RIFFED BY: MIKE NELSON (December 3, 2007)
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Now you can watch this cult classic with the RiffTrax combined


Sitar music. Patchouli oil. Eddie Griffin’s “Undercover Brother.” All are loathsome, yet become infinitely more tolerable when one is stoned out of their gourd. For years, Ganja has played a major role in making things seem funnier than they actually are. Whether this is due to the user attaining a higher state of consciousness, or simply an instant shaving of fifty points from one's IQ has yet to be determined. But we now know that adding RiffTrax to a movie is a safer and more legal method of making the unwatchable watchable. (Note: Combining both methods is not recommended, as excessive Cheeto consumption may occur).

And what better film to get your Riff fix from than Reefer Madness? A tale of straitlaced teens, whose lives are turned upside down when they toke up for the first time and suddenly realize that in real life they are thirty five years old, Reefer Madness has for years been an example of propaganda gone awry. The unpredictable mix of murder, sex, crazed dancing and madness it portrays will truly come as a shock to anyone who thought that smoking weed simply encouraged a sudden desire to watch Fraggle Rock. Reefer Madness features a veritable “Who’s Who” of people who never made another film in their life, The Creepy Guy who Lectures On and On for Several Minutes being the clear breakout star.

It’s a festival of unintentional laughs, and there’s only one right way to watch it. Er, at least, that you can get from us: RiffTrax!