WWE Smackdown Report 1-20-05
    Submitted by Brandon Scott Berthelot on Thursday, January 20, 2005 at 10:12 PM EST

    WWE Smackdown Report 1-20-05

    Hey ya'll. You pal BSB here with the Smackdown Report! My reports can now be read at www.wrestling-edge.com and www.wrestlingheadlines.com. But enough self-promotion, lets get on with the show!

    The show opens with a recap of the Angle/Show/Joy/Amy/JBL situation last week. Basically, Angle kidnapped Joy and framed JBL so Show would whip his ass, in response to JBL setting up Angle two weeks ago. Smackdown is in Montreal tonight.

    Teddy Long is in the ring, and he tells us that Angle played JBL, Show, and all of Smackdown. Tonight, Angle will face the music. Teddy says Kurt will arrive later, and apologize to Joy in the ring. If Kurt refuses, Teddy will take Kurt out of the match at Royal Rumble, and Kurt will not receive another title match in 05. Kurt is not to be touched until he gives the apology, after that it is open season on Angle. Teddy then announces the first match is a Tag Team Title match.

    Eddie drives out in his lowrider. Booker T is next, then their opponents, the Tag Team Champs, The Basham Brothers, with Orlando Jordan. Booker T and Danny Basham start. Eddie and Book take control early, but the Bashams isolate Booker and work him over for a while. Eddie unties the tag rope from the corner at one point, and ties it around the rope so he can move freely along the ring. Booker finally makes the hot tag to Eddie, and he cleans house and takes control. Eddie hits the three amigos, but OJ distracts Eddie. Doug Basham tries to hit Eddie, but Eddie gets the belt and clocks Doug. The ref catches Eddie with the belt and DQs him and Book. Eddie tries to deny it, but Winners by DQ and still Tag Team Champions, The Basham Brothers! After the match Book is upset, Eddie tries to apologize then goes to leave. The Bashams and OJ then jump Book and beat him down. Eddie takes a while to decide whether to help, but he finally makes the save and he and Book take out The Bashams, then give OJ the scissors kick and frog splash.

    Back from commerical, and JBL is talking to Amy Weber. Josh Matthews interrupts, and JBL explains that while he has done many questionable things, but they were all business. What Kurt Angle did was despicable. He says tonight he and the cabinet are going to ge their hands on Kurt.

    Show and Joy are standing by a door, and Show is waiting for Kurt. Show says he wants to beat and apology out of Kurt. He sends Joy away, and takes a chair to wait for Kurt.

    We see Josh Matthews hanging around John Cenas locker room, for an interview after the next match, Akio vs Scotty too Hotty for a Royal Rumble spot. Apparantly Scotty has been out with a cancer scare. Glad to hear it was benign. Good but short match, Akio misseds the Yang, I mean Akio Time, and Scotty hits the Worm for the win and a spot in the Royal Rumble!

    Josh is interviewing John Cena, and tonight Cena will be facing Rene Dupree for a spot in the RR. Cena talks about the importance of the Rumble, and maineventing Wrestlemania. Cena says If you want some, COME GET SOME!

    We have some shots of the Stone Cold press conference, the go back to Big Show waiting at the door. Teddy Long comes along to remind Show he does not want anyone to touch Angle until he apologizes. Teddy says dont do anything he will regret, Show says anything he does, he will not regret.

    Back at the ring, and he come Carlito with his petition. Carlito gets some audience members to sign. Carlito says last week Teddy just sat around while Joy was kidnapped. He says Teddy should be held responsible, for that and everything else that has been happening recently. Because of Teddy, Carltios arm is in a sling, and thats not cool. Carlito says that he will continue to get signatures on his petition until, uh oh. Here comes Heidenreich! HR comes into the ring, and picks up Carlitos petition and signs it. Rest in peace chant from crowd. HR gets the mike from Carlito, and says he wants Teddy gone too, for forcing HR into the casket match. Dont be hatin, HR. HR says he is not afraid of Taker, but he hates caskets. Takers music hits, and Taker appears on the tron. Taker says HRs time is running out like sand in an hourglass, and at RR time will be up. At RR, HR will face his greatest fear. We then see Taker has a casket, with a dummy of HR in it. Another RIP chant from crowd, and Taker says at RR, HR will Rest in Peace! HR is scared, and leaves through the crowd.

    Back at the door and Show. It opens, and Show goes to attack with a chair, but its only two of the bimbos, Lauren and Rochelle.

    The violens hit, and here comes the champ! Cena comes out to face Rene Dupree for a spot in the RR. He exchanges his jersey for an audience members sign. And here comes Dupree and Fifi. Same match we have seen before from these two, and John Cena wins with the FU to win a spot in the RR! After the match Kenzo Suzuki attacks Cena.

    Back at the door, Show is still waiting for Kurt. We get a RR promo, and a rundown of the matches. They are really jumping the gun with Shawn Michaels vs Edge. That could be a Wrestlemania match.

    Back at the door, JBL approaches Show. He says that they both want to destroy Kurt. He says that after Kurt apologizes, they should take out Kurt, then they can fight one on one at the RR. Show says JBL makes sense, and he will think about it. Next, Rey for Chavo for a rumble spot.

    Rey is out with the 619 cam again. Chavo comes out, and Rey and Chavo shake hands and begin. Great match as always, and Rey wins with a springboard splash to win a spot in the RR! Next we get the RAW rebound. And we find out, next week, Cena defends the US title against Kenzo Suzuki again. And Kurt Angle enters the ring area through the crowd as we go to commercial.

    Back from commercial, and Angle calls out Joy. She comes out, looking o so fine. Angle asks how she is, and says shes looking well. Angle pulls out a card, and reads from it. He tells us that his competitive spirit caused him to go to far last week. He says it was not personal. Kurt says he is sorry if he cause her any harm or anguish, and he apologizes. Joy seems mad, but still accepts. Kurt says he knows Show is back there, and says if there is a price to be paid, then lets get it over with. WEEELLLLL, ITS THE BIG SHOW! Show comes out, and glares at Kurt. He heads to the ring slowly, as Kurt readies himself. As SHow gets in the ring, Kurt ducks out. Kurt tries to leave, but MOOOOO! Here comes JBL and the cabinet. They stop Kurt from leaving, and JBL says that he is not going to get away with what he did to them last week. Kurt is trapped between a rock and a hard place. JBL says Kurt is going to get what he deserves, and so is he. Kurt and JBL shake hands, and with Jindrak and Reigns go to the ring to take out Show. They surrond the ring, and the Bashams attack first, only to be tossed back out. Jindrak and Reigns are next, with the same result. Finally they all go in, and begin to beat down Show. Show tosses them all off, and fights back. He gets both JBL and Angle ready for a chokeslam, but OJ low blows him, and Angle hits an Angle Slam. JBL hits Show with a chair, and Angle taunts Show. Jindrak and Reigns hold up Show while Angle beats him, then Bashams and OJ hold him for JBL. JBL and Angle bring int he ring steps, and they bash Show with them, knocking him out the ring. JBL and Angle taunt show, while Jindrak, Reigns, and the cabinet look on, as the show ends.

    Have a good one everyone!

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