WWE Smackdown Report 1-27-05
    Submitted by Brandon Scott Berthelot on Thursday, January 27, 2005 at 9:58 PM EST

    WWE Smackdown! Report January 27, 2005

    Hey everybody! BSB here with this weeks Smackdown results.

    We open with a recap of the Kurt Angle/Big Show/Joy/JBL situation from last week. We then go to Kurt, JBL, and buddies hanging out in the locker room bragging about what they did to Show last week. They say no one can stop them. They proved it last week, and they will prove it this week. OJ will team with Jindrak and Reigns to face Booker T, Eddie G, and Rey Mysterio. JBL reminds everyone United they Stand, Divided they fall. They all join hands as a show of solidarity.

    We go to the ring and here comes Eddie Guerrero in a pimpin low rider. Next out is Booker T, then Rey with the 619 cam. OJ, Reigns, and Jindrak come out together, and here we go. Booker T and Mark Jindrak start us off. Eddie chant from the crowd. Faces use quick tags and double team moves to work on the heels. Heels all run into the ring at once, and toss out all the faces as we go to commercial.

    We see a commercial with John Cena and Miss Jackie asking us to contribute to Tsunami relief. Back from commercial and OJ is in control over Booker T. Book tags in Rey, who takes on all the heels, but some timely interference from Jindrak allows the heels to take control of Rey and work him over. Reigns argues with OJ over a double team move. Heels continue to isolate and beat down Rey. Eddie runs in and gives Jindrak a thumb to the eye, which Jindrak sells terribly. More double teaming from the heels. Rey manages to roll up OJ, but Reigns distracts the ref. Rey tries to get to his team, but the heels wont let him. Mysterio manages to out maneuver the heels and get a hot tag to Eddie. Eddie cleans house, then sets Jindrak up for the 619 from Rey, then a Scissors Kick from Booker. Eddie then hit’s the Frog Splash for the win! After the match Reigns and OJ start to argue, then Reigns pushes OJ down. The Bashams come out to aid OJ, and are about to fight with Reigns when Kurt Angle comes out. Kurt slaps one of the Bashams, and the fight is about to start when JBL heads out, as we got o commercial.

    We are back, and JBL is yelling at Kurt, and telling him that they need to work together, but Kurt’s boys are out of control. Kurt says that they need to win, but OJ caused them to lose. JBL tells Kurt that Kurt will never be WWE Champ again. Kurt tells JBL that he was winning championships when JBL was getting drunk at frat parties. Kurt then tells JBL that JBL is one ankle lock away from going from WWE Champ to just a loudmouth goof in a cowboy hat. Kurt says through hell or high water he will be the last man standing and win the WWE Championship. JBL says Kurt is in the right place to lie, the home of Bill Clinton. He says Clinton lied to everyone, and he says he will beat Angle at the Rumble, and Kurt will never be champ again. They continue to argue, but Teddy Long interrupts. Teddy asks if they ever shut up, and reminds them that they forgot one factor, The Big Show. Teddy says he talked to Show, and Show will be at the Rumble. Teddy says that since Kurt said he was going to be the last man standing, he will make a last man standing match for tonight, Kurt Angle vs. JBL! Angle and crew argue with JBL and crew as we go to shots from the Stone Cold Press Conference.

    This is just an example of the way WWE treats Smackdown. The conference was Wednesday last week, but they waited until RAW this week to show the footage. They could have showed in on Smackdown last week, but I guess it had to be shown on the Triple H show, I mean RAW first. And people wonder why there are rumors about Smackdown getting cancelled. Its obvious WWE does not give a crap about it.

    But anyway, sorry to go off there. Batista talking shit about the Smackdown guys has me riled up. How dare he give them crap, the only reason he is getting a big push is because he is Triple Hs buddy. If he wasn’t kissing Trips ass, he would still be wrestling Steven Richards on Heat.

    Back from commercial, and we are reminded that tonight John Cena will face Kenzo Suzuki in a US title match. We see a video package of the Undertaker/Heidenreich feud. We then go to the ring, and here comes the Cena! He comes down to the ring as we go to commercial.

    We are back and here comes Kenzo with Hiroko. They show us Cena beating Dupree last week to qualify for the Rumble, then Kenzo attacking Cena post match. Cena beats Kenzo around the ring, even tossing Kenzo into the announce table, and grabbing a headset to give us a little bit of guest commentary. Cena beats Kenzo around some more. Kenzo tries to make a comeback, but Cena beats him down. Cena gets the FU for the win. After the match Michael Cole comes in the ring and asks Cena if he is ready for the rumble. Cena says the crowds cheers are momentum, and tonight Kenzo took a wrong turn on mean street. He says that is gonna happen to 29 other men at the Rumble. It doesn’t matter who you are, Benoit, Edge, etc. Or even if you are in section 107, row 10, seat 7. He asks for a shot of who is in that seat, and it’s a kid in a Word Life t-shirt. He says he has a message for all the other men in the Rumble, this is gonna main event Wrestlemania. If they want some, the chain gang has got his back. Word Life!

    In the locker room Eddie G and Rey are talking in Spanish, Booker T walks in and asks whats so funny. Rey and Eddie say they were talking about how great they were earlier. Booker says Eddie cost he and Book the tag titles last week. Eddie says they should work as a team at the Rumble so Eddie can win. Rey laughs, and Book reminds him that they Rumble is every man for himself. They stare at each other as we go to commercial.

