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September 02, 2003
Chronos—The Future of Time Travel

By A.M. Dellamonica

Founded in 2105 (according to the "About Us" section of the Web page), Chronos Technologies will one day be a hotbed of scientific developments near and dear to an SF reader's heart: biotech, androids, medical nanotech and—most importantly—time travel. "Making Tomorrow's History Today" is its motto, and to that end the Chronos site offers a wealth of information on the theories surrounding time travel and the specifics of teleportation through the sixth dimension.

Writers of time-travel fiction often focus on the ramifications of meddling in past events without worrying overmuch about the mechanisms of the voyage to eras past. Chronos, on the other hand, is strongly concerned with hardware and logistics, discussing such technicalities as the placement of time gates in geologically stable regions, the required angle for a tachyon stream to meet a gravitic lens, and the need for time travelers to have an interspatial teleporter on hand once they have ventured into the past.

As for temporal paradoxes, Chronos has a single stern answer: They cannot occur. Rejecting free will, the site insists that "time travelers" are in fact visiting a parallel dimension: Any changes they make there will affect the future course of that timeline, but when the visitors returns home to their own dimension they will find no alteration. Their fate, Chronos insists, is predetermined.

Though its content is whimsically presented—check out the hilarious FAQ!—Chronos is utterly serious about time-travel theory. It presents a single, fully rounded view of the possibility of time travel. Offering this theory as a basis for philosophical and theoretical discussion, the site does make a few concessions to the realities of the present. For one, it provides a small series of links to time-travel movies, noting that though fictional treatments of the subject are scientifically flawed, they can be entertaining. For another, it has a series of site-related merchandise and goodies in its gift shop. No matter what its future holds, the Chronos site is definitely a highlight of the Web of today.