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  • Prayer Hall:
  • The Masjid has separate prayer halls for both men and women. The men’s prayer hall has a capacity of 1500 people and the women’s hall has a capacity of 300 people. At busy times the old Mosque and the Community Hall are also opened up and can accommodate a further 1500 people.

  • Old Mosque Hall:
  • The old mosque prayer hall is now used by Madrasah Salafiya for the evening school. It is also used as an overflow prayer hall during busy periods.

  • Community Hall:
  • The community hall which is situated between the new mosque and the old mosque serves multi purposes. It serves as a sports hall as well as conference hall with theatre style seating arrangements. It can also be hired for small weddings and events. The hall has been in use for about 20 years and is currently in need of modernisation. If you therefore would like to hire the hall for a function we recommend that you first view the hall to ensure that it is fit for your purposes before making any bookings.

  • Car Park:
  • The Masjid has a car park which can be accessed from Green Lane and has parking facilities for up to 35 cars with 2 spaces reserved for disabled badge holders.

  • GLM Shop:
  • Located in the car park, the GLM shop retails books, CDs, DVDs as well as snacks and hot and cold drinks to members of the community, all in one location, easily accessible for the public. All proceeds generated go to the Masjid.

  • Islamic Funeral Services:
  • There was much demand from the community that a professional Islamic funeral service be provided in the Masjid. Such a service provides the necessary practical facilities as well as guidance on the authentic Islamic practices at the time of death, as well as advice and direction on the correct method of washing and burial of the deceased.
    The funeral service consists of the following:
    • Washing room – where the body of the deceased is washed.
    • Storage room – refrigerated storage chamber to accommodate 6 bodies.
    • Waiting room – a small room where immediate family members may wait.
    • Associated administration office and storage facilities.
    • Private ambulance and hearse for transportation of the deceased.

  • Islamic Reference Library:
  • The library is situated on the first floor of the old boiler house with access via stairs and elevators. The library is a free Islamic reference library providing a comprehensive collection of Islamic books in English, Arabic and Urdu. Broadband internet access is also available via a number of computer terminals to provide access to the vast information reserve available on the World Wide Web.

    Daily newspapers are also made available where media monitoring will be provided for response to articles in the press about Islam. An associated office is also present within the library area.

  • Residential Accomodation:
  • The 3rd and 4th floors of the old boiler house, accessible by stairway as well as elevators, feature 11 study bedrooms featuring communal bathrooms, kitchen and lounge area. This facility provides a safe and secure accommodation for Muslim students and single males. In addition to providing the accommodation all income generated from these rooms goes to the Masjid to further develop its services and activities, insha Allah.
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