Minimo and Mobile.

Over the past few years the Minimo project has provided (1) a set of build and runtime options optimized for resource constrained devices, and (2) A XUL-based UI for prototyping and experimenting with new user interfaces for navigating and viewing web content and general browsing on mobile devices.

Recently you have probably read that the Mozilla Corporation is building the embeddable version of Mozilla and a mobile Firefox. In the new and expanded mobile effort the project will create a standards-based open-source browser engine and full open source development stack based on Mozilla technology, optimized for mobile devices, and embeddable on a variety of device targets. This new work will replace the Minimo project.

If you are a developer using Minimo as the basis for your embedding needs, this new effort will help you. This is picking up where Minimo’s build configure left off, and further squeezing and optimizing Mozilla.

Although we haven’t committed to specific platforms, all of the effort that was focused on the Minimo front end will be refocused on this new project. This new browser product will take advantage of lessons learned in minimo UI prototyping and experimentation. It will also include support for XUL-based add-ons, and deliver on Firefox’s key principles of ease-of-use and accessibility.

We hope you can join the conversation. Most of the developers and interested people hang out on #mobile. If you have questions, or need clarification, please drop by.


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    Doug, how do you see XUL Add-ons fitting in, especially in the context of a smaller screen?

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    David Oser Says:

    Just to put down a marker for all of us in the forums Minimo threads who are using Symbian phones…which, last I heard, represents the bulk of the market, having to make do with Opera Mini at the moment - and hoping to be able to use Firefox in the not too distant future.

    Good luck.

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    wes Says:

    My heart dropped like a stone when i got the email stating the bugzilla reports i had filed for minimo were closed due to the project being abandoned . “yes i think abandoned fits ” every one i know at work with win smart phones were using it , now we are stuck moving over to opera mobile .. i can only hope this new project does not turn into vaporware ..

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