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Whitelist of Certified Applications

The Trusted Download Program certifies consumer downloadable desktop software applications that provide clear and conspicuous notice about functionality of importance to the user and obtain informed consent prior to download. Certified applications provide an easy-to-use uninstall and allow users to maintain control over their computing environment.

Application Name Company Certification Status
Certified Standard Software
ALOT Toolbar 1.03 Miva Direct, Inc.
Blingo Toolbar 2.1 Blingo, Inc.
Camfrog 3.9 Camshare LLC
Coupon Bar 5.0 Coupons, Inc.
Coupon Printer 4.1 Coupons, Inc.
Coupon Printer Coupons, Inc.
Crawler Toolbar 5.0 Crawler LLC
FreeCause Toolbar 1.0 FreeCause, Inc.
Illumio 2.1 Tacit Software, Inc.
Mostfun 1.0 NeoEdge
Soonr Agent 1.3 SoonR, Inc.
Spiceworks IT Desktop 1.7 SpiceWorks, Inc.
Weatherbug Desktop 6.07 AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc.
Certified Advertising Software
AdVantage 1.0 MeMedia Inc.
Save/SaveNow 4.0 WhenU

The specific applications listed in this whitelist have been reviewed and tested against our program requirements, and continue to be subjected to TRUSTe monitoring for ongoing compliance. The certification of the listed software DOES NOT mean that all software products offered by a particular company meet our program requirements.

Read a summary of the key program requirements here.

Notice to software and anti-spyware reviewers:

The Trusted Download Program seeks feedback on the operation, behavior and controls provided by the applications on our whitelist. We encourage additional scrutiny and any observations on applications encountered "in the wild" that appear to exhibit prohibited behavior, or violate our program requirements.

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