidered with your warmest wishes woven around all 4 satin edges.

Parents will remember you each time they wrap their baby in your personalized baby blanket. It's a true personalized baby gift from the heart, that makes you look "so thoughtful and resourceful" and can be completely customized and ordered in less than 5 minutes.

Our mission: Provide you with the product and service to allow you to be the "ultra thoughtful" gift giver that you work so hard to be.

Our guarantee: The personalized baby blanket you order from us will be one of the very few gifts that will never hit the garage sale pile! :)

Crazy Easy to Order & Super Fast Shipping

Ordering online is easy: If you order our personalized baby blanket, you are just 3 clicks away from confirming your purchase. If you need a gift in a hurry -- and decide to go with a "PigInABlankie & friends" combo, we'll get you checked out even quicker than that.

Personalized baby blankets typically ship within 5-7 business days. And if you're in a real time crush, we offer rush production services which can have your blanket headed to your (or their) door step in 2-3 business days.

also featuring international shipping
via USPS Global Express Mail
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