WWE Smackdown Results 12-16-04
    Submitted by Brandon Scott Berthelot on Thursday, December 16, 2004 at 11:37 PM EST

    Welcome everybody! It's Thursday night, and it's time for Smackdown! I'm BSB and here comes the Smackdown report for December 16, 2004. Tonight were in Nashville Tennessee and we get to see the fallout from Armageddon, including the Street Fight for the US Championship between John Cena and Jesus, and the finale of Tough Enough.

    Pyro, and OJ is in he ring. MOOOOOO! Here come the champ. JBL and Cabinet come out, JBL and Amy riding the limo, festively decorated. Ballons fall, confetti falls, and JBL tell us how Sunday he beat three of the greatest WWE stars ever to retain his title. But here come our Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle, with his posse, Jindrak and Luther. Kurt reminds JBL that at Armageddon 2000. he beat 5 of the greatest WWE stars ever, in a Hell in a Cell match. Kurt also reminds JBL that he invented the Over The Top Celebration. He calls JBL bucko. JBL does not like that, so a big Bucko chant starts. Kurt wants a title match, and the champ refuses. But here comes the Mac Militant, GM Teddy Long. Long makes the title match for tonight. Ho Ho Ho, or should we say Holla Holla Holla!

    Were back from commercial, and Billy Kidman and Akio are in the ring. Here comes Rey Mysterio, and RVD for a non-title match BIG RVD chant, why wont Vince and company hear that. Billy and Rey start, some back and forth action, arm drags, Billy tags in Akio. Akio gets knocked on the ropes, Rey attempts the 619. misses, and gets thrown out the ring. Billy hits Rey witha NICE dropkick outside the ring, the throws Rey back in. Akio locks in a sleeper, Rey fights out and hits a cool spinning neckbreaker. RVD and Billy both are tagged in, RVD hits a kick, Akio attempts a move off the TB, but RVD hits him with a Spinning Heel Kick in midair. a Rolling Thunder to BIlly, for a near fall. RVD throws Billy in the corner and hits a Monkey Flip, Rey hits Billy witha Dropkick when Billy lands. Awesome Double Team move. Near fall on Billy. Akio runs in, Rey pulls him out with a headscissors. Billy hits the BK Bomb on RVD, adn goes for th Shooting Star Press, but RVD gets up and crotches Billy on the top Turnbuckle. Rey runs at them, and RVD tosses him onto Billys shoulders. Rey does a Hurricarana, then knocks Akio back out as RVD hits to 5 Star Frog Splash for the win!

    Back from Commercial and out comes Torrie, dressed in her Great American Bash attire. She reminds everyone that Smackdown is going back to Iraq this year, and shows the video package of last years visit. After she leaves, Cole and Tazz are talking, when they are interuppted by Heidenreich, looking for some more prison love from Michael Cole. Cole runs for his life, or maybe just his ass, as Heidenrape gets a chair and has a seat in the ring. He reads us another poem, and challenges the Undertaker to another match. We go to backstage, where Eddie Guerrero and Booker T and talking. They seem to be best of friends now,a nd they have a tag match next. They run into the Limbo Chick from Jerichos RAW. Eddie talks baout Smackdown in Iraq next week, says he is gonan represent. This seems to upset Booker, who starts yelling at Eddie. They seem almost about to fight, when Book laughs and tells Eddie hes only joking. They walk off, as we go to commericial.

    Commerical for the Royal Rumble, with lots of WWE stars dressed like gangs from West Side Story. And I thought Jeff Jarrett, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash dressed as Elvis was stupid.

    Were back, and OJ is a Teddys office door. Michelle wont let OJ in however. Luther confronts OJ, and they talk about their bosses, trying to one up eachother. OJ mentions the health care plan JBl has for his employess, and Luther seems interested. Hey Luther, TNA has a health plan for its talent.

    Kenzo and Rene make their way to the ring with Hiroko and Fifi. We are told Royal Rumble tickets got on sale this Saturday, and out comes the Book. The Eddie drives out in a SWEET lowrider. Book and Rene start out, Books hits a great clotheline, followed by chops and a nice elbow. He tags in Eddie, while Rene tags in Kenzo. Eddie gets Kenzo in the corner and wails on him,a nd we see Rene bleeding from his nose. Eddie tags in Book, who hits nice kick, which gets a near fall on Kenzo. Book tags back in Eddie, and they double team Kenzo. Kenzo gets back to his corner to tag in Rene, who goes after Eddie, punching him , then whipping him and pancaking Eddie. Rene is then Arm Dragged out of the ring by Eddie as we go to commercial.

    Cool. Next weeks Veronica Mars is the only one I have missed.

