News from the Mayor of London: November 2007

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The Mayor of London will take over the North London line on 11 November and it will be renamed the London Overground.

The Mayor wants service, quality and personal security to be transformed with every single station on the line staffed until the last train leaves at night.

And there will be a series of upgrades for trains and stations that will make the line a safer and cleaner service and see passenger-carrying capacity increase.

Mayor Ken Livingstone said: 'This is the first time that Transport for London has taken over a national rail line.

'We aim to radically improve all North London line trains and stations to make them a much safer and more welcoming environment for passengers.' Years of under-funding means that this is not something that will happen overnight. It will take a number of years for the line to be brought up to Transport for London's high standards of safety, reliability, accessibility and cleanliness.

As part of the upgrade there will be CCTV cameras on every station as well as more help points and better lighting on stations.

The line will be patrolled by 55 British Transport Police officers.
And there will be brand new trains from 2009.

Other significant improvements to the service will include the introduction of Oyster pay-as-yougo and a deep cleaning and refurbishment programme at all stations. The London Overground will also eventually join up with the extended East London line to create a new rail artery around London. This will serve 20 London boroughs ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games.

  • The London Overground network will appear on the Tube map from November and over the next six months orange and blue roundels will appear at stations indicating they are part of the Transport for London network.

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