Springfield Electric (1897 - 1921) which became Springfield Terminal Railway Company (1921-1984) hauled freight as its major source of revenue. (Click on the pictures if you want to see a larger version, or more information).
[Just below the post office] [Downtown Springfield Vermont] Springfield Electric ran from Charlestown, NH to Springfield, VT. This is a postcard showing downtown Springfield with the trolley in front of the Adna Brown Hotel. This railroad was owned in part by the city of Springfield, Vermont.
Downtown Springfield Vermont in winter This post card had a caption of Evening Storm of March 18th 1914, Springfield, Vt. It looks like The Springfield Electric trolley is waiting to take some of the local shop keepers home for the evening or is it waiting for the departure time to take the mail to the B&M's Night Owl? The trolley is in front of the Adna Brown Hotel as usual.
[Car number 16] Springfield Terminal Railway Company took over operations of Springfield Electric in the 1920's. The Boston & Maine Railroad bought a controlling portion of the stock. Springfield Terminal Railway Company car number 16 is seen here after the transfer to Connecticut Electric Railway, Warehouse point, near Hartford Connecticut. The picture is dated August 1956.
[Number 15] Springfield Terminal owned two Baldwin Westinghouse Class B-1, 50 ton Steeple Cab electric locomotives. They were numbered 15 and 20. Here is a picture of number 15 with number 20 peaking out from behind.
[Number 20 waits as a CV train passes] [Number 20] By 1947, Springfield Terminal was only moving freight. this picture was featured in Green Mountain Rails, by Robert W. Jones was taken in the 1950's. This is one of my favorite pictures of trolley freight operations in Vermont.
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