    Michael Cole and Tazz give us a promo for Veronica Mars. WATCH IT PEOPLE! It’s one of the best shows on TV right now. We go to the ring, and here comes Heidenreich. He says he has another poem for us.

    The war has been waged, and the battles have begun.

    HR stops, and heads to ringside where a fan has a small casket with Hrs face in it. HR grabs it and smashes it, then heads back to the ring.

    The war has been waged, and the battles have begun. All the pain and suffering, so much fun. The lines are clearly drawn, as the Royal Rumble grows so near. Heidenreich is set to face his greatest fear. The Undertaker and the casket, the odds don’t seem so fair. But odds don’t really matter to the madman with the blond hair. The only thing that matters is where I refuse to go. Inside the cakset, NO, NO, NO!

    Backstage Angle is knocking on Teddys office door. Angle says he needs to talk to Teddy. He tells Teddy to change the match, that it is unfair, someone could get hurt. Kurt reminds Teddy that he has a match for the title in a few days. Teddy says that after what he and JBL did to Show last week, this will even the odds.

    Back from commercial we go to the ring, where we have Paul London, Spike Dudley, Shannon Moore, and then Funaki in the ring for a fatal four way Royal Rumble qualifying match. Good match, and Paul London wins with the 450 splash on Spike.

    We see JBL and Amy backstage complaining about he match tonight. Carlito tries to talk to them, but JBL says they are busy. JBL knocks on Teddy door, and Teddy comes out. Teddy says they cant come in, that he has someone in his office. JBL tries to talk to Teddy, but he slams the door on them. Carlito comes over, and says they should sign his petition, that is JBL signs the board of directors will have to listen. JBL signs, and Carlito says that its cool.

    Back from commercial, and we see the divas in a locker room. Amy Weber comes in, and says she has an announcement for everyone. She asks them to sign Carlitos position. Amy says she is even gonna ask Joy to sign. The divas asks her if she really wants to do that, but Amy says she is not afraid of Joy. She starts to talk trash about Joy, and Joy is right behind her. Joy says Amy is the only one who needs an image consultant, and throws a drink on Amy.

    Cole and Tazz give us a RR promo, and a pre-taped promo from JR and King for the RAW side. Then we go to the ring where JBL is coming out for the last man standing match. JBL and cabinet come to the ring. Angle and posse are out next. Angle gets right into JBLs face. The match is next.

    Back from commercial and the match is underway. Angle is working over JBL with mat wrestling and submission maneuvers. JBL fights out and gets a headlock on Angle. Angle whips him off, then gets an arm drag followed by an armlock. JBL fights out, then punches at Angle in the corner. Angle fights out and goes for a flying cross body, but JBL catches him and hit’s the fall away slam. Angle is up at 5. JBL hammers at Angle, then sets Angle on top of the turnbuckle. JBL punches Angle a few times, then hit’s a superplex. Both men are down,. JBL is up at 7, Angle at 9. JBL punches Angle, then goes for the Clotheline from Hell. Angle ducks, takes down JBL, then gets the ankle lock. JBL taps, but it don’t count. The Bashams run in and break up the ankle lock. A big brawl starts to break out between factions outside, and the ref throws them all out as we go to commercial.

    We are back and JBL is in control. JBL whips Angle over the announce table, and gets the table ready, but Angle flies over the table and takes out JBL. Both make it up, and they hammer at each other. JBL whips Angle into the barrier, the kicks at him. JBL grabs sign guys anti JBL sign and throws it away, then goes back to Angle. He tries to power bomb Angle through the announce table, but Angle back body drops JBL to reverse. Angle goes for an Angle Slam, but JBL throws him into the ring steps. Angle is up, but JBL slams his head into the table, then punches Angle, then throws him into the ring post. Ref begins to count, Angle is up right before 10. JBL heads back out the ring to continue the assualt on Angle. He gets Angle in the ring and hammers at Angle, but Angle catches JBL and gives him the Triple German, then a fourth. Angle hangs on, and gets a fifth. Angle continues to hang on, and gets a sixth after JBL tries to fight out. Angle hits seven, then eight! Both men are now down. Kurt is up at 4, JBL is up at 9. Angle jumps on JBLs back, and gets a rear naked choke. Angle brings JBL down, and locks his legs around him. JBLs arms falls three times, and the ref tells Angle to get off for the count to begin. JBL is up at 8, Angle goes for a front facelock, but JBL slams him and they are both down. Both are up at 7, JBL hit’s a power bomb. Angle is down and the ref begins to count. Angle make is up at 9, and JBL whips him into the corners. JBL goes for a running big boot, but Angle ducks and hit the Angle Slam! JBL is up at 9, and Angle grabs him and goes for another german. JBL grabs the ropes, and blocks it, then hit’s the Clotheline from Hell! Both men are down though. JBL is up at 8, and Angle right before 10. JBL is tired, but punches Angle and goes to grab a chair. He swings it at Angle, but misses and Angle hit’s the German Suplex! Kurt grabs the chair and runs at JBL. JBL kicks the chair into Angles face, but Angle manages to hit JBL with it before falling. Both men are down, and both are counted out. Didn’t this happen last year too? We go to Teddy office, where Teddy thanks someone for giving him the idea for this match. The camera moves over, and its Big Show! Show yells for JBL and Kurt to wake up, and look at him. He says Kurt Angle, down and out. JBL, down and out. Show says he loves it when a plan comes together, and he will be at the Rumble! Shows music plays as the show ends.


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