Instead of confusion, music


No boink! We’ve decided that the internet can manage without it. There are so many people opening up new music trackers right now so there’s no need for us to go and do that as well. It’s simply better for us not to interfere with the music lovers that wants their special ratio trackers for only scene releases and so forth. That’s not our speciality! Each to do what they’re best at and what they love the most.

But that doesn’t mean we’re on the lazy side! On a special URL on The Pirate Bay there will be a new music section. Yes, a lot of cool new stuff will be featured in it, not yet seen on any torrent site. And it will only improve over time as we are going to put a lot of effort in it.

(The title is a btw a word play on the great track “Istället för musik, förvirring” by Bob Hund)


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