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Organizations for Students in the Arts

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Liturgical Music
This group helps to plan, develop, and provide music for all student-related prayer services and liturgies. This group is open to all students who are interested in music. Moderator: Mr. Minelli (

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Theatre Xavier
St. Xavier's theatre group performs two or three major productions each year- a fall drama/comedy, a winter drama/comedy and a spring musical - open to all.  Become involved  in stage/building/props crew, costume/makeup, lighting/sound, ticketing/house managing, student directing/producing, artwork/set decor, as well as acting/performance.  Time committment varies for crew members.  Performers, however, do make a time committment of four rehearsals each week.  Theatre Xavier is a co-ed extracurricular, drawing from the area's private and public schools.  It's a dynamic place to meet people, grow in theatre skills, and participate in a team venture resulting in exciting performances.  Moderator:  Ms.  Michele Mascari (


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