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By Ken Trahan   
Thursday, December 13 2007
If you are an avid sports fan and an avid LSU fan, you have no doubt spoken about, read about, or heard about whether John Curtis Christian School and J.T. Curtis, in particular, steer student/athletes away from LSU and to other schools. This has become a hot topic of conversation, once again, over the past two recruiting seasons.

Last year, Joe McKnight chose USC over LSU and others. Recently, Robby Green chose Alabama over LSU and others.

Were they pushed or encouraged to do so by J.T. Curtis? In a recent interview with J.T. on my "All Access" sports talk show on WGSO, 990 AM and at WGSO.com, Curtis said unequivocally that this is not the case. "I meet with my players and their families and urge them to consider all elements of each school. We gather information and then allow the player and the family to make their decision. I never tell a player where to go to school," said Curtis.

Having spent a significant amount of time around the school and the man over the years, I believe him. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you choose to believe that Mr. Curtis directs players to schools and away from LSU, specifically, that is your prerogative. In reality, no current or former John Curtis player has ever said that J.T. has told them where to go. In fact, both McKnight and Green made it a point to say that their college choices were theirs and theirs alone.

With McKnight, in retrospect, he was never going to attend LSU. He was looking to get away and wanted to pursue communications and get a leg up on a potential career in entertainment. Los Angeles is arguably the entertainment capitol of the world. He really liked Pete Carroll. He did not have a very good visit to LSU. As a matter of fact, J.T. Curtis is the one who encouraged him to visit LSU.
With Green, his father, Robby Green, Sr. attended LSU and had a good experience. He did not push his son to attend LSU.

Instead, he allowed his son to make his own decision. In the state championship game in which John Curtis defeated St. James 28-13, Green injured his knee. It was originally suspected by team doctors that he may have torn ligaments in his knee. With that as a backdrop, Nick Saban paid a visit to Green soon after that game and told him that Alabama was offering him a scholarship, regardless of the severity of the injury. That was assuring and appealing to Green and possibly swayed him. Additionally, Green was impressed with the fact that Saban coaches the secondary in hands-on fashion, has coached secondary in the NFL, and has been an NFL head coach. As a college coach, he has tutored many future NFL players. That was enough of a selling point to convince Green to attend Alabama.

When you examine the facts, there have been a total of 17 players from John Curtis that have received scholarships to LSU in the history of John Curtis football. They include Scott Bailey, Jarrod Carter, Gregg DuBroc, Tommy Fabacher, Chris Jackson, Mike Lilly, Darren Malbrough, Corey Meredith, Mike Murla, Steve Reading, Lance Rickner, Vernon Russell, Jerry Sevin, Jason Spadoni, Jerome Sterling, Carnell Stewart, and Reggie Wilson. Obviously, some never really played or panned out while others fared extremely well.

When it comes to John Curtis players who have spent some time in the NFL, 13 players come up in the search. Of those players, three attended LSU, including Tony Bua, Gregg DuBroc, Chris Jackson, and Clarence LeBlanc. Others, including Stephen Clark, Reggie Dupard, Scott Elder, Scott Gumina, Melvin Hayes, Chris Howard, Michael Stonebreaker, Oscar Spear, and Jonathan Wells. In the case of at least five of those players, LSU did not recruit the players very much or at all.

With regard to other ties between John Curtis and LSU, Steve and Matt Curtis attended LSU as walk-ons. Former John Curtis strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt serves in the same capacity at LSU and has had no fewer than six former John Curtis players work under him over his years at LSU, including Scott Cochran, Joe Danos, Emile Gant, Morgan Hampton, Joe Long, and Vic Viloria. In the academic office, former John Curtis players David Caldwell and Bobby Powers (previously) have worked in the academic office at LSU related to athletics. 
In our high-tech society with communication elements continuing to evolve, folks can access information in many facets. In addition, people have the opportunity to vent via talk shows, e-mails, and message boards. In my estimation, message boards are good in theory but often bad in practice. Some are cowardly in hiding behind false names and monikers while raking many over the coals, including the innocent. False accusations and information are far too frequent on these boards. In many ways, message boards are the bane of society as people disparage others inappropriately and unjustly. J.T. Curtis can certainly attest to this. So can all of us who are in the industry that we have chosen. Simply put, it is, unfortunately, the nature of the beast. Draw your own conclusions..... 

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