Mother and Daughter Commit Costly Error (continued)

Kevin & Drew were the third Team to find the Roadblock. They read the first part of the clue. "The one who does this should be a cat lover. That's not you!" Drew laughed. He immediately volunteered to do the task and headed into the valley. "I feel like Siegfried and Roy!" Drew joked as he made his way through the tigers.

The last Team to arrive was Nancy & Emily. "Oh, my gosh," Emily said as she saw the first tiger. She cautiously made her way through the tigers, got the clue and returned to her mother. They hopped back into their cab. "It ain't over 'till the fat lady sings. Better start practicing," Nancy joked.

The Fat Lady Sings

All Teams were now heading to the Pit Stop. In the lead were Frank & Margarita and Rob & Brennan. In the middle were Kevin & Drew. Running behind were Nancy & Emily and Joe & Bill, who were on an eleven-hour bus ride to Krabi. Their spirits, though, were high. They had no idea who would be the last Team to arrive in Krabi.

Rob & Brennan were first to arrive at the temple. As they approached the clock-in mat, Brennan noted, "No one's here telling us we're eliminated, so I think we're okay." They were more than "okay" when they found out that they'd clocked in first. Next to show up were Frank & Margarita. They were stunned that the Fast Forward Team hadn't yet arrived.

Behind them, Kevin & Drew arrived. Later, Nancy & Emily made it. They arrived at the Pit Stop to hugs from the other Teams. "We messed up," Nancy told them. Emily added that they never thought that Team Guido would "mess up."

Kevin & Drew in search of their carIt was dawn when Joe & Bill made their way up the temple's stairs. "Uh-oh. There are a lot of shoes here," Bill noticed, referring to their competitor's familiar footwear. They entered the temple and were told to meet with host Phil Keoghan. Phil told them that they were the last Team to arrive, but because Nancy & Emily made a conscious decision not to do the required Detour task, they would receive a twenty-four hour penalty, required by the rules for any decision to skip a task, and therefore, would be eliminated from the race. Nancy & Emily never thought that they could, in fact, have beaten Team Guido had they not "thrown in the towel." Ultimately, Team Guido did benefit from the luck they won at the Reclining Buddha shrine.

Nancy & Emily fought back tears as they received the news. Later, looking back on the experience, Emily reflected, "I don't think anyone took us seriously from day one. So we did a lot better than we thought we would. We're proud of ourselves. It's been a really great opportunity for me and my mom. We haven't always been so close, but I think it's opened a whole new door in our relationship." Nancy added to that thought, "At this moment in time, even though we have just been eliminated, I feel like the luckiest mother in the world." ( Nancy & Emily's final words )

   Would you have competed in

Yes--I'd even do it for free!
Yes, for a million bucks.
No, not even for a million bucks.

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