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Radionics is a method of sending precisely defined healing energy to people, animals or plants, no matter where they are in the world. The name reflects the view of early practitioners that they were ‘broadcasting’ healing, but we now believe that radionic treatment occurs at a level of reality where there is no distance between us. This is a challenging concept, but it is entirely compatible with modern physics and also with the ancient mystic teaching that at some level we are all one, and that at this level exchanges of healing energy can occur. 

Maintaining your invisible energy field. 

Fundamental to radionics is the view that a living body has a subtle energy field which sustains and vitalises it. If the field is weakened, for example by stress or pollution, then eventually the physical body also becomes weak, leaving it susceptible to illness. The aim of radionics is to identify the weaknesses in this field and to correct them, and thereby alleviate or prevent physical or emotional dis-ease.    

This subtle field cannot be accessed using our conventional senses. Radionic practitioners use a specialised dowsing technique to both identify the sources of weakness in the field and to select specific treatments to overcome them.   

'Tuning In'.

It is not necessary for a patient to be present for the practitioner to 'tune in' to him/her. Something unique to the patient such as a signature or hair sample may be used as a proxy, or ‘witness’. This can happen, we believe, because part of the mind of each of us is linked via a universal mind. The universal mind seems to function outside the familiar space-time framework of our day-to-day lives and that is why it does not matter where the patient and practitioner are geographically located. They can be together or many miles apart. 

In order for a practitioner to carry out an analysis and treatment, the patient completes a case history form and gives his/her consent. (In the case of children or animals the consent of the parent/guardian or owner/trainer is required.) Consent can be withdrawn at any time. All information provided by the patient is held in the strictest confidence.  

How radionic healing is carried out. 

Practitioners use an instrument to both analyse and treat the physical and emotional weaknesses evident in the patient’s subtle energy field.  Understanding this field requires extensive study. The instrument serves to focus the thoughts of the practitioner and many types are in use, varying in complexity from computerised machines to quite simple devices.  Once the weaknesses in the subtle energy field have been identified specific healing treatments, usually coded in the form of numbers called ‘rates’ which represent the ideal energy states to be induced, are conveyed to the patient with the aid of the instrument.   

What to expect during radionic treatment. 

The first sign that treatment is working may be an increased feeling of well being. An improvement in physical symptoms usually follows. If you have been ill for a long time several months of treatment may be needed. It is advisable to keep in regular contact with your practitioner during your treatment in order for it to be as effective as possible. Radionic treatment can also be helpful for those suffering chronic or terminal illness. 

What about children, animals and plants?  

All living things may be treated using radionics. Babies, children and animals respond well to treatment, and using 'the box', shorthand for a radionic instrument, is commonplace in equestrian circles.  (Note: There is a legal requirement for parents/ guardians to obtain adequate medical care for children, and owners/trainers to obtain veterinary care for animals. Radionics is not a substitute for this.)  Radionic methods have also been successfully employed in horticulture and agriculture. 

What people are saying about radionics today 

In his book, Vibrational Medicine  for the 21st Century  (London, Piatkus, 2000) Richard Gerber M.D.  writes: 

'This developing science provides a whole new understanding of the far-reaching potentials of human consciousness and the hidden capabilities of the multi-dimensional human being.

It is a unique healing modality - a system of diagnosis and treatment geared to more than just the physical body…. It may ultimately teach us the most about the vibrational nature of healing and consciousness itself….and aid us in releasing our own inner capacities for self-healing and healing at a distance.'  

Radionics is also an environmentally friendly therapy.  There is no drain on natural resources nor unwanted side effects. 

For a brief history of radionics and a discussion of its relationships with homoeopathy refer to Nick Franks essay published in the Radionic Journal, November 2000 and available on-line.

History of radionics 

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