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Perhaps more than other fields, science creates a future. Tomorrow depends on a vision of collaboration and cooperation.

As a community of innovators, the College of Science will continue to integrate education and research to produce top graduates and ground breaking discoveries.

The College consists of 5 academic departments and 12 research institutes and centers. There are over 1,200 undergraduate students and 145 full time teaching and research faculty with impressive awards and accolades. Our Faculty have generated over 35 million dollars in research grants and awards over the last year.

Completed in the fall of 2006, Jordan Hall of Science, a 70 million dollar science teaching facility, enables the college to teach science at a new level.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The College of Science offers students quality experiences in laboratories that they likely would not have received at larger universities.

Undergraduates are exposed to fascinating research – even as early as their sophomore year. As a result, they gain a very real understanding of what research entails. By the time science undergraduates have reached their senior year at Notre Dame, they are fully prepared make informed decisions on pursuing graduate or professional school as well as a variety of careers. No matter what direction they take, their Notre Dame education will have prepared them well.

In the Mathematics Department, the purpose of the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) is to offer research experience to the most gifted junior and senior mathemetic students who are considering graduate school in one of the mathematical sciences. The REU was an outgrowth of a major project in the Department, called the Seminar for Undergraduate Mathematical Research (SUMR) for gifted students. Math majors are also encouraged to do a research project with a faculty member of their choice, and write a senior thesis on their research.

Numerous opportunities exist for those interested in doing research in Physics, which has a thriving summer REU program. Research experience can cover both experimental and theoretical areas; and is flexible to allow for varying work loads of each student. The research is often published and includes active participation in laboratories both in the US and abroad.

The Department of Chemistry invites between 10 and 14 students per year from all over the country to work on science and engineering projects over the summer. The range of subjects spans multiple disciplines. In the past, students have designed and fabricated sensors for visible and infrared light for use with an artificial retina. Part of the project involves travel to the Technical University of Budapest in Hungary. Other students have studied a plant virus by atomic force microscopy and worked on modeling detoxification of hazardous waste via a fungus, which involved building a bioreactor and monitoring its output. Learn more about this opportunity by visiting the Nano/Bio REU website. are encouraged to tackle research to prepare them for entry into the professions of medicine, dentistry or other fields of the healing professions.

The Preprofessional Studies Department encourages students to participate in a wide variety of research to prepare them for entry into the professions of medicine, dentisry, or other healing professions.

Some of the most varied and fascinating opportunities for undergraduate research are available in Biology in three research clusters: Ecology, Evolution, and Environment (EEE); Cellular and Physiological Dynamics (CPD); and Infectious Disease (ID). In Biology, BIOS241R gives students bona-fide experience that is a huge plus for those seeking a summer research internship and a website specifically devoted to undergraduate research opportunities

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