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Joe Lally/Capillary Action Gear Stolen in San Francisco

Fugazi's Joe Lally and Philly's Capillary Action were enjoying a nice stop over in San Francisco following a shared gig on their current tour when tragedy struck. November 16, between the hours of 3-10 a.m. on the corner of Valencia Street and Clinton Park, someone broke into Capillary Action's tour van and grabbed a few things without asking permission first. And they were:

Roland KC350 Amp with bent corner
Yamaha S03 Keyboard with cracked side
Alesis QS7 Keyboard
Sharp VLNZ50U MiniDV Recorder with 3" Color LCD Screen (you'll find footage from a November 15 show in Palo Alto inside)

Look, people, if you absolutely must steal, don't take the broken gear of a notoriously generous dude. While Lally has indicated that he didn't personally lose anything of great value, I'm sure his friends in Capillary Action would like their gear back. Got some info on the theft? Place that tail between your legs, gulp down all that pride, and shoot an e-mail to this address.

The joint tour continues tonight in Olympia. Lally has also lined up a round of February 2008 dates. [MORE...]

NIN Remix Site Halted by Universal Music Group

A little more than a month or so back, we spilled what we could on Nine Inch Nails' mysterious Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D LP. The disc in all its forms is out today (November 20), but the accompanying website--, designed as a hub for submission and discussion of fan remixes-- might as well be a LOLcat at this point.

Seems "The Man"-- played, in this instance, by Doug Morris and his Universal Music Group-- doesn't want Trent and company R3M1Xing sans regulation while the project is being hosted by Universal. And, since Universal owns all the Nine Inch Nails master tapes (recall that NIN's former label Interscope falls under the Universal umbrella), the project is contingent upon their agreement.

In essence, the notoriously litigious Universal Music Group doesn't want to appear to be backing a copyright-disgregarding free-for-all when they've been spending so much time squelching such behavior elsewhere. They're not so much worried about Nine Inch Nails tunes becoming the subject of silly mashups as they are appearing like hypocrites (and, naturally, getting sued) for infringing on the copyrights of the other artists and songwriters who may be sampled or mashed by the Nine Inch Nails loyal.

As Trent writes in a statement on the NIN site (linked via Stereogum), "Universal feels that if they host our remix site, they will be opening themselves up to the accusation that they are sponsoring the same technical violation of copyright they are suing [YouTube and MySpace] for. Their premise is that if any fan decides to remix one of my masters with material Universal doesn't own-- a 'mash-up', a sample, whatever-- and upload it to the site, there is no safe harbor under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (according to Universal) and they will be doing exactly what MySpace and YouTube are doing. This behavior may get hauled out in court and impact their lawsuit."

Universal are willing to let Nine Inch Nails host the remix site, provided Trent's willing to take legal responsibility should any problems arise. In addition, Reznor writes, "part of the arrangement is having user licenses that the fans sign (not unlike those on MySpace or YouTube) saying they will not use unauthorized materials. If they WERE to do such a thing, everybody sues everybody and the world abruptly ends." Hyperbole, perhaps, but Trent's still mulling this one over, and as such, the "cool and innovative site" they have ready to launch is presently in limbo. "More to come" is the only indication of when we can expect the situation to change.

Gang of Four Share Demos, Plan EP

They must've put something in the water earlier this month at Seattle's MusicTech 07 conference, as something's gotten into Gang of Four bassist Dave Allen. Ever since he returned from Seattle, Allen's blog has been full of musings on the state of the industry, plenty of talk regarding the In Rainbows model, and-- best of all-- chatter about a new Gang of Four project, complete with demos.

Allen seems to be mulling over just what form these new recordings will take; he spoke with us over a year ago about a new LP, but he seems to be coming around to the notion that the album-- or, at least, the compact disc format-- is kaput. For the moment, the Gang plan to put together a four-song digital EP in the spirit of their original release, 1978's Damaged Goods EP. Allen, meanwhile, has crafted an entertaining, astute list of eight criteria the project will hopefully adhere to, which you can read here.

