“Instruments of Hell”
split 7” w/No Comply        
1997 Open Wound Records

Exhumed tracklist:
1.       Instruments of Hell
2.       Carneous Corneal Carbonization

Matt Harvey: Guitar, Vocals
Col Jones: Drums
Ross Sewage: Bass, Vocals

Recorded by Steve Gaugin at Final Mix Studios, Campbell CA Cover art by Exhumed, photography by Ross

"Instruments of Hell" is one of the few songs written specifically about a specific serial killer, Albert Fish in this case.  The whole cover art was based around this, with pictures of the three of us as little kids surrounded by an axe and bloody meat.  This was our first recording as a three-piece, which made the whole session novel and cool for the band.  Since we didn't have any more new material, we went ahead and re-recorded "Carneous…" from the "Horrific Expulsion of Gore" demo.  We also recorded a new and vastly superior version of the track "Cadaveric Splatter Platter" from the first 7" during the same session that was never released.

Instruments of Hell (musick - Harvey; lyrixxx - Sewage, 1997)
Hacking and slashing I endeavor to make the choicest cuts
Exsecting the posterior and I'll have secured the gluteus maximus
Spanked, slapped and striped to tenderize as I ignite the gas
I slaver over my uncooked fare, lusting for a piece of ass...

My instruments of hell will rend your mortal shell
On human viscera and meat I dine tonight
With my cleaver, knife and blades your rear quarters are flayed
I'll take it out of your hide...

Exsiccated skin blisters over scorched flesh, cheeks buckle in the heat
Marinated with liquid to acquire the flavor, a gravy tender and sweet
Roasted fibers and tendons seduce me with an aromatic whiff
Setting my place to accept a succulent dish, buttocks I culled from a stiff...

My instruments of hell will rend your mortal shell
The tantalizing victuals beyond compare
With my cleaver, knife and blades your rear quarters are splayed
I eat your derriere...

With fevered anticipation, I pulverize steaming booty in my gaping maw
The pungent tang of the boys sweet fat ass leaves me in a state of awe
Incising muscle, contractile tissue, ingestion of human flesh
Of all anatomical sustenance, the hind quarters taste the best...

With my instruments of hell I rent your mortal shell
The feast of dribbling gore was sublime
With my cleaver knife and blades your rear quarters were filleted
Your fucking ass is mine...

Carneous Corneal Carbonization (musick - Harvey, Houdashelt, Jones; lyrixxx - Harvey, 1994)
Infernal eyesockets smolder
As liquefacted eyeballs ooze
Scalded optical nerves
Blackened, blinded, and burnt...

Melting flesh covers unseeing eyes
Repulsively deforming the charred face...

Pupils and irises engulfed and incinerated
The cornea cauterized and sickly immolated
A waxen mangled visage is all that remains
Blistered and molten, your carbonized brain...

Charbroiled to embers, your face now crumbles and cracks
A disgusting heap of cinders, Boiled to a crispy shade of black...

The ashes, embers, and grout leave you looking somewhat burnt-out...