Thursday, December 13, 2007
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Top Medical Schools - Research
Rank Overall score Peer assess- ment score (5.0 highest) Assessment score by residency directors (5.0 highest) Selectivity rank '06 average undergrad GPA '06 average MCAT score '06 acceptance rate % '04-'06 graduates entering primary care '06 faculty/ student ratio '06 out-of state tuition & fees '06 total medical school enrollment
 1.University of Washington
  100 4.3 4.3 41 3.64 10.4 6.2% 46.0% 2.5 $38,094 806
 2.University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
  93 3.8 3.8 33 3.64 10.7 6.2% 53.0% 1.8 $35,039 735
 3.University of Colorado–Denver and Health Sciences Center
 4.Oregon Health and Science University
 5.Mich. State U. Coll. of Osteopathic Medicine
 6.East Carolina University (Brody) (NC)
 7.University of Vermont
 8.University of California–San Francisco
 9.University of Wisconsin–Madison
 10.University of Nebraska College of Medicine
 11.Baylor College of Medicine (TX)
 11.University of Massachusetts–Worcester
 13.Harvard University (MA)
 13.University of Minnesota Medical School
 13.University of Rochester (NY)
 16.Indiana University–Indianapolis
 16.University of Pennsylvania
 18.Dartmouth Medical School (NH)
 18.Michigan State University
 18.U. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center–Dallas
 18.University of California–Los Angeles (Geffen)
 18.University of Iowa (Carver)
 18.University of Missouri–Columbia
 18.University of Pittsburgh
 18.Wake Forest University (NC)
 18.Yeshiva University (Einstein) (NY)
 27.Brown University (RI)
 28.Case Western Reserve University (OH)
 28.Johns Hopkins University (MD)
 30.Oklahoma State University
 30.University of California–Davis
 30.University of Maryland
 30.Vanderbilt University (TN)
 34.Duke University (NC)
 34.U. of N. Texas Health Sci. Center (Texas Col. of Osteopathic Medicine)
 34.University of Alabama–Birmingham
 34.University of Connecticut
 38.Emory University (GA)
 38.Ohio State University
 38.University of California–San Diego
 38.University of New Mexico
 38.University of Virginia
 38.Washington University in St. Louis
 44.Northwestern University (Feinberg) (IL)
 45.Mayo Medical School (MN)
 45.University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
 45.University of Florida
 45.University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
 45.University of Utah
 50.Medical College of Wisconsin
 50.University of California–Irvine
 50.West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine
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