Rule #5: "It's imperative that we give away MP3s." And so Allen has, with new jams-in-progress "Second Life", a couple different versions of "Password", and the promise of "Faking It", "American Man", and another version of "Second Life" (working titles, all) on the way next week.

Naturally, we'll let you know just where they're going with this once they figure it out. As for other plans, the Gang's website suggests a tour is in the works for next year, though those dates have yet to emerge.

The Kooks Head to the U.S. on Tour
It was those same Kooks from that one stupid photo shoot

Maybe it's just me, but a glance at the Kooks' forthcoming U.S. tour itinerary leads me to believe they're participating in some sort of radio promotional junket. Either that, or they owe each and every "Mike and Stacey in the Morning" the nation over some money, and figure they might as well do a show each time their debt is repaid. Probably the first one, though.

"Fresh out of the studio" with producer Tony Hoffer-- who helped them concoct the follow-up to last year's Inside In/Inside Out, due in spring 2008 from Astralwerks-- the band has a single gig before heading to the States: a November 24 session in London to support the Mencap charity. [MORE...]

Mountain Goats, Magnetic Fields, Cursive Do Noise Pop

Like those bratty girls with the rich daddies on the MTV, Noise Pop is getting what it wants for its 16th birthday. Lucky for us, the annual San Francisco festival possesses far better taste in tunes than most of those young ladies, and for its 16th edition-- popping off February 26-March 2 at a bevy of Bay Area venues-- organizers have already lined up a winner.

The Mountain Goats, the Magnetic Fields, Cursive, and the relatively new Gutter Twins (aka Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan) will be joined by several dozen unnamed others over the festival's nearly week-long run, along with music-themed films, art, panels, vendors, and the like. You'll know more when we do.

Un-T.V. Eye: November 19-25, 2007

Writers: still striking. Network television: still full of reruns. Also, apparently some kind of big U.S. holiday is happening this week. Conclusion: turn off the TV and spend some quality time with friends and family, people.

Monday, November 19:

ABC: Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Hot Hot Heat (rerun)
NBC: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: Glen Hansard (of the Frames) and Marketa Irglova (rerun)

Wednesday, November 21:

NBC: Last Call With Carson Daly: Peter Bjorn and John (rerun)

Thursday, November 22:

NBC: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno: Nelly Furtado (rerun)
NBC: Late Night With Conan O'Brien: Rogue Wave (rerun)
Fuel TV: The Daily Habit: Architecture in Helsinki

Friday, November 23:

CBS: Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson: Ice-T (rerun)
Fuel TV: The Daily Habit: She Wants Revenge

Saturday, November 24:

FOX: Fearless Music TV: Datarock
PBS: Austin City Limits: Van Morrison (rerun)

Bjork Adds More 2008 Dates, Plots New Single
Does another video with Michel Gondry

Photo by Ashley Williamson

January 1, while the rest of us are still sleeping off the last Shirley Temples we downed in 2007, Björk will be busy filling out her new "Cuddly Kittens" planner with schemes for '08.

First up: a brand new single for Volta's terrifically incendiary "Declare Independence", which hits overseas stores New Year's Day via One Little Indian (details forthcoming). A Michel Gondry-directed clip for the track should be emerging sometime soon, though clicking here and shaking your head back and forth ought to do for the time being.

Also in the works from Björk: a whole bunch of new dates in the UK and Japan (plus one in South Korea) throughout the late winter and early spring to follow her previously announced time in Australia. And after that? Only the kittens know for sure. [MORE...]

Deerhunter "Going on Hiatus"

Deerhunter, we hardly knew thee! And yet, with a whirlwind year about to wrap up that was chock full of touring, multiple releases, and a fair share of controversy, frontman Bradford Cox revealed via the band's blog this past weekend that Deerhunter will soon be taking a much-deserved break.

"I would like to announce that the show we are playing at Primavera in Barcelona [December 8]...will be our last for quite some time," wrote Cox. "It will also be the last time we are ever playing the Cryptograms set we have been playing for the last two years. After that the band are going on hiatus. We all need some time to organize our lives.

