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Yorke Preps 12"s With Field, Four Tet, Burial Remixes
And also Various, Modeselektor, Surgeon, and Christian Vogel Remixes

Lonely? Looking for love? Good thing it's singles day all up in here at today, eh? And our de facto tribute to the shortest-playing of formats continues right now with the announcement of a newly-pressed series of three-songers from Thom Yorke, due early next year.

Wait a minute, Thom Yorke? Didn't that guy's solo album come out in, like, 2006? It sure did, but that hasn't stopped XL Recordings from preparing a trio of slick new 12"s collecting remixes of assorted tracks off The Eraser. Bearing the clunky but informative titles "And It Rained All Night (Burial Remix) / Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix) / Analyse (Various Remix)", "Atoms for Peace (Four Tet Remix) / Black Swan (Christian Vogel Remix 1) / Black Swan (Christian Vogel Remix 2)", and "Harrowdown Hill (The Bug Remix) / The Clock (Surgeon Remix) / Cymbal Rush (The Field Remix)", the 12"s contain, well, precisely that. Look for them in UK shoppes beginning January 21, January 28, and February 4, respectively.

Oh, and if a few of these remixes sound familiar, perhaps you downloaded them off Yorke's site one whole year ago this week.

In related news, some band involving Yorke did something something tour blah blah Rainbows etc. [MORE...]

Diplo Remixes Spoon's "Don't You Evah" for Charity

Spoon's "Don't You Evah", from their fine Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga LP, has a nice little swing to it, sure. But leave it to Diplo to crank up the bottom end in just about anything he touches, even a straight-ahead rock track from a bunch of tightly-wound Texans.

Diplo's crafted a remix of "Don't You Evah" which the Merge Records digital store is selling this very moment. All proceeds from sales of the tune go to the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, an organization that advocates fair practices within Texas courts.

When they're not matching wits for a good cause, Spoon and Diplo are out on the road. (Not together.) Both have but a handful of dates over the next few months. And Spoon presently have a poster signed by the band up on eBay as part of Merge's previously reported charity project. [MORE...]


Robyn Invites Us to "Be Mine" on Latest Single, Dates

UK Robyn fans wondering just when "Be Mine" might be theirs ought look no further: the stellar track from the Swedish pop starlet's 2005's self-titled masterstroke (released in the UK just this year) finally gets a single this winter from Konichiwa.

Starting December 21, you can download a "top notch remix package" for the tune at digital outlets worldwide, sporting, as you may have guessed, a whole bunch of "Be Mine" remixes. The "Ballard Version" of the single hits digital outlets January 11, while CD and 12" versions-- bolstered with various remixes from the "package" folks and others-- hit UK shelves January 14. Confused? We don't blame you, so everything's all spelled out after the jump.

In other Robyn news, her album is finally coming to the States next year, which means we'll have to think up a new closing line for all these Robyn stories. Ooh, how about this: Robyn's touring! She's got a number of live dates lined up around Europe next year, including a stop at the Netherlands' EuroSonic festival. And, though she hasn't yet made good on her promise to personally visit the States, we'll gladly keep reminding her about it until she does. [MORE...]


Morrissey Reveals New Single Details
Greatest hits gets UK release date

Now that Morrissey's settled all that label drama and let the NME know what's what, he can finally get back to what he does best. No, not crying, silly. Recording and releasing popular music to soundtrack your tears!

January 28, Moz will issue his inaugural release for Polydor/Decca: a tri-format UK single for "That's How People Grow Up", one of two new tracks on his forthcoming fifteen-track greatest solo hits collection (due UK-ways February 4; U.S. date TBA). Recorded with You Are the Quarry producer Jerry Finn (who's also helming sessions for Moz's next solo LP, due this fall), "Grow Up" will be backed by a handful of live takes on Moz/Smiths classics culled from 2007 tours on a CD and a pair of 7"s. No word yet on a U.S. release for the single.

In addition to his plethora of '08 releases, Morrissey's got that previously announced European tour he'll kick off in mid-January. Three tracklists and a tour itinerary after the jump. [MORE...]