    Were back and Eddie and Book are working on Kenzo. The ref pulls Book off Kenzo, and Eddie pulls his ponytail while the ref isnt looking. Kenzo gets to Rene,. who comes in to get hit with a huge spinebuster from Booker. Book goes for the cover, but Kenzo stops it. Book goes for the Scissors Kick, but Keenzo pulls the rope down, and Book falls out. Kenzo take down Book, then tosses him back in the ring. Rene works Book over, then tags in Kenzo, who works over Book in the corner. Kenzo hits a big elbow for a near fall, then a shot to the throat for another near fall. Kenzo tags in Rene, who Book hits with a flapjack. Rene tags back in Kenzo, while Book tags in Eddie. Eddie hits a clotheline, then attempts the 3 Amigos on Kenzo. Rene breaks it up, only for Eddie to try the 3 Amigos on him. That attempts is also interrputed, but Book runs in, and hits Kenzo with the Bookend while Eddie tosses out Rene. Book does the Spinaroonie, while Hiroko runs in with the flagpole. Books catches her, and she runs back out. Book then hits the Scissors Kick on Rene, and Eddie hits the Frog Splash for the win! After the match they hud, and seem the best of friends. Who else smells a big feud coming. The feud that should have happened in April, and over the title.

    Were back from commercial, and we see JBLs locker room. OJ apologizes to JBL for not getting to Teddy, but JBL tells him that he wants to face Kurt. Amy reminds JBL about Iraq next week, and JBL freaks out. He does not want to go, its dangerous. Carlito then comes in to talk. He does not the way Teddy has ben treating them, and wants to talk to JBL about what to do about it later. JBL agrees.

    Were back from commercial, and we see a clip of Funaki winning the title from Spike Sunday. Tazz and Cole talk about Armageddon, and show John Cenas new US title belt. They then go on to show us the entire US title Streetfight from Armageddon. I wont bother to recap it here.

    We are back from commercial, and we see clips of JBL and Kurts intros from WWE Smackdown Vs RAW for PS2, and clips of a match. We then go to the ring, where Al Snow is waiting with the Tough Enough trophy. I'll make this short. Puder wins, and he gets a spot in the Royal Rumble. Thank the gods its finally over.

    We got to Kurts locker room, where Kurt is psyching himself up for the match. He talks about America needing a hero, taking shots at baseball, basketball, and hockey players. Luther complains about his back, and mentions healthcare to Kurt. Talk to TNA Luther.

    Were back from commercial, and Teddy has joined Cole and Tazz at the annnounce table. He says hes gonna bring a little Joy into our lives, and here comes Joy in a skimpy Santa outfit. She tosses candy ot the crowd, and takes a seat near the table. Out comes Kurt and posse, followed by JBL and group, sans limo. Joy offers a candy cane to JBL, which angers Amy, and oh boy, CATFIGHT! They are seperated, only for Amy to attack Joy again, ripping off her top. Joy retaliates in kind. Teddy then breaks it up, sending everyone but Kurt and JBL to the back.

    Were back and the match is underway. Crowd is chanting Bucko as Kurt locks in an armbar on JBL. JBL responds with a right hand, then shots to Kurt in the corner. JBL whips Kurt, who reverses, and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex on JBL. Kurt punches, then slams JBLs head into the turnbuckle. Kurt punches JBL in the corner, but JBl come back with punches, a knee to the gut, and an irish whip met by an elbow. JBL hits an elbow drop, then another, then another, followed by a cover. Near fall. JBL picks up Angle, hitting a punch, and a kick, before hitting a nice Vertical Suplex followed by a cover for a near fall, then a sleeper. Lots of Lets Go Angle chants. Angle fight sout, punches and whips JBL, followed by a what starts as a Belly to Belly Suplex, but Angle changes into a Anklelock. JBL gets to the rope, and Angle holds on as long as he can. JBL rolls out the ring. Angle comes after him, but gets a poke to the eyes, and whipped into the stairs.

    We are back from commerical and JBL has a Top Wristlock on Angle. Angle fights out, hits an arm drag, punch, then he whips JBL, but is reversed and JBL hits a shoulder block. JBL then locks in a Juji Katami armbar on Angle, but Angle makes it to the rope. JBL hits a short arm shoulder block on Angle, then another, and goes for a slam. Angle counters into a reverse DDT and both men are down. They are up at the 9 count, they trade punches, Angle whips JBL, who reverses, but Angle knocks down JBL. Angle the tries for a running crossbody, but JBL catches him and hits him with the Last Call. JBL goes for the Clothesline from Hell, but Angle back body drops him, and hits the Triple German Suplexes. Down come the straps, and the Angle Slam is attempted. JBL reverses, but misses a big boot and Angle gets the Anklelock. JBL kicks Angle off, both men are up, and trading punches and chops. JBL goes for a boot, Angle catches him and hits the Angle Slam! JBL kicks out. Angles arm seems hurt, as he picks up JBL. JBL hits Angle with an armbar takedown, stomps him, and goes for a powerbomb. Angle sunset flips out, and gets the Anklelock. OJ runs in, but misses Angle and flies out the ring. Bashams run oout and get on the apron, but Jindrak and Luther are out to stop them. A melee breaks out outside the ring, and while the ref is distracted, OJ hits Angle with the belt. JBL covers, but Angle kicks out. Angle gets the Anklelock agian, locking his legs around JBLs. This time OJ just goes for the DQ, ending the match. Everyone is in the ring now, and a huge fight breaks out. WEEEELLLLL ITS THE BIG SHOW!! Out comes Show, who takes out everyone, including a cool Double Chokeslam on the Bashams. As JBL back out, Show signals that he wants the belt.

    And we are out. Next week, Smackdown Christmas in Iraq.

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