"Thanks to everyone who has helped us out. This has been a crazy year that I will always remember."

Cox goes on to promise that the Deerhunter blog will continue to be updated from time to time, but with the focus shifted to band members' extracurricular endeavors. Speaking of which, Cox will no doubt use this time off to drum up support for his forthcoming debut under the Atlas Sound moniker, due February 19 from Kranky.

Thankfully, however, this is all looking more like a Patrick Wolf hiatus than a Sleater-Kinney hiatus. "Quite some time" can't be too terribly long, as Deerhunter are scheduled to play ATP vs. Pitchfork in May 2008. Enjoy your vacations, guys. [MORE...]

Kanye, Rapture, Pharoahe Monch Play Good Vibrations
With Kid Sister and A-Trak, Cypress Hill, Thievery Corporation, Lyrics Born, K-Os

Someone dwelling Down Under must like the colorful clothes Kanye wears. Or maybe it's the way the sunlight plays upon his hair? Either way, Kanye West has picked up three of the four headlining spots on next February's traveling Good Vibrations festival, going down over a pair of weekends around several of the biggest cities the littlest continent has to offer.

Joining Big K for all them good vibes are the Rapture, Pharoahe Monch, A-Trak and Kid Sister, Cypress Hill, Thievery Corporation, K-Os, Sinden, that Calvin Harris clod, Pigeon John, Radioclit, and oh so many others.

At the moment, Kanye's the only one not signed up for all four gigs, as he's opted to duck out of the Brisbane date in favor of some Grammy thing or something. Good Vibrations hits Melbourne February 9, with Brisbane to follow the next day. It's to Sydney with this lot February 16, and Perth closes things out the 17th. Each stop on the tour will be hosted by Lyrics Born.

Bodies of Water Sign to Secretly Canadian
Band's debut reissued soon, new LP also on the way

Photo by Laura Heffington

Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink the world over in the next couple months, as the debut LP from Los Angeles' Jesus Christ Superstars Bodies of Water is re-released on their new label, Secretly Canadian.

The excellent Ears, previously only available online or at Bodies of Water gigs via the band's Thousand Tongues imprint, will hit shelves for the very first time Stateside December 4, with a worldwide release set for January 22. What's more, the band is apparently already eyeing a follow-up, to be released in the spring. I guess they forgot to sleep, I guess, I guess.

Sian Alice Group Prep Debut LP for Social Registry

The word "epic" is thrown around quite a bit when speaking of London's Sian Alice Group, and with good reason. The band, which uses Arthur Russell, Detroit techno, and, yes, a little shoegaze as jump-offs, knows how to fill the space between those disparate elements.

Sian Alice Group's debut LP, 59.59, should stretch those epic tendencies to newly ginormous proportions; heck, it will, seeing as John Coxon of Spiritualized and Spring Heel Jack appears (along with Gang Gang Dance's Brian DeGraw) on the disc's closer. The Jesus and Mary Chain's Douglas Hart also partakes. The album, recorded at the band's central London studio, is due February 19 from the Social Registry.

And if you recall seeing Social Registry and Sian Alice Group together in a story before, that's probably because you read this one, which makes mention of SAG's participation in the SR 7" series. Sian Alice Group's "Nightsong" 7" is out now. [MORE...]

Obscure French Synth-Wave Collected on Comp

The folks at Everloving Records are hoping B.I.P.P.P.: French Synth-Wave 1979-1985 does just a little bit better in the marketplace than the original singles it's comprised of.

Originally curated by Parisian label Born Bad, the disc is culled entirely from lo-fi 7" singles from a quarter century ago. These things barely even qualify as obscure; to give you some idea, comp artist Ruth's album famously (well, as famously as an underperformer of this magnitude can be) only sold 50 copies.

Which means, despite their age, these tracks are a goldmine in need of a pick axe. In fact, Ed Banger label head Busy P recently mined Comix's "Touche Pas Mon Sexe" for the recent electro house stomper "Rainbow Man". If anybody knows French dance music, it's probably that dude. The disc drops February 12. [MORE...]
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