Liars, No Age Members Team for Sissy Spacek Show
The band, not the actress, awesome though that would be

Prolific avant artist and noisenik (also Sunn O))) collaborator) John Wiese will play a show with his group Sissy Spacek at Los Angeles' the Smell tomorrow night (December 13). But Sissy Spacek are from L.A., so another hometown show is no big deal, right?

Not quite, since the Sissy Spacek playing this show isn't the usual duo or trio. It's the Sissy Spacek 13-Tet, a 13-piece orchestra consisting of members of bands like Liars, No Age, White Magic, and Mika Miko.

The 13-Tet will perform two sets at the Smell on Thursday, and the full list of the orchestra's members (including what they'll play) is as follows:

Mitchell Brown (ex-Gasp), percussion
Kate Hall (Mika Miko), percussion
Joseph Hammer (L.A. Free Music Society), tape
Aaron Hemphill (Liars), guitar
Tim Koh (White Magic), percussion
Giles Miller, woodwinds
Damion Romero (ex-Slug), electronics
Corydon Ronnau (Obstacle Corpse), guitar
Jarrett Silberman (ex-Young People), guitar
Dean Spunt (No Age), percussion
David Scott Stone, electronics
Shannon Walter (16 Bitch Pile-Up), electronics
John Wiese, electronics

Black Lips Add Tour Dates (Yep) Again

Photo by Daniel Arnold

Just when you think you've written the definitive "whew, looks like I won't be writing another Black Lips tour story in a while" Black Lips tour story, the band goes ahead and schedules dates in freakin' May. May, please, we'll all be too busy playing with our new iPhone Minis by then to go out and see live music.

But if for some reason you're not, and you live in the UK or Ireland, you can go to one of these new Black Lips shows in May. If you live anywhere else, Black Lips have plenty of tour dates for you too. Hell, they're probably planning an intergalactic tour at this very moment.

Finally, don't forget that one of Black Lips' May dates is at the ATP vs. Pitchfork festival weekend. [MORE...]

Explosions to "Drop off the Face of the Earth" After Tour
"For awhile", anyway

Explosions in the Sky sure know how to make up for lost time. Though they were forced to cancel their European tour this summer, they have more than made up for it with a 2008 tour that extends almost to June.

The rescheduled European shows join the band's rescheduled UK shows, but the new schedule also includes stops in the U.S. and Australia. While there are a ton of these shows, Explosions announced via their website that "after June 2008, we plan on dropping off the face of the earth for awhile, so these will probably be our last shows for quite some time. We hope some of you can make it out."

Opening all of the U.S. shows will be Kranky artist Lichens, aka Rob Lowe of 90 Day Men.

Just before quitting time is Explosions in the Sky's appearance at the ATP event they are curating, which takes place May 16-18 in Minehead, England. [MORE...]


Yeasayer Announce Big 2008 Tour

Photo by William Kirk

Yeasayer might seem like they're everywhere right now, but there are some key places their wild live show hasn't penetrated just yet. Despite releasing a Pitchfork Recommended debut in All Hour Cymbals and playing plenty of shows in the UK and Europe this year, the band has yet to tour its home continent. The foursome will remedy that situation next year with their first full-blown North American tour, where they'll be joined by fellow Brooklynites MGMT. Following that tour are even more European dates, including a stop at the ATP vs. Pitchfork event in May.

Yeasayer are also planning the UK single release of another All Hour Cymbals song for early 2008. The identity of the track is currently undisclosed, but it will come with a previously unrecorded and also undisclosed "live favorite" on the B-side, according to a press release. [MORE...]

Final Fantasy Song Jacked for Ad Leads to Anger Lawsuit Totally Sweet Music Festival
Pallett-curated traveling shindig boasts Deerhoof, Dirty Projectors, Frog Eyes, Six Organs

Once upon a time, a Vienna-based public works company called Wiener Stadtwerke wanted to use a Final Fantasy song ("This Is the Dream of Win & Regine" from 2005's Has a Good Home) in a commercial. The song's creator, Owen Pallett, politely declined, on the grounds that Wiener Stadtwerke was not in fact publicly owned.

