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Optical Computing
1. Optical Components and Storage Systems

Debabrata Goswami

Debabrata Goswami is at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, where he explores the applications of ultrafast shaped pulses to coherent control, high-speed communication and computing. He is also associated as a Visiting Faculty at IIT, Kanpur, where he will be teaching a new course on Quantum Computing. He had earlier worked on developing the first acousto-optic modulated ultrafast pulse shaper as a part of his doctoral work at Princeton.

Optics has been used in computing for a number of years but the main emphasis has been and continues to be to link portions of computers, for communications, or more intrinsically in devices that have some optical application or component (optical pattern recognition, etc). Optical digital computers are still some years away, however a number of devices that can ultimately lead to real optical computers have already been manufactured, including optical logic gates, optical switches, optical interconnections, and optical memory. The most likely near-term optical computer will really be a hybrid composed of traditional architectural design along with some portions that can perform some functional operations in optical mode.

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