Recalling what they learned about tenacity in business school (and ignoring what they learned about scruples), Wiener Stadtwerke went ahead and used the song anyway, soliciting an unauthorized cover version with a few swapped out lyrics and a new title, and crediting the whole thing to some mysterious entity called N.A.S.C.O. The commercial features ordinary citizens being attacked by white wispy graphics over Pallett's familiar string sorcery; you may view it right here:

Pallett caught wind of the devious move and was, naturally, less than pleased. But here's where things go all Disney ending. Rather than sue the asses off the shady company, Pallett was prepared to let the whole thing slide-- until Wiener Stadtwerke approached him, hat in hand, with an even better offer. The company agreed to help finance a festival co-curated by Pallett and his European booking agent.

Wait a minute, a festival?? You bet. "So far I think we've got all the 'best bands in the world', plus my lousy excuse for a band," Pallett joked in an email to Pitchfork, and indeed the folks already lined up for this thing make for a fine bunch. Dirty Projectors, Frog Eyes, and Six Organs of Admittance will play all three dates of the fest (in London, Vienna, and Berlin), while Deerhoof will headline the latter two. A bill-topper for the London gig has not yet been named.

All three events-- collectively dubbed the Maximum Black Festival-- go down as February turns to March next year. Many thanks to reader Christian Prügger for the tip.

Apart from finding himself on the good side of karma, Final Fantasy hasn't done too terribly much since unleashing a Zach Condon-boosted Tomlab 7" last month and, um, doodling. Most signs, however, point to a He Poos Clouds follow-up sometime in the '08. [MORE...]

Okkervil River Drop Free Covers Mixtape, Add Gigs
Tackle Serge Gainsbourg, John Cale, Joni Mitchell, Sandy Denny, the Fugs

Sometimes you love a song so much you just have to cover it, and sometimes you're pleased enough with the results to share them with the world. So it went for Will Sheff and his Okkervil River, who have pieced together a handful of choice live covers and readied them for your downloading pleasure, free of charge.

Golden Opportunities Mixtape is what they're calling it, and apart from one Okkervil original, the other eight tunes here come courtesy of folks like Serge Gainsbourg (translated to English by Sheff), John Cale, Joni Mitchell, Sandy Denny, the Fugs, and Jimmy Webb (by way of Nina Simone). All were recorded by Okkervil "at various radio stations, concerts, and empty hotel stairwells" in 2006 and 2007.

You can nab the whole thing right now-- complete with digital artwork, liner notes, and your choice of audio quality-- on Okkervil's website.


What's more, Sheff has made it known that he wants feedback. Golden is no random smattering of other people's songcraft; indeed, the collection boasts "loose thematic ties" to Okkervil's latest, The Stage Names. Perhaps you'd like to ask Mr. Sheff himself for more insight? Send questions to and they just might be answered. Or inquire via the Okkervil message board, your call. Then swing over to the Okkervil website Friday (December 14) morning, where all will be revealed.

Finally, that tiny 2008 Okkervil jaunt we brought to your attention a little while back has since grown five-fold. Among the new stops are quite a few in Europe and a handful Down Under to coincide with the band's previously mentioned Laneway Festival appearances. Okkervil River live: hey, I'd watch it! [MORE...]


The Mars Volta Whip Up More Dates

Intent on taking the Bedlam far beyond wherever Goliath is, the Mars Volta have added to their previously reported European tour by throwing a couple weeks' worth of U.S. shows onto the front end.

The new dates are all in January, before the January 29 release of the Volta's fourth album, The Bedlam in Goliath, on Universal. [MORE...]

Radiohead Pad Out Tour With New Dates
MapleMusic handles Canadian release of In Rainbows

The freeloading has ended, but the date adding continues. Radiohead have announced a whopping three new live shows as part of their 2008 summer tour. The new dates are second shows in Dublin and Milan and a set at the Main Square Festival in Arras, France.

Radiohead will also grace another locale with In Rainbows jams, but in their studio forms, as MapleMusic Recordings will release the album on CD and vinyl in Canada on January 1. Hey! That's the same day it comes out physically in the U.S. (via TBD/ATO) and the day after the UK unveiling (via XL).

In other Radiohead news, we have it on strong suspicion that at least one member of the band will visit the restroom today, so stay tuned. [MORE...]
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